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Minecraft – Infinite water: How to

Water is an important resource in Minecraft. You need it to keep farmland hydrated and if you catch on fire, you can use a bucket of water to put yourself out.

Minecraft - Infinite water

Minecraft infinite water

Water is a unique item in Minecraft. It is collected in buckets and single bucket can collect one source block of water. When poured, the one block can create an waterfall or a stream but, it is essentially only one block. You cannot collect additional water from the ‘flow’. 

If you need to use a lot of water, e.g. for farmland, you need source blocks. Collecting them can take time which is why you should create an infinite water source. An infinite water source allows you to collect as many buckets as you want from it.

Create infinite water source

To create an infinite water source, you need;

  • Two buckets
  • A water source

To make buckets in Minecraft;

  1. Mine six blocks of iron ore.
  2. Mine three blocks of coal.
  3. Smelt iron ore in a furnace and collect iron ingots.
  4. Open the crafting table.
  5. Place three iron ingots in a V formation i.e., one ingot in the first cell of the first row, one iron ingot in the last cell of the first row, and one iron ingot in the second cell of the second row.
  6. Collect the bucket.
  7. Repeat to craft a second bucket.

Now that you have the two buckets, collect water in each one. Return to where you need to create the infinite source of water.

  1. Dig a 1×3 hole in the ground.
  2. In the first block of the hole, pour one bucket of water.
  3. Leave the second/center block empty.
  4. Pour the second bucket of water in the third/last block of the hole.
  5. The center block will level out with water.
  6. Collect as much water as you want from this block.


Water is an essential source in Minecraft and most players learn quickly how to get infinite amounts of it. You can create infinite blocks in other configurations as well e.g. a 1×5 hole. This trick does not work with lava. You cannot create an infinite source of lava. If you need obsidian, you’re going to have to collect the lava for it in individual buckets. Alternatively, you can find a lava pool and pour water on it. Be careful when you mine it though. If there is more lava under the lava block that you transform into obsidian, you could fall in and die. 

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