How To Cast A Presentation From Your Smartphone To Your TV

Preparing for a presentation involves a lot of things; making sure the slides are in order, the presentation is cohesive and well-connected, a quick rehearsal, checking and rechecking that you have the presentation file on your laptop, and making sure it is working. Presentations largely still live on our laptops and if you forget your laptop, or don't have one available to access a presentation file from a cloud drive, it's a problem of nightmare proportions. If however you're presenting via a Chromecast device all you need is your smartphone and the Google Slides app to give a presentation. Read More

10 Popular Android Tips From 2015

Android 6.0 was the highlight of 2015 for Android users. The new OS came with a file manager, better Google Voice integration, Google Now on tap, smarter battery management features, and more. Alongside the new Android version, apps for the platform kept coming and we reviewed the best, most productive ones. Here's our yearly round-up of the top Android posts of 2015. Read More

Find What The Laundry Symbols On Your Clothes Mean Using Your iPhone [Paid]

Laundry is complicated and you never really know just how complicated it is until your mom isn't doing it. It's more than just about separating your colored clothes from the white ones. Clothes haves needs and Laundry Day - Care Symbol Reader is the closest you'll get to having a laundry whisperer at your disposal. It's a $0.99 app for iOS that reads the laundry symbols on clothing tags and tells you exactly what they mean. The app is a genius QR code reader except it's meant to make sense of those symbols you ignore when you wash your clothes. The app has a 'scan' mode that you can use to live scan tags and a 'look up' mode that lets you manually select wash and care symbols to find out what they mean. Read More

Check If Your Computer Is Compatible With The Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift is one of the most promising VR headsets to enter the market. Though the device has been out for a few years, it is now finally available for purchase to the general masses for a pretty high price. Before you buy it though, there is something to stop and consider and that is if your current computer setup can run the device or not. To run the Oculus Rift you are going to need a very powerful computer. Even something you might have bought a few months ago might not do the trick. Fortunately, Oculus Rift has released an app to test your system's compatibility for the device. Read More

How To Cast Google Hangouts Video Call To Your TV Using Chromecast

Skype has always been the go-to app for video calls. The free version alone is great for conference calls with support for sharing your desktop. The unfortunate thing at the moment is that Skype doesn't support Chromecast just yet so despite the device's availability, the only way you can share your Skype call to a TV or large monitor is through an HDMI cable connected to your laptop/PC. If you aren't too vested in Skype, a simpler solution exists in the form of Google Hangouts. Here's how to cast a Google Hangouts call, and share your desktop using Chromecast. Read More

Chromecast Media Servers: Plex vs. Emby

The Chromecast has changed how many of us consume media. People who have amassed a large media library can seamlessly cast their movies and TV shows with the help of the device. It's not just people with large media libraries that benefit from the Chromecast. A smartphone and a Netflix subscription work great with the Chromecast and there are many other apps that have grown in popularity simply because they support this device. Plex is a very famous app that has become a must-have for anyone with a Chromecast. It's a media server app that supports Chromecast in a market where very few others do. In fact, we could only find one other Plex alternative that worked as a media server and let you cast to the Chromecast; Emby. With only two apps filling this particular niche, we decided a comparison of the two was in order to help you decide which one is better. Read More

How To Activate A Clean Install Of Windows 10 With A Windows 7 or 8 License Key

Windows 10 is free for Windows 7/8 users and the upgrade process is incredibly smooth. You need only download the right files and chances are they're already there. Create the media tool of your choice and you're good to go. The Windows 10 upgrade process will let you keep your apps and files intact and if you were running a genuine version of Windows 7/8, you won't have to enter a license key for the new OS. Now imagine you did all that but later decided to do a clean install of Windows 10. Where does the license key come from now? According to Microsoft, you're Windows 7/8 key should do the trick but there's one small trick to getting it to work. Read More

Share Song Links And Give Users The Choice To Listen In YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, Or Deezer

We share songs with friends in lots of different ways. We can post them on social media and share them over the many messaging apps we use to keep in touch with friends and family. SongLink is a URL generating app that is built for just such a purpose. The app generates links to songs and when they're opened, the recipient is asked which of five supported apps, iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube, or Deezer, they want to open the song in. A recipient need only set the preference once and from that point forward, all song links that you generate from SongLink will open in that app for that particular user. Read More

How To Set Up Plex To Cast Movies & TV Shows Over Chromecast [Guide]

Plex is an app that is exceptionally popular for streaming movies and TV shows. It's become a must-have app for anyone with a Chromecast. The app plays media in exceptional quality and you can add your media library to it making it super easy to access and play. It supports a large number of media formats and is built to recognize episode and seasons of TV shows. The only tricky part is setting it up. If you've been wanting to try Plex out on your computer but aren't quite clear on how to get it to read your library, here's a quick guide to help you do just that and start casting to your TV. Read More

Check If A Hotel Review Is Genuine Or Fake

The South Park episode 'Sponsored Content' touched on how it's nearly impossible to judge an ad from actual authentic content. It was exaggerated to some point but what isn't on South Park? What you can take away from the episode, if nothing else, is that people are getting smarter with advertisements. When you buy something online, whether it's a phone case, or a laptop, you look at the reviews a product has. When you rent a room at a hotel, it's the same and hotel reviews can be fake. Review Skeptic is a web app that judges if a hotel review is real or fake. It bases its judgment on factors identified in a research done at Cornell University. Read More

How To Fix Out Of Sync Subtitles In VLC Player

People watch movies and TV shows with subtitles for a variety of reasons. You can get subtitles as a stand-alone file that you later load in your media player, or you can get hard-coded subtitles that are part of the media file. Needless to say if you have a media file with hardcoded subtitles any errors you might get with them are not errors that are going to go away. If however you have subtitles in a stand alone SRT file, you can fix a lot of problems that may occur such as subtitles being out of sync. Subtitles being out of sync means that the subtitles are showing dialogue that has already been spoken on-screen, or that has yet to be spoken. If you use VLC player to watch movies, there is a built-in fix for out of sync subtitles. Read More

Add A Map To Offline Areas In Google Maps & Use It When There Is No Internet

Cell phones have become exceptionally powerful but you are still warned against relying on them in an emergency. Where the devices themselves aren't going to just fail for no reason, the service that powers most of their features might. You may suddenly find yourself in a place with no cell phone reception and unable to call for help. It's more a failure on part of your carrier than it is on the part of your phone manufacturer but the bottom line is your phone isn't always going to be there for you. You don't just need reception to make a phone call but also to access the internet. If you're ever heading out to a place where you think you might have bad coverage and you're relying on Google Maps to get you to your destination, it's a good idea to save a section of the map under 'Offline Area' so you can look at it even when there isn't an active internet connection. Here's how. Read More

Ten Best Windows Apps Of 2015

2015 was a year that revolved, for better or for worse, around Windows 10. The new OS took center stage with few notable apps coming out, and even fewer being reviewed here. That said, there were still a few great apps that we reviewed last year for the Windows platform. Here are the ten best Windows apps we reviewed last year. Read More

How To Fix Photos Not Appearing In Camera Roll In iOS

A few days ago, my iPhone randomly stopped saving photos to the Photos app. The photos I took via the Camera app appeared as little thumbnails in the app but when I switched to the Photos app they weren't there. Another error I kept encountering was that I was unable to send photos over iMessages. As soon as I would select the photo, the Messages app would freeze. A quick search showed this problem has been plaguing users since iOS 8.1 with no solution in sight and no acknowledgement from Apple that this was a genuine problem. The good news is that there's a pretty easy solution that worked on my phone and here it is. Read More

Send Location Triggered Messages To A Contact [Android]

It's common practice to check in with someone, or to have someone check in with you when they've reached home. You might be going home alone, or you might be worried about a friend or family member reaching home safely. In either case, people will send a quick message or make a short phone call to reassure whoever is waiting that they've arrived at their destination safely. Buzzer is an Android app that automates that. You can save different locations to it such as work and home, and each time you arrive at the location, a message can be configured to be sent out to one or multiple contacts. Read More

How To Stop Windows 10 Randomly Waking From Sleep

Windows 10 is plagued by the oddest of bugs. One recurring problem that many users face is when they put their systems to sleep. The system will seemingly wake up at random times. It might stay awake or return shortly to its sleep state without any reason for it coming out of it. Turns out, there might be a legit reason it's happening; you're allowing it to (though perhaps you don't know it). Windows has for a long time, at least as far back as Windows 7, allowed 'wake timers' to wake up your system from sleep. By default, they are disabled but Windows 10 might have enabled them for particular power plans, hence your system is waking up for no apparent reason. Here's how to turn it off. Read More

How To Play Local Audio Files Over Chromecast [Android]

Android 6.0 has built-in support for the Chromecast making it easy to play videos and show photos from your device on your TV or monitor. The built-in support even lets you cast your Android screen to your TV without needing to install any additional apps, and without you having to purchase a smart TV to do it. That said, there isn't any support for Chromecast as far as the default music player is concerned meaning you can't stream your audio to your TV. If you use services like Pandora and Spotify, their apps might have built-in support for casting audio. If however, you have music files stored on your device's storage that you want to cast, the default music player cannot cast them to your TV. If you're looking for an app that does cast local audio files, Rocket Music Player is the answer. Read More

How To Clear The Google Play Store Cache In Android 6.0

The Google Play store is prone to generating odd sorts of errors. Sometimes it will fail to connect with the right service while other times it might fail to download, install, or update an app. The errors come and go on their own and for some users, the only thing they can do is wait for it to fix itself. That said, a lot of the errors that Google Play Store encounters can be mitigated by clearing the app's cache which is simple enough to do unless you're using Android 6.0. In prior versions of Android, resetting and clearing the data and cache of an app was obvious. All you had to do was go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications, tap on the Google Play store and tap the 'Clear Cache' and 'Clear Data' buttons. In Android 6.0, these buttons aren't there any more and the process is now slightly different. Read More

What Is The Difference Between Portable & Installable Apps?

When downloading apps, you might have been presented with the option to download the install or portable version of the same app. If it's the first time you're hearing of apps being 'portable' you might wonder if there's a catch to it. You might also question why all apps aren't developed to be portable since it is very obviously possible. We're addressing the pros and cons of using a portable vs. installable version of the same app and why some apps simply do not have a portable version when others do. Read More

Disable The Adobe Reader Splash Screen & Go Straight To Your File

Adobe's applications, Reader, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc., all have a splash or start-up screen. With heavier apps like Illustrator and Photoshop, the splash screens serve as a reassurance that the app has launched and is readying for use. Often, if you've opened a file with either of these two apps, the splash screen remains visible while the file and app loads. With Adobe Reader, the splash screen has little role to play especially if you're using the app to open a local PDF file. PDF files may be large in size but they aren't really considered 'heavy' files like PSDs are. If you find the splash screen that Adobe Reader shows to be pointless, you can easily disable it. Read More