Search Major Websites Directly From Google’s Home Page

Google is, without question, the best search engine out there for general web searches, but there are quite a number of other popular services that many users search on apart from Google, often for more specific types of searches. Where Googling gives you a comprehensive list of relevant results from multiple websites, searches on services like YouTube, ebay, IMDb etc. give you more relevant results of a particular nature. You can use extensions like Multi Search to select text from any web page and search for it on different websites from the right-click context menu. Search Switch is an extension available for both Chrome and Firefox that adds a switching menu to the default Google search page. It allows you to change the search site by scrolling the mouse wheel, or select one from the list that appears when you click the extension’s button. Read More

Toggle Quiet Mode, Manage & Turn Off Desktop Notifications In Chrome

Notifications are one of the best features that several modern browsers now offer, not simply because they alert you on events happening in a tab in your browser, but also because they do for web apps what Notification Center in OS X & iOS and Notifications in Windows 8 do for system-wide apps. Granted that browser notifications are not as powerful as the notification feature of an operating system, browsers are definitely moving up in this regard. Chrome for one has implemented an experimental feature that allows you to mute notifications either for a day, an hour, or indefinitely. It is similar to the Do Not Disturb feature available for Notification Center in both iOS and Mountain Lion. Read More

MultiPLX Is An Elegant, Pinterest-Like Web Based RSS Reader

Feedly is emerging as the number one contender in the list of online RSS services that will likely replace Google Reader. Though with a few months still left until users have to make the final switch, there is time enough for it to be anyone’s game. MultiPLX is yet another RSS web app that works independently of Google. It will import your feeds from an XML/OPML file while retaining their folder structure. You can share an item across multiple social networks, star them, email a story, discover new feeds to follow, and easily organize your feeds. Of the many RSS services we reviewed in out list of Google Reader Alternatives, none allowed you to export your starred or shared items to a JSON file like Google does in Google Takeout. MultiPLX, however, provides the option to do so. It still lacks the ability to import the JSON file that you’ve exported from Google Reader. Read More

Share Photos & Videos Between Mac & iOS Over WiFi With Transfr

iOS devices and Macs work very well with each other and it’s rare to hear complains about users having trouble connecting an iPhone or iPad with a Mac. Transferring photos and videos from them to a Mac via USB is also quite easy. If you don’t have one, you can still transfer pictures over Wi-Fi, provided you have the right apps installed on your phone and Mac. There is a large number of apps available for the purpose but Transfr provides possibly the most fluid experience of the lot, as long as you don’t mind the $1.99 price tag for its iOS app. Transfr is free for Mac and with its iOS companion app, it lets you receive photos and videos from your iDevice and save them to a predefined folder over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Read More

How To Add Facebook Chat To The Mac OS X Messages App

Both the Facebook app itself as well as the dedicated Facebook Messenger app allow you to chat with your Facebook friends on your smartphone, giving you two very easy ways to keep in touch with them. When it comes to OS X though, despite Facebook’s integration in Mountain Lion, no native chat feature exists in the OS itself that would allow you to connect with your Facebook friends. If you would like to integrate Facebook chat with OS X itself without having to resort to a third-party app, you need look no further than the Messages app in OS X that is more than capable of acting as a chat client for Facebook. Here’s how you can set the app up to send and receive chat messages from Facebook, Read More

Get The Google Reader Look & Feel In Feedly For Chrome With This Theme

July is inching closer, and that means some of us will soon be faced with a tough decision: what service to use in Google Reader’s place? We have compiled a handy list that you can take a look at and find a suitable Google Reader alternative. By far, Feedly is one of the most preferred services of many Google Reader that they will be migrating to, and I’m personally inclined towards it myself since they've been proactive about filing the gap that Google Reader will leave behind, and because the interface is the best I've seen. For those who are planning on switching to the service, Feedly Reader is a Chrome extension that modifies Feedly so that its interface is more like Google Reader. The extension has no customization options and acts like another theme for Feedly. Read More

Add Support For Viewing Emoji On Any Web Page In Chrome With Chromoji

Emoji have been in use in OS X since Lion and with iOS 6, Apple added native support to its mobile platform for these cute emoticons that depict a wide variety feelings, events, and everyday items. Compared to the limited choice you have with everyday emoticons in several apps, emoji are rich with options. Chromoji is a Chrome extension that allows you to see emoji icons wherever they've been used. The extension works in the background and replaces the block characters that would normally appear in place of an emoji icon, with the real one,  loading the picture the same time as the page itself loads. You can limit the extension to loading only the emoji that are available in iOS, and exclude the ones for symbols like trademark and copyright etc. Read More

How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication For Your Outlook Account

Microsoft has added two-factor authentication for Outlook accounts, allowing users to protect their accounts better. Unlike Google that allows you to receive your authentication code on your phone, Outlook offers three different options for setting up and receiving the authentication code. Naturally, with two-factor authentication, you will lose access to the service from some connected apps when you enable the feature, and will have to sign in to them again. For those familiar with how Gmail’s two-factor authentication works, the whole process should be fairly simple. Read on for a step-by-step on how to enable two factor authentication and connect any apps that may have stopped syncing. Read More

Invite Others To Upload To Your Dropbox Or Google Drive Storage With EntourageBox

When you choose to move your files to the cloud or keep the important ones synced with it, it is likely that you will find one good service that does it, and stick to it. You might also use more than one service depending on its features; for example, I use Google Drive, Dropbox, and Jumpshare. One of my key concerns about using a cloud service is that while I may be able to share files easily (and privately), I cannot receive them from friends through the service without forcing them to sign up for it as well. Under these circumstances, I turn to Google Drive because most of them - if not all - have a Google account. EntourageBox is a web app that fixes this problem; it acts as a bridge between your friends and your cloud drive, and allows them to upload files to a folder of your choice. Currently, it works with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon cloud storage. Read More

Doo Comes To Android; Provides On-The-Go Access To Cloud Documents

Doo is a document syncing service with desktop apps available for OS X 10.8+ and Windows 8. It initially gives you 25GB of storage space to try out, and allows you to connect folders on your hard drive, your Dropbox, Google Drive, and Skydrive to it in order to make all your documents available in a single cloud-synced location. A user can selectively pick the folders that will be synced to Doo. The service has just released its first smartphone app, and it is for the Android platform. For now, the app allows you to view a list of your cloud files complete with thumbnails, and lets you download any one of them to your phone. The app does not support uploading any file from your device yet though. However, you can search for files, or view them by name, date, flag, companies, people, and other tags that Doo supports on its desktop apps. Read More

Add Chrome & Firefox Bookmarks To Mac Spotlight Search Index With Brow

Spotlight in OS X indexes a lot of things but when it comes to browser bookmarks, it does index the ones saved in Safari, but not the ones saved by other browsers. If you use more than one browser and often struggle with different bookmarks libraries for each one, you might like Brow. It’s a small free utility that adds your Chrome and Firefox bookmarks to Spotlight’s index. While it runs in the background or the Menu Bar, it continually monitors the profile folders that each browser creates, and keeps the bookmarks up-to-date in Spotlight’s index. This makes your bookmarks saved across three different browser searchable from one central location i.e. Spotlight. Read More

Hands-On With Twitter #Music For Web & iOS [Review]

Twitter’s much anticipated music app is now live, featuring both a web interface and an iOS app. The web interface is slowly being made available to Twitter users in the US, UK, and Australia. As expected, Twitter has also launched an iOS app for its music service called Twitter #music. You can expect hashtags to play an important part in this app. It connects with your Twitter account and gives you suggestions for music based on the artists that you follow, what’s currently trending, and what the people you follow are listening to. You can listen to the iTunes preview of different tracks right inside the app, and the tracks can be bought on iTunes. You will be able to connect your Spotify and Rdio accounts with Twitter #music and listen to full tracks. You can also tweet the tracks you’re listening to; the #nowplaying hashtag is added to those tweet automatically. Read More

Quickly Separate Current Chrome Tab To New Window With Predefined Section Of Screen

There is no single best way for managing tabs within a browser window. Between leading browsers Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera, and the large number of add-ons and extensions that change the way tabs and windows are managed by default, there is, as yet, no clear winner. Tab to Window Keyboard Shortcut is yet another extension for Chrome that takes a crack at window and tab management. The extension’s primary purpose is to let you separate a tab from a window and move it to a window of its own. What it does in addition to this is allow you to choose just how the new and original window will take up space on your screen alongside each other. For that, it splits the screen into two parts, letting you decide the size of each. The shortcut for separating a tab to a new window can be customized. Read More

Get A Google Now-Like Chrome New Tab Page With Weather & News

Extensions that modify the New Tab page in Chrome are very easy to find, but you’ll likely go through at least fifty of them before you come across one that you actually like. New Tab Page - as its name indicates - is a Chrome extension that changes the New Tab page in Chrome. New Tab Page features a search bar, intelligently incorporates recently visited pages, shows you the latest news and weather forecast for your current location, and still keeps your Chrome apps accessible from the New Tab page. The extension isn't customizable at all, but its default layout is excellent for the simple reason that it manages to fit all the above on a single page without sacrificing any feature that Chrome offers on its stock New Tab page by default. Read More

Time & Manage Multiple Speakers In Meetings With presenterCue Server

A few years ago, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences introduced a method to let starts giving their acceptance speech at the Oscars know when they were taking too much time without announcing it in an obvious way; they simply played a specific music tune to indicate that their time was up. Of course, things aren't as simple in the real world and trying to get someone to stop talking during a speech or meeting can be a formidable task in itself. Sadly we don’t have n app that’s going to get people to stop talking, but presenterCue Server is an excellent solution available in the Mac App Store for managing speech or presentation times for multiple speakers. It is free and can be used to rehearse timed speeches, group presentations, and manage meetings. Read More

Auto-Change Mac Screen Resolution When Switching Power Sources

OS X changes the screen brightness when your MacBook is running on battery power but sadly, there isn’t much else you can trigger when the system detects it is no longer plugged into a power outlet. While the aforementioned feature is useful, an ordinary user can’t do anything with it. Now imagine you’re using a Retina MacBook and would like to reduce your screen’s resolution when it’s running on battery power. One way to do it is manually changing it. Though if you would prefer to automate the process, you will need to make a little effort and be prepared for a little setup procedure. We’re going to show you how to change your screen’s resolution using an AppleScript and ControlPlane - a free Mac App that allows you to create contexts for running apps or scripts. This method works in Mountain Lion but may or may not work on older OS X versions. Read More

Save Selected Text To OS X Notes App From Right-Click Context Menu

Browser extensions and add-ons that allow you to save selected text as notes are one of the easiest ways to save useful text snippets for easily retrieving them later. However, these notes are mostly confined to your browser. Outside the browser, there are apps that can run in the background and collect text from your clipboard. In OS X, you will notice that there is a system wide-option to select and search for text in Safari from any app. With the help of Automator, you can create a similar service that can be used to select text in any app and create a note in the default Notes app with it. Read More

Niice Is A Unified Search Engine For Behance, Dribbble & Designspiration

The world of digital art is amazing; whether you’re an aspiring designer, or just someone looking for cool posters to hang at your work space, you can go online and lose yourself in the vast variety of images available. Niice is a little web app that you are bound to like if you’re a designer. It’s a three-in-one search engine that displays digital artwork from Behance, Dribbble, and Designspiration. You can search for artwork related to anything from these three sites. The images that match your search are previewed on Niice’s own interface, and clicking any of them opens it at its source. The interface is somewhat like that of Pinterest, without the clutter of social media buttons and comments. Niice isn't built to create any sort of social network; it is rather meant to help you find inspiration art for your projects or everyday life. Read More

How To Create A Split Zipped Archive From Mac OS X Terminal

OS X comes with the aptly named Archive Utility that can be used to extract contents of compressed zip files, or create zipped archives of your own from your files and folders via the options provided in the right-click context menu. With no UI to speak of, the app works in the background and is fairly basic. What the default utility can’t do is create an archive of a folder that’s split into smaller zip files that can later be extracted as a whole into a single folder. There are several third-party apps available that allow you to do this but if you just want to quickly do it without using a third-party app, and don't mind typing in a command for the purpose, you can easily do so from Terminal. In what follows, we are going to show you how to use a Terminal command to easily create split zip archives of the contents of any folder. Read More