Get A WYSIWYG Website HTML Editor In Chrome With PageEdit

The Web Inspector tool in Chrome allows you to edit the currently loaded web page and make changes to it, but it it’s hardly the easiest way to edit a web page. PageEdit is a Chrome extension that lets you modify web pages by simply turning the tab into a WYSIWYG editor. Everything from text, images, and links becomes editable, and you see the changes happen live. The editor itself features toolbars that are similar to the ones in MS Word 2007. The extension has two modes: basic and default, that decide which toolbars will be visible when the extension is activated. Read More

BOINC Lets Your Android Device Contribute To Research When It’s Idle

Participating in scientific research doesn’t necessarily require you to invest time or get an advanced degree. Many people can reach out to local research centers and find easy ways to help but if you’d like a much easier and even less taxing way to participate in the advancement of research and science, BOINC is an Android app that lets you put your idle Android device to work for it. You can choose one of the few available projects, and your device will automatically join the network of countless others to be used for research on it while its resources are idle. You can also restrict the app to run these tasks only when it’s charging, or only when it has a certain level of minimum battery charge. Read More

Get Responsive Embed Codes For YouTube, Instagram, Google Maps & Vimeo

Embedding web content such as YouTube videos is pretty easy, since the service gives you the embed code and you need only paste it. The problem is, if you're pasting the link into a website that has a responsive design, the video frame will not resize because the embed code itself is not responsive. Same goes for embeds from Google Maps, Vimeo, and Instagram. If you know how to, you can always edit the code yourself to make it responsive, but a much faster and easier way to do is by using Embed Responsively. It’s a web app dedicated to providing you with responsive embed codes for content on services like YouTube, Vimeo, Google Maps, and Instagram. Read More

Responsive Inspector For Chrome Is A Great Learning Tool For Responsive Design

Chrome isn’t very big on developer tools, and that's one of the reasons why Firefox is the go-to browser for most developers. However, for those who do use Chrome, there are many extensions available to help them out in this regard. Responsive Inspector is a Chrome extension that can rightly rival the Responsive Design View that Mozilla introduced in Firefox 15. Responsive Inspector is a two-in one tool; it shows you the screen sizes a website is optimized for, and quickly lets you switch to a different one from the pop-up. Furthermore, it can take screenshots of a web page adjusted to any one of those sizes. For websites that are already optimized for certain screen sizes, you can view the CSS code responsible for that, making it a great learning tool for responsive design developers as well. Read More

Lightning Newtab Brings Bookmarks, Extensions & A Supercharged Speed Dial To Chrome New Tab Page

Chrome's new tab page doesn't offer any customization options of its own, so if you want change anything like, let's say, the number of websites you can add to the speed dial, you need an extension to do it for you. Though the Chrome Web Store isn't short on those, and Lightning Newtab is one such option available there. It modifies your new tab page so that your speed dial spans across two pages. It comes pre-loaded with popular news sites and social media networks, and also lets you set different wallpapers as the page's background, manage bookmarks and extensions, as well as choose different layouts for the speed dial itself. Read More

Add Keyword-Based Filters To Feedly & The Old Reader In Chrome

Feedly and The Old Reader are two of the RSS services that made the list of alternatives for Google Reader we put together shortly after the death of Google Reader was announced. Feedly has been embraced by most users out there, while The Old Reader is preferred by those who want a more familiar and Google Reader-like interface for reading their feeds. If you use either of these services but feel they lack powerful filters, Reader Filter is a Chrome extension that makes up for all that and more. The extension doesn't just give you filters for weeding out stories that contain certain words, but also allows you to highlight and separate such stories. Besides filters, Reader Filter lets you customize the appearance of both Feedly and The Old Reader. Let's find out more about the extension and its features after the jump. Read More

Share Bucket For Mac Offers Quick Screenshot & File Sharing Via Dropbox, Google Drive & SkyDrive

With the default screenshot tool that OS X ships with, along with so many other third-party options that are available for the platform, a new tool in this genre really has to offer something above the rest in order to make any significant impact. Share Bucket is a free screenshot tool available in the Mac App store that boasts an exceptionally good built-in image editor, along with support for uploading screenshots to several cloud service and getting a small URL for them. Once a screenshot has been ‘shared’, the link to it is copied to your clipboard. The app only allows you to capture a select area of your screen but if you want to capture the entire screen or a particular window, you can simply use the default screenshot tool and drag & drop the file on to Share Bucket’s Menu Bar icon to upload it. Read More

Free VPN Service Spotflux Brings Its Secure Browsing App To Android

A good VPN service isn't too easy to find, and finding a good free one that works well and continues to do so for an extended period of time rather than just the first couple of months after its release is near impossible. However, Spotflux has been doing all that and more. The service already has apps available for Windows, Mac and iOS, and recently, it finally released one for Android as well. The basic VPN features are free forever, but Spotflux for Android also offers several premium features that require a payment. The app comes with a ten day trial of most premium features that include bandwidth compression, blocking trackers, and keeping you safe from malware. Read More

Sync Clipboard Content From Chrome On One Computer To Another

Both Chrome and Firefox let you sync data such as add-ons/extensions, browsing history, saved passwords, auto-fill data etc. between two or more computers. For most of your data, browsers have got you covered except when it comes to clipboard data. It can be rather frustrating when you are using two different devices at the same time and need to copy something from your browser on one computer to the same browser running on the other device, only to find that syncing clipboard content between browsers requires a third party tool. What's equally annoying is that you will have to go searching for the tool and there's no one solution for all desktop platforms. Clipboard Sync is a Chrome extension that syncs your clipboard data between synced Chrome browsers. It does the job exceptionally well and even lets you differentiate between clipboard text shared using different profiles. Read More

Search, Collect & Share GIFs On Your iPhone Using Riffsy

The internet would be a very dull place without GIFs; you can type out a well worded, excellently phrased comment to an article to express how you feel, or you can say all of that and more with the right GIF. Using GIFs is something of an art, but finding the right one is nothing short of a quest. Riffsy is an iOS app that makes this considerably easier for iPhone and iPad users. It lets you find GIFs categorized appropriately, favorite them, add them to a collection, follow users who regularly create them, and view the video clip that the GIF was extracted from, to learn its context and origin. In a nutshell, Riffsy is like an educational GIF catalog, but the best part is that the link to a GIF can be copied and shared over iMessages as a completely playable animation, meaning your witty GIF replies can now be used in iMessages. Read More

dotdotdot Brings Its Article Curating, Sharing & Reading App To iOS

Whenever I come across a long article, its title, introductory paragraph and some highlighted snippet are three things that help me decide whether or not I'm going to it all the way through, even past the second paragraph. If someone who I know to have good taste in reading recommends something, I'll give it a read too, but these three factors still decide if it's worth reading all the way. dotdotdot Reader is an iOS app for the web service of the same name that lets you read articles others have recommended, highlighting the parts of an article they found particularly interesting. Apart from being a great reading tool with its own built-in web browser, that app also lets you manage your eBooks and works independently of other services. The app is quite good as a reader too; it strips away all unnecessary content, leaving behind only the text in an easy-to-read layout. Read More

Easily Group And Manage Apps & Extensions From Chrome Toolbar

The Chrome extension manager is not the easiest tool to access and unlike its counterpart in Firefox, it can't be opened with the help of a keyboard shortcut either. Burying the extension manager under the Settings > Tools menu is Chrome's way of keeping things organized, and anyone who would like to quickly access a Chrome page from a button can do so by installing an extension. Though with all those extensions installed, it can get tough to manage them. SimpleExtManager is an extension manager for Chrome that lets you group extensions, themes, and apps. You can disable them, access their settings (if any), and uninstall them all from the extension's menu. The menu itself is fully customizable so you can choose which buttons you want to appear in it. The check boxes that indicate if the extension/app is enabled or not can be hidden, as can the button for accessing an extension's settings. Read More

Tweetshort Uses Shorthand & Digits To Shorten Your Twitter Updates

Brevity is the soul of wit, and it's also important if you tweet a lot. Twitter's 140 character limit is often a challenge, especially if you're retweeting or quoting a tweet. The struggle to remain comprehensible, not misquote someone, and add enough reference that people know what you're tweeting about is one that has many pulling their hair out. Tweetshort is a tiny web app that helps us shorten our tweets so that they fit in the 140 character limit, much like previously reviewed iOS app TweetShrink. The tool lets you type in your tweet and then shrinks it the best it can. Shrinking is done in much the same way we would do it, i.e. dropping out certain characters from a word, using numbers to replace words where possible, and using shorter, misspelled versions of words that are commonly used on the internet. Read More

Televisor Suggests TV Shows Based On One Show Of Your Choice

If it weren't for Twitter and perhaps the many curated lists of movies and TV shows, it would be really hard for me to find good TV when I want. Finding good TV show recommendations is something that services like Hulu and Netflix do for you; they analyze what you like and what you watch the most, and suggest other shows according to that. Though if you aren't a subscriber to one of these services or if they do not have one of the popular on-air shows available, you can still miss out. Televisor is a free television discovery app that asks you to input one show you like and recommends similar ones to watch online. Each show is rated by Metacritic, and the list of suggestions features both on-air and concluded series. The show you enter is analyzed for the genre it belongs to, and you can then filter the results to show only those belonging to selective genre(s). Read More

Floating Touch Brings An AssistiveTouch-Like Persistent Mini-Launcher To Android

If you're an Android user who has at any point admired something about iOS, then you probably didn't have to wait long before someone developed an app to mimic that same feature for your device. Floating Touch is one such Android app that doesn't just imitate AssistiveTouch on the iPhone, but actually does it better by giving users the freedom to choose what controls are added to their screen (a little like previously reviewed Easy Touch). It basically adds a floating orb to your screen that, when tapped, fans out to a disc with nine other controls. Five of these can be edited to open an app or operate a phone function of your choice such as the back key or the home key. If you upgrade the app, you can even add folders as shortcuts here. Thus, the disc of controls can be considered a combination of an app launcher and a settings panel. Read More

Compare Two Fonts By Superimposing One Over The Other Using Tiff

Selecting the right font for a project can get to be quite tough, and not simply because of the large variety of fonts that exist. For the untrained eye, spotting the differences between certain similar-looking fonts can be really difficult because you might not know what to look for. If you think about how some fonts have very subtle differences to begin with, you might wonder if it is at all possible to distinguish one from the other without some tedious examination. Tiff is a web app that makes this process simple. Dubbed "a visual typeface diff tool", it lets you compare any two fonts from the Google Web Fonts library by superimposing one over the other in two different translucent colors, allowing you to see how the same letters from two different fonts differentiate from one another. Read More

eBay Exact For iPhone Lets You Find, Customize & Buy 3D-Printed Merchandise

3D printing is slowly but definitely taking off and while we still can't print cars or food, the concept is changing how a lot of things are done. eBay Exact is a new iOS app by eBay itself that helps you find and customize 3D-printed merchandise available for sale on the popular e-commerce site. The list of items is modest at the moment but the app not only makes it super-easy for you to find such items, but also to customize them. You can choose colors, customize patterns, and add engravings, images and more to items that allow you to do so. Once you've customized the item, you will be able to purchase it directly from the app. Read More

Upload Self-Destructing Photos To Facebook With For iPhone

Apps like Snapchat are famous for providing quick ways to communicate in a manner that the communication can't be traced back to you. There's no record of the conversation or any images you might have shared, and the only thing that limits the app's usage it that both sender and recipient must be using it. If photos are mostly what you would like to share in secret, is an iOS app that lets you do just that. It adds a 'filter' to your photos that hides them from view and allows you to share them on Facebook with all or select friends. The photos will self-destruct after an interval, though you may choose how long they will be kept. The photo is shared to your recipients' timeline with the filter intact; anyone who sees it or clicks on it will not see the actual image unless they are the ones you shared the picture with. Read More

Get Resizable, Floating Home, Back & Menu Soft Keys On Android

Hardware problems with a device are possibly the most worrying because there is always the question of whether the problem can be fixed or not, what it will cost and if it's covered under warranty. Screens are usually the more costly items to fix on smartphones, but at least they can be replaced quite easily. Broken or unresponsive buttons might be a different story though, depending on what device you're using. If you have a faulty and unresponsive button, you can either get it fixed, or give Floating Soft Keys  a try. It's a free Android app that adds a floating bar of four keys to your screen: the back , home and menu buttons, and a resize button. Your device must be rooted in order for the app to work. It is very much like the AssisstiveTouch feature in iOS that lets you access all device operations from a single floating button. Read More

Vine Gets Channels, New Camera Tools, Revining & Widget On Android

Just last week, Vine for iOS received a massive update, bringing with it channels and the ability to revine a Vine (just like you would retweet a tweet). The Android app did not receive an update at the time and many Android users were left waiting (and hoping) for the features. That wait is now over; Vine for Android has received a massive update, even bigger than the iOS one. This update brings three tools for videos: a focus tool to keep the video steady, a grid tool to keep things straight, and a ghost tool that silences all sounds that may otherwise be recorded in the Vine. Vines can be revined, and you now have the option to mute all vines that are being played in any feed stream. Lastly, Vine now has a widget that allows you to quickly launch the camera from your home screen instead of having to do so from the app. Read More