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How to fix PUBG not authorized on your platform

PUBG is an online game. Players around the world connect to a server in order to play together. The size of a game is modest at 100 players but there are thousands of games in progress at any given time. PUBG has severs all over the world so the load is distributed and players get good ping.

PUBG not authorized on your platform

PUBG not authorized on your platform

Online games like PUBG connect to an online server. If the connection fails, you won’t be able to join the game. Other areas of the game may also be inaccessible e.g., you won’t be able buy anything from the market, view your rank, or collect a reward.

If you see the PUBG not authorized error, it may be a problem with the game files or it may be a server problem on PUBG’s end.

Check PUBG status

PUBG’s servers tend to get overwhelmed especially if your region or country has an extended holiday season. If too many players are logging into the game, the server may not be able to keep up. You can try changing regions to see if you’re able to connect to a game. 

  • Check the PUBG Twitter support page to see if the game is running or not.
  • Check one of many online tools that report PUBG server status. You can give Outrage Report a try. It will tell you countries where there has been a reported outage. PUBG.org is also worth checking out.

If the servers are down, you’re going to have to wait for them to be fixed. If they aren’t down but there is an unusual increase in the number of players, keep trying and you will eventually be able to join a game.

Verify game files

This fix works only if you’re playing on a PC and Steam. If you’re playing on a tablet or a console or a phone, this fix cannot be applied.

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Go to Library.
  3. Right-click PUBG and select Properties.
  4. Go to the Local Files tab.
  5. Click Verify integrity of game files.
  6. Allow Steam to fix any problems with the files and try joining a game.

Note: this will not fix server side issues. You will have to wait for the game to resolve those.

Platform specific issue

The PUBG not authorized error can be platform specific. Players may be able to connect to the game from a PC but not from a console. In this case, it is again a problem on the game’s end or a problem with the console. For example, if you’re seeing the error on an Xbox, there may be a problem with the Xbox servers or with PUBG’s servers. Check if Xbox is having server problems and wait them out.


The PUBG not authorized is normally a game-side error. This means nothing is wrong on your end and that is a good thing. Unfortunately, it also means you can’t do anything to fix it other than to wait around. You can try uninstalling and reinstalling a game but it is rare for this to work, especially if you play on a console. 


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