Set Any Color For The iPhone Status Bar Using StatusColor

Apart from the Blackout tweak, not many developers really thought about making a lot of changes to the iPhone status bar prior to the release of iOS 6. When iOS 6 brought the chameleon bar to the mix, tweaks like WeatherBar, and Emphasize started showing up in the jailbreak store. The status bar is an area of the operating system that is rarely noticed, but that could perhaps be because you get a little too used to the way it looks. StatusColor is a new Cydia tweak that lets you easily change the bar’s color any time you want. Unlike other tweaks in the past, this one is not dependent upon different factors to change the status bar tint. You get three RGB sliders, and can use them to paint the status bar in a color of your choice! Read More

Coast Is A Beautiful Yet Practical iPad Web Browser By Opera

Most iPhone apps that get ported to the iPad’s bigger screen look pretty decent, but there are times when only an app designed specially for tablets would do. When it comes to web browsers, all the popular ones like Safari, Chrome and Yahoo! Axis have universal apps, while there are a few iPad-exclusive options available as well, including Dolphin HD and Webnote. Another big name that has been around on iPhone for quite a while is Opera Mini. Although the app is optimized for the iPad, the company has come up with a complete new web browser designed just for the bigger screen. Coast by Opera is an iPad web browser that is sure to generate a considerable fan following, owing to its intuitive design and the convenience it offers for navigating the web. Read More

Yahoo! Releases New ‘Screen’ Video Streaming App For iPhone & iPad

The recently covered rabt and Mickey Video are just two of many apps on iOS that can help you kill countless hours by browsing through videos of your interest. You can waste a lot of time looking for things to watch that are interesting, but apps like rabt can help you perform this task with minimal effort. There is some content, however, that is exclusive to certain networks, and can't be legally found anywhere on the internet without paying. Yahoo! Screen is a new app that accumulates videos that are Yahoo! originals, or taken from shows that have a partnership with the company. You get to see clips from Saturday Night Live, The Onion, and other videos featuring some big stars. The best thing is that all these videos are available free of charge, and in good quality. The content gets updated frequently, and the way Yahoo! Screen presents them all is pretty decent, too. Read More

Rhonna Designs Offers One Of The Most Complete Photo Editing Solutions On iOS

The word ‘unique’ is often thrown around quite liberally when it comes to photo apps for iOS, but every once in a while, there is bound to be an app that actually deserves to be called that. Rhonna Designs might not be the most feature-rich photo editor out there, and it doesn't have the novel approach that the likes of layrs and HelloLab boast, but the app is unique owing to the content it offers inside its seemingly ordinary menus. The photo filters, adjustment options, frames, and fonts have been handpicked by the app’s developer, and the finesse in their choice clearly shows. Rhonna Designs isn't all fun and games though, as some of its features are enough to give any serious photo editor a run for its money. You can apply masks to your photos, and even make use of the layered photo editing support. Read More

Turn Your iPhone’s Screen On & Off With A Wave Gesture Using WaveOff

Apps like TuneMob and LookAway Player have brought some of the most sought-after Galaxy S4 features to iPhone, but that amazing device from Samsung has a lot more up its sleeve than these. It makes great use of its proximity sensor, offering the ability to control the display by simply waving your hands in front of the screen. If your device is in sleep mode, you can wake it up by moving your hand across the screen. WaveOff is a new Cydia tweak that does something similar for iOS. With WaveOff, you can easily turn the display off by moving your hand across the proximity sensor above the screen. This can be great for situations when your hands are wet or dirty, and you just have to continue reading that lengthy mail you just received. It isn't possible to control anything that’s on the screen though, and the tweak doesn't actually lock your device. That said, it is still useful in its own little way. Read More

Hands-On With The Official Xbox Music Apps For Android & iOS

With the release of iTunes Radio just around the corner, Microsoft has decided to takes its music streaming service to the next level. Xbox Music got a major overhaul back in June with the release of Windows 8.1’s developer preview, but now there is even bigger news regarding the service. Xbox Music has finally become available on the web for free, at least for the next six months, supported with ads. Even more importantly, we now also have official Xbox Music apps for iOS and Android. One can certainly understand Microsoft's logic behind initially launching Xbox Music as a Windows 8 & Windows Phone-exclusive, but the time has been ripe for the jump to other platforms for quite a while now. Thanks to the Xbox Music app, you can maintain and expand your song collection, manage playlists, or simply listen to any song you want. The service’s radio feature is also a part of Xbox Music for Android and iOS. Read More

How To Interop Unlock Samsung ATIV S On Windows Phone 8

WP8 has been around for quite some time now, and has certainly turned out to be more of a success than Windows Phone 7. One area where the new version of the OS has been lagging behind though, is root access and developer unlock. If you have never been a user of Microsoft’s older mobile platforms, going through our guide to unlocking WP7 might help you understand what unlocking means for Windows Phone. Basically, an interop unlocked device lets users install any app on their device via XAP files (even if the app requires admin rights, or isn't available on Windows Phone Store), and also offers the ability to access and edit protected system files. All that was until Mango though, and we were left waiting for something even close to unlocking for WP8 since its release. Finally, almost out of the blue, a developer over at XDA has come up with a working interop unlock for Windows Phone 8! At present, the method only works on Samsung ATIV S, and makes use of the amazingly useful diagnostics app that comes with Samsung Windows Phone devices. Read More

Create Photo Grids On Your Instagram Profile With Instagrids For iOS

There is no lack of image filters if you want to edit your photos on an iPhone before showing them to the world. A lot of people prefer Instagram for photo sharing, especially because of its nice array of effects, but there are also many third-party photo editors out there that you can use before sharing your pictures. InstaWeather and InstaPlace are two of many apps that aren't officially associated with Instagram, but are still meant to churn out images that are to be shared over the service. Instagrids is a new app that doesn't let you edit photos in the traditional sense of the word, but the end results are no less fantastic. With Instagrids, you can shoot or load any image, and then share it over Instagram as a grid of several broken images. This might seem a bit confusing on the Instagram main feed, but whenever someone visits your Instagram profile, the photo shows up in the form of a complete grid, where each tile completes the big picture. Read on to see it in action. Read More

KakaoGroup Offers Private Group Photo Sharing & Chat On Android & iPhone

KakaoTalk might not be as famous as WhatsApp, but the messenger does have its own loyal user base that has stuck around for quite a long time. With the passage of time, the service has evolved as well, with several new features coming to the party. One thing that Kakao still lacks though, is group chat. You can maintain multiple threads in the messenger, but there are no comprehensive group management features like those offered by WhatsApp and Google Hangouts. Somewhat inexplicably, rather than adding group chat to KakaoTalk, the folks behind the service have come up with a whole new app that lets users share messages and media with multiple contacts. Once you stomach the fact that it is available as a standalone app, KakaoGroup is actually quite a decent app for both iOS and Android, and offers everything you are ever likely to need for group chats. There is media sharing, a group-specific news feed, and support for the popular Kakao Emoji. Read More

Chromecatch Turns Your iPhone Or iPad Into A Chromecast Receiver

No matter how great a new gadget seems to be, there are always doubts in the user’s mind before shelling out some hard cash. Google’s new Chromecast dongle can be considered dirt cheap but if you still want to get a taste of it before making the purchase (or don't wanna shell out $35 for it at all), there are ways of emulating Chromecast on smartphones. We have already covered an app by the name of CheapCast that makes an Android device act as a Chromecast receiver. Won’t it be just awesome if there was a similar app for iOS, too? Fortunately, a clever developer has managed to come up with something that can help you in that regard. Chromecatch has the capability of turning any iPhone or iPad into a receiver for Chromecast, albeit a restricted one. For now, Chromecatch only works with YouTube, but support for more services might not be too far away into the future. Read More

10 Best To-Do List & Reminder Apps For iPhone

The stock Reminders app in iPhone got a major overhaul in iOS 5, with location-based alerts and Siri integration causing quite a stir. Since then though, things have gone a little quiet. The app hasn't been completely stagnant, as there were a few significant improvements in iOS 6, and iOS 7 promises to bring a new UI to the mix. Still, if you are craving for something a bit more unique, there are plenty of great alternatives available in the App Store. Some apps are better than Reminders because of their UI, while others offer a bundle of features that can truly make your life easier. A task management app is not something you can keep changing regularly, so it is always a good idea to choose one that is sure to keep catering to your needs in the long run. Here are some of the most popular and most useful to-do list apps available for iOS. Read More

Set Your iPhone’s Screen To Dim Without Locking When Not In Use

The most common reason behind the notion of keeping your phone’s screen locked whenever it is not in use stems from the need to keep the device secure, but in recent times, another factor that has started weighing in is battery conservation. In a smartphone, the display utilizes a significant portion of the battery, so it is always a good thing to keep the display turned off when not in use. On an iPhone, you can set an auto-lock time period, but if that duration is too little, you will have to repeatedly unlock your device, which gets even more tedious if you are using a passcode lock. However, there are certain tweaks like BrightslideLSBrightSlider and SBSettings that can be used to manually dim the display with ease. AutoDimWithoutLock is another Cydia tweak that takes a somewhat novel approach to this issue by letting the users choose the exact time after which the screen is dimmed, and that time is kept separate from the auto lock duration. Read More

Video Messaging Finally Arrives On Skype For Windows Phone

Skype was a latecomer on Windows Phone, but everyone thought that once the app became available, it won’t be too different from its counterparts on iOS and Android. With the passage of time, this assumption has been proven wrong many times over, as despite being owned by Microsoft itself, the WP app of the service seems to have always been way down in the priority list when it comes to rolling out new features of the service. A few months back, Skype introduced video messaging on all other platforms, but WP7 and WP8 were left out of the picture. Now, however, the feature has finally been added to the Windows Phone app of the service, which means you can record video messages for anyone easily, and then share them even if the other party is not online. Thanks to Skype’s latest update, you can share as many videos with your friends as you want, and that too without having to worry about all the awkwardness that comes with live video chatting. Read More

Get App Shortcuts In iPhone Notification Center Without Jailbreak Using Push Launcher

App launchers are usually associated with Android but if you have a jailbroken iPhone, it is possible to get some convenient ways to quickly access your apps. InstaLauncher and atom are two gorgeous examples of full-featured app launchers for iDevices. Though if you don’t have access to the Cydia store but still want in on the action, there is now a way of getting a collection of app shortcuts inside your iPhone’s Notification Center. Push Launcher works on the same principle as Speed U, making use of push notifications to ensure that you get semi-permanent app shortcuts in the Notification Center. In addition to that, the app is also capable of displaying notifications at the time of your choice, which is a bit like scheduling the automatic launch of your favorite apps. Read More

Improve Your Facebook, Google & LinkedIn Privacy With AVG PrivacyFix

AVG has always been pretty active on Android, with AVG Uninstaller coming out just a couple of months back, but this time the online security company has come up with an offering for both Android and iOS. AVG PrivacyFix is an app that can help a lot of users who aren’t exactly tech-savvy, but are still concerned about their privacy. Much like the previously covered Permissions app for iPhone, PrivacyFix tries to make your personal accounts more secure by scanning their privacy settings, and then suggesting appropriate changes. The services that can be cleansed with the app include Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. AVG PrivacyFix takes a variety of factors into account, and then presents the user with a suitable course of action. To help make these choices even easier, pros and cons of each are listed in simple wording, so that you don’t end up inadvertently turning off features that can be of use. Read More

YellingMom For iPhone Nags You To Finish Tasks With Repeated Reminders

The stock Reminders app in iOS is enough if you merely want a slight nudge to accomplish tasks, but if there are some chores that aren’t too urgent, you might end up repeatedly putting them off. There are certain apps designed to avoid exactly this kind of situation, the perfect example being Nag for Mac. On an iPhone, you can let an app display badges to signify your pending tasks, and then there's the option of pinning your reminders list to the lock screen, but YellingMom might be the most effective solution from the lot. This app lets you create reminders that generate alerts repeatedly every few hours. There is plenty more on offer as well, including task organization in lists, gesture control and easy sorting of reminders based on their priority level. Read More

Canopy Supercharges iPhone Safari With Closed Tab Recovery & Much More

Safari has its fair share of tweaks in the jailbreak store, but we all know it’s Chrome that has been the favorite of developers for the past few years. Most of the tweaks aimed at Safari are not very feature-rich, and often perform just a single task. Safari Unibar and Privata are two examples of this trend, which has finally been broken by a new tweak named Canopy that comes with a bunch of really useful options for Mobile Safari. Thanks to the tweak, users get to reopen tabs that have been closed accidentally. The search experience is improved considerably as well, as you can make use of the ‘Paste & Search’ option added to the action menu by the tweak, and also delete individual past searches. There is plenty of other features on offer too, which can potentially make Safari the best browser you can hope to have on your iPhone. Read More

Tapatalk For Windows Phone Now Available As A Free App

If you are an active user of multiple community forums, the name Tapatalk shouldn't be completely unfamiliar to you. The service has been around on major mobile platforms for quite some time, letting you discover interesting online communities on the go. On Windows Phone, however, the official Disqus app beat Tapatalk to the Store. When Tapatalk was finally released a few months back, it came with an early access price tag of $2.99. Though it was understood that the app will go free some time in the future, and that time has finally come. Tapatalk has evolved into a decent app that's is up to the standards set by other variants of the service. You can search for forums based on their categories or topics, create new accounts for almost any forum, and participate in discussions. Read More

Get A ‘Back to Top’ Button In Internet Explorer On Windows Phone

The release of Windows Phone 8 brought a lot of changes to Microsoft's mobile platform, but one thing it didn't change too much is Internet Explorer. Sure, IE 10 offers some improvements over its WP7 counterpart, but the basic features and UI remain unchanged. Internet Explorer isn't too bad for a mobile browser, and a testament to this is the fact that not many third-party web browsers have managed to gain a considerable user base on WP8. Having said that, there are still some shortcomings that IE 10 suffers, like the lack of easy tab switching, much-needed buttons like ‘forward’, and page search. In the past, we have discussed ways of overcoming these issues with the use of bookmarklets. In IE 10, there is yet another button that can be added to the mix by using the ‘add to favorites’ option of the browser. Read on if you want to discover a rather convenient way of adding a ‘Jump to Top’ button to all webpages in Internet Explorer for WP8. Read More

Easily Scale Or Reduce Size Of Photos On Windows Phone With Shrinkit

The likes of Photo Genius and Fhotoroom have always enabled Windows Phone users to have some pretty good photo editing options at their disposal, but there are times when you need more than just image filters and a few shiny features. For some editing tasks, there is no way other than transferring photos from your device to a computer and doing the work there on an editor like Photoshop or GIMP. Even something as simple as reducing a picture’s dimensions and file size cannot be done too easily on WP without the help of desktop tools like MS Picture Manager or ImageSmaller. Now that the Windows Phone Store has matured though, there are a few apps that can help you in this regard. Shrinkit is a very simple utility that lets WP8 users reduce the resolution and dimensions of the photos stored in their device’s camera roll, and that too with a comprehensive set of options. Read More