Clone Items In A Photo Or Video Or Merge Multiple Shots On iOS With Split Lens 2 Pro

Cloning tools in iOS/Android photo editors are quiet rare. In the past, we have seen the feature in Adobe Photoshop Touch and TouchRetouch Free, though both these apps deal only with still images. Split Lens 2 Pro, on the other hand, might just be the first app to offer cloning in videos. The app does have an image section of its own, but the real magic happens when you shoot a video using it. Using the app, you can easily create a video of you shaking hands with yourself, or maybe there is a toy you want to see flying around the room. Split Lens can do all that, and much more, without making the users break a sweat, thanks to its awesome cloning capabilities. Read More

Taio Cruz’s KeWe For iPhone Combines Social Networking & Private Chat

The excess of social networks that are around on the internet has forced users to start looking for ones that already have a large user base or offer some truly unique features. Having said that, there is still room in the market for apps and services that offer something new in this genre, or at least that’s what the team behind KeWe must be hoping. The newly released app is a brainchild of popular singer Taio Cruz (the one who wants to party like a dynamite), and is basically a social network. That’s not all though, as KeWe comes with some really nice photo filters, and can be used as a chat messenger as well. KeWe is a bit like Minus and a little like InstaTalks. Apart from photo editing and chat, the app also lets users find other people near them so that they can view their activities and get in touch. Read More

Create & Maintain Your Own Website On iPhone & iPad With Jimdo

As we have seen in the past with apps like and Weebly, creating simple websites on an iPhone is not a very difficult task. There are already many services that offer the option of managing websites from handheld devices, which makes sense since more and more people have started switching their everyday tasks to mobile devices from desktop computers. Jimdo is yet another iOS app that allows users to create websites via their iPhone. The great thing about Jimdo is that it has a decent desktop side, too, enabling users to update the site with ease both on the go and from the comfort of their home. The app creates both mobile and desktop versions of each page, which is a great feature and has the potential to save users a lot of trouble of having to do so manually. Read More

View Passwords For WiFi Networks Saved On Your iPhone With NetworkList

It is not the easiest of tasks to remember passwords for all the WiFi networks you use regularly. On most devices, once a password is entered for a hotspot, you can forget all about it as next time the device connects to it automatically. When you switch to a new device though, or have to tell the network’s password to a friend, things can get really tricky if you don't remember it. On desktop computers and even Android devices, there are ways of viewing saved passwords for authorized networks without too much fuss. In the past, we have seen tools like SterJo that are capable of listing passwords for all recognized networks on your desktop within a few seconds. If you are using an iOS device, though, there has never been any easy way of viewing old passwords for WiFi networks. However, jailbreak users can finally enjoy a solution to this problem, thanks to the newly released NetworkList tweak, which adds a list of all your saved WiFi passwords to the WiFi section of the Settings app. Read More

Nokia Releases A Pack Of Elegant Utility Apps For All Windows Phone 8 Devices

Before smartphones took over, Nokia used to be the king of mobile devices. The brand was best known for making phones that were incredibly tough and had amazing battery life. When the Finnish company announced its partnership with Microsoft, people were anticipating Windows Phone devices having similar traits, but a smartphone does have to sacrifice a few basic utilities and its battery life in order to accomplish more complicated tasks. That’s what these devices have apps for though. Thanks to a few very simple apps, your WP8 can act as a stopwatch, flashlight, or countdown timer. Finding the right apps for all these tasks can be a bit of a headache though, and that’s likely the reason why Nokia has decided to release a set of utility apps for all WP8 users. These apps have been released by a Polish company, working in partnership with Nokia. Read More

YouTube For Android & iOS Gets In-App Floating Video, Continuous Playback & More

YouTube’s latest update to its smartphone app might not have the lengthiest changelog you will ever see, but the changes are pretty big nonetheless. In addition to getting a new icon on both platforms, the app is now capable of letting you navigate your account without stopping video playback. This means that the YouTube app finally lets you minimize videos, so that searching and browsing different areas of the service becomes possible. The miniaturized version of videos is reminiscent of the VideoPane tweak we covered earlier this month. Of course, the playback stops if you exit the app, but within YouTube, you can do anything you want without risking interruptions. The Android variant of the app has undergone several design improvements, while the long-awaited continuous playback option has been added to playlists as well. To top things off, the app now has a new logo. Read More

View Real-Time Social Media Usage Stats On iPhone With Static

Services like Cloze and Fuse provide a good way of managing multiple social media accounts from one place, and that too on the go. With these apps, you can use your iPhone to post content to all the accounts you own in one go, which can be useful on many occasions. At times, however, you don’t need access to your entire feed, and just getting an overview of your account activity does the trick. Static taps into all the popular social networking services, and integrates your account stats from each. This means that you get to see your Twitter follower count, Facebook friend stats, Instagram activity log, and even Google Analytics info on one screen. Admittedly, the data shown by Static isn't too comprehensive, but it is enough to give you a general idea of the really important happenings on your accounts. Read More

Decorate Your iPhone Photos With Customizable 3D Text Using TypoPic

Apps like Overgram, Quipio and Font Art have made typography something that is very much a part of the smartphone experience these days. A lot of quotes or just random pics are shared over social media using typography apps. The genre has finally reached the point where you might call it a bit crowded. Whenever this happens, a new app has to be truly special to be noticed by users. TypoPic is an iOS release that might force you to move on from the current photo editor you are using for creating text art. The app isn't too heavy on editing options but when it comes to overlaying text over images and tinkering with that text, there are some amazing feature on offer. The most unique of these features is the ability to give the added text a 3D look by playing around with its orientation and perspective. Read More

Create & Share Layered Photo Editing Templates On iPhone With Studio Design

Just yesterday, we covered Moxie – an iPhone app that lets you create your own photo filters. In our review of the app, we pointed out that Moxie is not the first app of its kind, and there have been other similar photo editors in the past as well. In essence, Studio Design is just one more addition to this genre, but that’s not how the app is touted by the developer, and to be honest, this new release does have a lot of merits that we haven’t seen before. Studio Design lets its users edit any photo they want, and it has an impressive number of options available for that purpose. The app offers layer-based editing, along with a variety of readymade filters, clip art, and masks. Also, everything you create in Studio Design gets shared with other users, so that they can also use your settings for editing their photos in the same way. Read More

Scan Windows Phone Store For All OEM-Specific Apps With SysApp Pusher

There have always been some problems when it comes to updating apps on Windows Phone. Back in the days of WP7, users had to force updates to show up in the Marketplace, but things have improved with WP8. Having said that, there are still some issues with OEM-specific apps and at times, new releases don’t show up in searches. The same problem plagues updates, forcing you to wait for a few days at times before you can your hands on the improved versions of your favorite apps. While you can bide your time by waiting for the WP Store to get refreshed with your desired updates, SysApp Pusher is an app that can be used to immediately check for OEM-related changes to the Windows Phone Store. It lists all the new and old apps that are exclusive to Nokia, Samsung, and HTC devices, complete with their latest version numbers, download size and other details. Read More

Create A WiFi Network Blacklist & Get Connectivity Alerts On iOS With NotifyWifi

SBSettings is the first thing that compels many users to jailbreak their iPhone as soon as some developer comes up with a solution to get Cydia working on the latest iOS version. Within SBSettings, the most useful thing is its easily accessible dropdown window, housing a string of options including several system toggles. While all these toggles are really useful, the WiFi control is probably the most frequently used. During the course of the day, most users switch between multiple WiFi networks, making the WiFi section of the Settings app really important. As the internet umbrella continues expanding, more and more WiFi hotspots are becoming available publicly. If you like keeping your device’s WiFi on, it might end up connecting to networks you wish to avoid, without you ever noticing. Tweaks like AutoProtect and CleverPin can give you some indication regarding connectivity, but its still not as clear as getting a proper notification. That’s what NotifyWifi does. This tweak sends users a push notification every time they connect to a WiFi network or there is a change in the network’s status. NotifyWifi can also be used to keep your device from ever connecting to some networks automatically. Read More

Create, Share & Discover Photo Effects & Filters On iPhone With Moxie

It is certainly not a completely new concept for a photo editor to come up with the option of letting users create their own image effects. In the past, we have seen Magic Hour and Snapster do this with considerable success, and there are some other examples out there, too. Most of the times, however, photo filters don’t really have to be created from scratch, and apps merely offer the opportunity to remix existing effects. Moxie is different, as it really does let you make photo effects using just colors, textures, and photo merging. These effects can be easily applied to your photos, and you can also choose to post them to the Moxie social network, from where other users get to benefit from your work, and might even decide to improve it. In addition, users can see the usage stats for the effects they publish to keep an eye on their popularity. Read More

Browse & Collect Getty Images On The Go With Thinkstock For iOS

Getty Images has been synonymous with stock photos for quite some time now. The service is among the first destinations that spring to mind whenever you need a photo for your publication, website or projects. There are other, cheaper alternatives available out there, but none of them possess the quality and quantity on offer in Getty. Some high quality services like 500px can cater to some users, but are somewhat limited in their usefulness. Getty Images has such a staggeringly vast collection of media at its disposal that in 2010, Thinkstock was created to make it easier for users to find and purchase royalty-free images. While Getty already has its official app on the iPhone, now you can finally use your Thinkstock account on the go as well, thanks to the service’s newly released official iOS app. Read More

Rate Players During Live Football Matches With This iPhone App

The new soccer season has just commenced, and that means a lot of iPhone apps are coming out to cater to the needs of football fans out. Just a few days ago, we covered EPL Live for those of you looking to get real-time notifications for goals and other match events from the Premier League, but there are many who aren't satisfied by merely staying up to speed with the game. There’s nothing like watching a match with spectators, or at least a group of people who are passionate about the game. Your smartphone can help you with that, thanks to apps like Football Fans. Chatting during a fast-paced match, though, can be a bit too distracting, and that’s why Player of the Match might be the perfect app for you. Rather than diverting your attention, the app helps you get fully immersed in the game, letting you show appreciation for the skills of an individual player by giving him a good rating, or venting out your frustration at him by giving him a bad one. At the end of the match, ratings from all users are combined to show everyone the match stats, along with the name of the most popular player from each team. Read More

View & Kill Running Apps From iPhone Home Screen With AppSwiper

For a long time, developers over at the Cydia store have been looking for ways to improve the App Switcher tray and task management in iOS. Some take the approach of automatically uncluttering the RAM at regular intervals, while others add the App Switcher to unlikely areas of the OS such as the Notification Center. All such tweaks are useful in their own right, but the approach taken by AppSwiper is refreshingly different, and lets you keep an eye on memory usage without being too obtrusive. With this tweak, apps that are currently running in the background are distinguished from others right on the SpringBoard. AppSwiper lights up the name of all active apps, and even lets you kill any app you want with a single swipe on the Home screen. Read More

XPasscode Replaces iPhone Passcode With Themeable Patterns & Input Methods

If there is one area of iOS that can start getting a bit boring after some time, it’s the lock screen. Maybe that’s why the Cydia store has so many themes and tweaks aimed at keeping things spiced up even before your device is unlocked. Recently, we posted a list of top Cydia tweaks to make the iPhone lock screen better, and the newly unveiled XPasscode is as good as most of the tweaks that made it into that compilation. Some might say that it is nothing more than a novelty tweak, but it does more than just giving your iPhone some extra oomph. Much like the popular tweak Piano Passcode and the previously covered Control Unlocker, XPasscode replaces the usual passcode keypad with different interesting items. For now, the tweak has only four themes, but the developer seems to have made it really easy for others to build themes that are compatible with XPasscode, so it is sure to get even more awesome with the passage of time. Read More

Done Offers Gesture-Based Goal Tracking & To-Do Lists On iPhone

Whenever you try and make some improvements to your life, it is essential to have proper motivation and if you can’t find it within yourself, there are plenty of apps for that. We have already covered Lift and Mentor: two apps that can help you cultivate new habits in your life. There is another, much simpler approach to the whole thing as well though. By merely maintaining a wishlist, or a collection of your future goals, it can be possible to bring a lot of positives to your daily routine. Done Not Done can be considered one such app, but it focuses just on one specific genre: entertainment. The newly released Done for iPhone is a lot more generic, and can be used to log any goals you might want to achieve in the near or distant future. The app works completely on gestures, and looks pretty neat, too. Read More

HelloLab Is A Powerful Photo Editor & Camera App With An iOS 7-Inspired UI

While it is certainly more fun using rather uncomplicated photo editors such as PicSee Pro, there are times when you need somewhat advanced editing options for making your pictures look better on the iPhone. There is no shortage of photo editors on iOS, as you can see from our compilation of the best apps belonging to this genre, but only a few desktop-level image editors exist for the platform. Adobe Photoshop Touch is one example that comes to mind, while HelloLab is a new release that might be worthy of being considered close to Adobe's offering. The app doesn't seem to have too many features at first glance but when you get down to using it, there is everything from aspect control to filters, along with a decent array of sharing options. HelloLab can be used for both post-processing and applying changes to the camera in real-time. Read More

Get Live EPL Scores, Updates, News & Stats On iPhone & Android With This App

There are plenty of generic apps that deal with multiple sports to help users follow all their interests in one place with ease. In the past, we have covered 365Scores (my personal favorite) and Sports Republic, but there are also a considerable number of apps that focus just on a single sport (examples are Football Fans and Live Score Tennis), or even an individual event, like the Wimbledon app. EPL Live 2013/14 is another event-specific app, but it is aimed at the most popular football (or soccer, if you are in the U.S.) league in the world. The league has been on its annual break since May, but sports geeks can finally have their football weekends back, starting August 17th. EPL Live for Android and iOS is the perfect companion to start the new English season with. The app has everything from live scores to news stories and exclusive content related to your favorite teams. Read More

Create Google Calendar Entries From Events On Webpages Using Spot For Chrome

Google Calendar and Chrome make a combination that can bring a lot of ease and convenience to your life. Back when Chrome was in its infancy, we covered an extension for the browser that brought Google Calendar integration to Chrome. Merely having access to your events in Chrome might not be enough for many though, which is why there is still market for extensions that let you actually manage your calendar right from within the web browser. Spot is a Chrome extension that takes this idea a step further, letting you manage your Google Calendar, and automatically creating events out of the content found on the webpages you visit. You can choose any event sniffed out by Spot from a page, or simply create one manually any time you want. The extension even has a good discovery side to it, offering event recommendations based on your location. Read More