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Photo Editor by Aviary Now Available For Windows Phone 8

When Photo Editor by Aviary was released for Windows 8 a few months ago, a lot of people started anticipating the app’s arrival on Windows Phone. After all, the offering from Aviary is already present on iOS and Android, so a WP8 app seemed like the next logical step. Sure enough, the app has just been released for Windows Phone, bringing all the features that have made Aviary the favorite photo editing app of many smartphone users. The app is fairly simple, but doesn’t lack any options you might need to make your photos look great. For tweaking faces in photos, there are feature like red-eye removal, teeth whitening, and blemish removal tools. For other images, there are aspect adjustments, stickers, and of course photo filters.

Photo Editor by Aviary WP8 Home Photo Editor by Aviary WP8 Enhance Photo Editor by Aviary WP8

As is customary for Aviary apps, users don’t have to sign up for any sort of account before they can use Photo Editor. The app doesn’t even have a tutorial, because it is very easy to use. The main screen has a sample image that you can use to start learning about all the features offered in Photo Editor by Aviary. Some of the most recent images saved in your camera roll are visible on the app’s main screen, while more can be loaded by hitting the ‘Browse’ button. Photo Editor also supports shooting new images right from within the app and editing them straight away.

The editing options offered by Photo Editor aren’t different from the features available in the app on other platforms. You can crop photos, change their orientation or adjust aspects like brightness, contrast and saturation. If you are feeling a bit lazy and want to automatically make your photos look better, use the ‘Enhance’ menu. There are three enhancement modes available in the app: ‘Auto’, ‘Night’, ‘Backlit’ and ‘Balance’. You can preview each preset before applying it, which can be helpful in making the best choice. Image effects are applied in the same way, with the final changes made only once the ‘Apply’ button is pressed. When using stickers on photos, you can change their orientation and size by dragging the arrow icon. The position of the sticker can be adjusted as well.

Photo Editor doesn’t offer any sharing options within the app, but each image edited in it gets saved automatically to the camera roll and you can post it to your social network or share it any way you like from there.

Photo Editor by Aviary is a free app, and works only with WP8 devices.

Install Photo Editor by Aviary from Windows Phone Store

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