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Make WP 8.1 & Cortana Read Out Quotes To You

No matter how much you want to tout Windows Phone’s originality, it is impossible to avoid comparing WP8.1’s Cortana with iOS’ Siri. While Siri has matured a great deal since its introduction, Microsoft’s talking assistant does win some bouts against its competitors, specially when it comes to OS integration. In the short duration that Cortana has been around, some of the most popular WP8 apps have been updated to take full advantage of its power. Freda now lets its users listen to their eBooks without even an internet connection! #Quotes is another app that has recently received an update that makes it Cortana-compatible. This latest update of the app augments Cortana, allowing it to express itself more freely, tapping into the rich collection of motivational snippets offered by #Quotes. The app adds support for multiple new commands to Cortana, rather than just making it launch #Quotes at your whim.

#Quotes WP8.1 Stories #Quotes WP8.1 Categories

Prior to the Cortana update, #Quotes might have been considered just another app from a crowded genre, but things have definitely changed now. Before we delve too deep into the app’s Cortana skills though, let us make it clear that the app previously had some pretty cool content up its sleeve anyway. #Quotes supports multiple categories and subcategories. You can get quotations from different celebrities, sayings for specific occasions, and one-liners that suit a particular mood. Inside each main class, there is a list of topics to further narrow down your search for the perfect quote.

#Quotes WP8.1 Cortana #Quotes WP8.1 Cortana Quote

To hear your WP 8.1 reading quotes out loud, just hit your phone’s search button to launch Cortana. The voice assistant is capable of executing commands like “Quote of the day”, “Quote love quotes” (or any other category supported by the app), or simply “Launch Quotes”. Even if you have launched #Quotes the old way, it is possible to make the app read the quotes out by tapping the screen once. Other options in the same menu that houses the ‘read’ button let you tweet your favorite quotes or copy them for manual sharing later.

#Quotes has gone free for a limited time, to celebrate its Cortana integration, but some of the content inside it still has to be unlocked via an in-app purchase. To upgrade to #Quotes Pro, you have to shell out $0.99. This purchase unlocks all quotation packs, as otherwise you only get 25 quotes in each topic. The app is available for all devices running WP8 and WP 8.1, though the Cortana update obviously works only with the latest version of the OS.

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