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Keep Alcohol Levels In Check With Blood Alcohol Finder [Android]

Last week we reviewed Drink It Smart, an iOS app (worth $0.99) that estimates your blood alcohol level after you tell it how many drinks you’ve had. The app itself is extremely useful and we’ve found something similar in function but far richer in feature for Android; Blood Alcohol Finder. This app not only estimates your blood alcohol level but it also predicts where it will be at over a given timeline. The app lets you add a large variety of alcoholic drinks. If there is a special drink that you brew for yourself, the app lets you add it to the list of available drinks. The blood alcohol estimate is based on your gender and weight, and the number of drinks you’ve had. If you like to go out drinking with a group of friends, you can add a separate profile for everyone. This app features ads. Drink responsibly.

Install the app and create your profile. Enter a name,  your weight, and gender. Tap Create and start adding drinks from the plus button. If you want to create more profiles, tap the group button next to the plus button.

create profile profile

To add a drink, tap the plus button and select what drink you had. The app predicts the name of the drink based on what you type. An average quantity for the drink is taken when measuring its  alcohol content. You add a drink and then select the number of glasses you had and tap ‘Calculate BAC’ at the bottom to view your blood alcohol level. You will notice arrows pointing left and right on either sides of this button. This tells the app how long you’ve been drinking i.e. over what time period you consumed the drinks that you’ve entered. It increases and decreased time by 15 minutes.

add drink drinks

The app gives you an estimate of your blood alcohol level as well as side effects of your insobriety. It will tell you if your motor skills will be impaired in any way, if you may be rendered unconscious, and if you’re judgment is likely to be impaired, among other things. Scroll down further on the results’ screen to see where your blood alcohol level will lie as time passes and you do not consume any more alcohol.

blood alcohol graph

To view a complete list of drinks in the app’s record or to add your own custom drink, tap the more button on the action bar and select Drink List. You’ll see two tabs; Standard for the drinks that the app has stored and Custom for drinks you add yourself. To add your own drink navigate to the Custom tab and tap the plus button. Give your drink a name, the amount you usually consume it in, and the amount of alcohol in it. Select a drink category and tap Create to finish.

drinks list custom drink

To edit a profile, return to the app’s home screen and tap the user button. The edit button next to a profile will let you edit it. To change the unit of measurement for drinks and weight, go to the app’s settings and select between pounds and kilograms, and ounces and millimeters. The only thing missing in this app is a reset button for when you’re done drinking for the day.

Install  Blood Alcohol Finder From Google Play Store

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