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Televisor Suggests TV Shows Based On One Show Of Your Choice

If it weren’t for Twitter and perhaps the many curated lists of movies and TV shows, it would be really hard for me to find good TV when I want. Finding good TV show recommendations is something that services like Hulu and Netflix do for you; they analyze what you like and what you watch the most, and suggest other shows according to that. Though if you aren’t a subscriber to one of these services or if they do not have one of the popular on-air shows available, you can still miss out.¬†Televisor is a free television discovery app that asks you to input one show you like and recommends similar ones to watch online. Each show is rated by Metacritic, and the list of suggestions features both on-air and concluded series. The show you enter is analyzed for the genre it belongs to, and you can then filter the results to show only those belonging to selective genre(s).

Visit¬†Televisor and enter the name of your favorite show; the app will very likely pick up on it (if you’ve entered the name correctly) and let you auto-fill it. If it does pick up on the show, you will be able to see the genres it is associated with in the drop-down list.

Televisor enter show nam

The results feature all shows from all genres that the show you selected belongs to. A rating is given for each one, and the list continues to populate as you scroll. None of the shows have a description, but you’ll see a review and links to other similar shows as well as a link to it’s first season’s trailer. You can see when a series first premiered, which network it originally aired on, and if it’s still running or has concluded. Click the rating and you will be taken to the series’ Metacritic page where you will be able to read a brief summary with no spoilers.

Recommendations Televisor

The suggestions themselves are not bad, though it seems that shows that are no longer on-air are rated lower than those currently running. Case in point: Buffy the Vampire Slayer was way down the list for shows suggested for ‘The Walking Dead’, beaten out by ‘Weeds’ and ‘True Blood’. Use the genre buttons at the top left to select different ones and customize the list a bit more to suit your taste. You can restrict it to showing only those shows that are available on Hulu, Amazon, or Netflix and Netflix Canada.

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