A Look At iOS 6 Guided Access And Other New Accessibility Features

Among all the changes introduced in iOS 6, Accessibility features have received perhaps the most major updates. From enhancements made to the existing VoiceOver screen reader to the brand new Guided Access feature, iOS 6 has brought significant improvements to iOS devices, making them much easily accessible for the elderly, the disabled and children. In what follows, we will take a look the new Accessibility features added and the old ones updated in iOS 6. Read More

How To Replace S Voice With Google Now On Samsung Galaxy S III

Got yourself a Samsung Galaxy S III and not too happy with its own voice assistant S Voice? Would you rather prefer the excellent Google Now app to take over all your voice-based assistant needs on your SGSIII? You’re looking at the right place. In what follows, we will show you how to install Google Now on your rooted Galaxy S III running Ice Cream Sandwich and completely replace S Voice with it, for a fully integrated Jelly Bean-like voice search and assistant experience. While Android has had pretty good voice control built-in since late 2010 from Android 2.2 Froyo onward, it wasn’t till Apple released Siri with the release of iOS 5 and iPhone 4S, that voice control of smartphone became virally popular. Since then, we have seen various Siri clones appearing for Android. We even brought you our roundup of several of those. With the Galaxy S III, Samsung decided to ship its own voice assistant S Voice, which was very well received as a decent and viable Siri alternative. Read More

Manage Your Android Device, Flash & Mod ROMs From Your PC Using UniFlash

Do you flash custom ROMs and mods on your Android device frequently? Do you also modify your current ROM to customize it to your taste? Are you always doing this on the command prompt, transferring files using ADB and flashing using fastboot or recovery? Now there’s a way for you to do all of that and more right from your PC without having to meddle with command line tools directly, thanks to free tool UniFlash. In what follows, we will guide you on using UniFlash to flash, mod, hack and manage your Android device. Read More

New CyanogenMod 10 Messaging App Review & Installation Guide

The new Messaging app in the latest CyanogenMod 10 nightly ROMs is pretty awesome, and adds some great new features to the stock Android Messaging app. If you’re already running one of the latest CyanogenMod 10 nightly ROMs on your Android device, you have it installed already but if you are on any other ROM based on CM10, you can easily install this new Messaging app to your phone. To learn more, read on after the jump for our brief review of the new features added by CyanogenMod team in this app, the download link and the installation instructions. Read More

Manage & Switch Between Multiple User Accounts In Android Jelly Bean

Using an Android device in a situation where multiple users need to access it often? Don’t want them messing around with each others’ data and settings? You can easily switch and manage multiple user accounts on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean now, using free app User Management that utilizes Android’s built-in multi-user support. With User Management, you can easily Add or remove users as well as switch between different user sessions using Jelly Bean’s built-in multi user support. The only thing the app does is provide you with a user interface to do so, eliminating the need to do it using text commands. Read More

Install Leaked Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean On Samsung Galaxy S III I9300

Got an international Samsung Galaxy S III (I9300)? We’ve got news beans for you, and they’re made of jelly! A leaked Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean build has been spotted out in the wild, and we have grabbed it to bring it here for you. This ROM is reportedly a test build of Jelly Bean and the final release may have differences. Though it looks quite refined and everything seems to be working flawlessly. The build number is XDDLG4 and it is meant only for the international version of the Galaxy S III i.e. the I9300. Also, being official Samsung firmware, it sports Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface. To learn what has changed and for the download link and installation instructions, continue reading. Read More

PerApp Lets You Change Android Settings On A Per App Basis

Ever wanted the ability to have different system settings for different apps on your Android phone or tablet? You can do that now, thanks to free app PerApp that lets you specify several key system settings differently for individual apps that will override the default settings that you have set for your device. What makes smartphones great is the ability to configure them according to our needs, and the flexibility offered by Android in this regard makes it the cream of the crop amongst all smartphone platforms. While Android lets you setup your device the way you want, there isn’t any built-in way to configure many of the system settings on a per-app basis. That’s where PerApp comes handy. Read More

Install CyanogenMod 9 Stable On Your Android Device

After months of development and testing, Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich based CyanogenMod 9 Stable has finally been made available officially for many Android devices. CyanogenMod is undoubtedly the most famous custom Android ROM in the world and is amongst our top favorite ROMs here at AddictiveTIps. If you want to learn more about CM9, check out the list of major features, or install it on your own Android device, read on to see a list of officially supported phones and tablets, along with our complete installation guide and the download links. Read More

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 With Odin

Merely hours after the official release of what is probably Samsung’s greatest Android device so far, the Galaxy Note 10.1 has already been rooted! While this news is great for all future prospect owners of this beauty of a tablet, it should double your delight if you have already ordered yours. In what follows, we will guide you through the detailed method of rooting yours just as soon as you get your hands on it. Read More

Make Nandroid Backups On Android Without Booting Into Recovery

Want to back up your Android phone or tablet without having to reboot it into recovery? Better yet, want to do it without even having a custom recovery installed (as long as your phone is rooted)? You can do exactly that now, thanks to a tool that makes them for you right from Android itself, eliminating the step of rebooting into recovery. For more details and the complete method, read on. Read More

Install Official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Nexus S And Fully Root It

Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean has finally started arriving on Google Nexus S in form of the JRO03E OTA update starting with select regions of the world but if you haven’t received the automated over-the-air update yet but can’t wait to get Jelly Bean on your Nexus S, we’re here to help! In what follows, we will guide you through installing the latest Jelly Bean up and running on your phone in no time. Read on for more details and the complete instructions. Read More

Jelly Bean Based CyanogenMod 10 Preview Available for Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S II & S III

Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean-based CyanogenMod 10 Alpha Peview is now available for all four variants of Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S II and Galaxy Nexus, so those of you who can’t wait to get their hands on the latest version of the world’s most popular custom Android ROM need to wait no more to preview it right on their beloved Android devices. Details and download links for all these phones after the break. Read More

Install Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean AOSP ROM On Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire owners, we’ve got some great news for you. If you have been waiting to get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on your device since the latest version of Google’s mobile OS was announced a couple of weeks ago at Google I/O 2012, your wait is over, as an almost fully working port of Jelly Bean based on AOSP code is now available for you to install on your tablet. More information after the break. Read More

Samsung’s ChatON Messenger Now Available For Windows Phone 7

ChatON – Samsung’s multi-platform mobile instant messaging app – has finally made it’s way to devices running Windows Phone 7 and 7.5 Mango, adding Microsoft’s smartphone operating system to its list of platforms including Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS and Windows Mobile. With several players like iMessage, Whatsapp, Kik, GroupMe, Viber and Tango already in the game on WP7 amongst others, does Sammy’s offering come up to par against the competition? Let’s find out after the break. Read More

Map Ruler Touch: Trace Over A Map To Measure Distances [iPhone, iPad]

Maps are great for finding your way around and with smartphone map apps, things get even more interesting, as you can interact with the map of the entire world in different ways. While most maps apps (including the hugely popular Google Maps) do have a scale to indicate distances, at times you just need to measure them your way. Map Ruler Touch lets you do just that on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. For more details, continue reading. Read More

Memolane Aggregates A Timeline Of All Your Online Social Media Activities [Web]

Timelines are great for taking a trip down memory lane. While Facebook has had its own timeline view for a while now, it isn’t the only widely used social media service. For those of us who want a single public, private or hybrid timeline view for all our social media feeds, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Foursquare and many more, there’s memolane, a new web application that serves as a true aggregator for all the supported networks, with an elegant interface. Details past the break. Read More

The Responsinator: Preview Your Responsive Web Designs On Different Device Resolutions [Web]

Responsive web design is all the rage these days, especially since HTML 5 and CSS 3 have gained popularity. With responsive design, you basically design your site for all platforms and resolutions, and the website automatically scales without breaking the design according to the browser width of the display device. Therefore, while building a responsive website, one needs to extensively test the fluidity of the design on a range of popular screen resolutions. The Responsinator is a simple web service that gives you previews of your responsive website on many popular screen resolutions of widely used devices. Read More

Official Pastebin App Now Available For iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

Pastebin is essentially the web’s notepad – used by millions regularly for sharing their plain text and code snippets with others. And now everyone’s favorite ubiquitous text pasting and sharing service has an iOS app. Released recently for both the iPhone and the iPad, the app allows you easy access to Pastebin from your iOS device on the go. Read on for our complete hands-on review. Read More

FreezePaint For iPhone: A Unique Way To Merge Parts Of A Photo With Another

Photo apps for the iPhone are a dime a dozen but every now and then, you come across a unique one that stands out. For instance, one that lets you take a photo, freeze any part of it on screen by freely swiping your finger on it and then take another picture with your selected frozen parts overlaid on it. You can even remove the dark circles around your eyes with it, with ease, though in a rather unorthodox manner. It’s a concept rather hard to describe in words, but we’ve got you covered with our detailed review, hands-on screenshots and even a story! Read on for our detailed review. Read More

25+ Best Free Android Launchers For Home Screen Replacement

What makes Android different from many of its competitors is the degree of customization it offers its users, which goes to the extent of even letting users choose what is essentially the primary user interface of any operating system – the home screen Launcher! With Android, you can choose from a plethora of available launchers offering a diverse user experience range, and it’s just as simple as installing the launcher like any other app. In what follows, we will take you on a feature tour of some of the best Android launchers available, to help you choose the one that’s right for you. Read More