Identify Spam Emails And Remove Them With Spam Reader [Outlook Add-In]

Tired of getting plethora of spam messages in your mailbox everyday? Sadly, Outlook intrinsic Spam filtering system is not efficient enough to identify junk mails nor does it offer a convenient way to move spam mails to user-defined special folders. This compels heavy Outlook users to consider third party options to properly identify, filter, and move spam mails to special folder with facilities to manage and delete superfluous mails with a single click. Spam Reader is an add-in for Outlook, offering multi-level spam filtering solution to detect spam mails. Supporting widely used mail protocols – POP, IMAP, Exchange, HTTP, it can filter junk mails from all types of mailboxes that you’ve configured in Outlook. Spam filtering system is based on Bayesian algorithm which looks for particular phrases, words, links, and other characters which are commonly used by spammers and are present in system auto-generated emails. You can further apply a customized spam filter layer by defining a white and black spam list of sender email addresses. Read More

Enable Or Disable Add-ins For All Microsoft Office 2010 Applications

Office 2010 native Add-In Manager, which is accessible from File menu of all the applications, allows you to enable, disable and remove the installed add-ins of the respective Office application. Since you have to open each Office application to either enable, disable or remove add-ins, it would certainly be a lot easier if you can manage installed add-ins for all MS Office 2010 applications under one place. The previously featured Topalt EnableDisable not only supports Office 2007 but allows managing add-ins for all versions of MS Office, including 2000, 2003, 2007, and the latest Office 2010. If you’ve been looking  for a simple Office 2010 add-in manager, you should give it a try to enable, disable, or manage installed and native add-ins for Excel, OneNote, Word, PowerPoint, and Word. Read More

Automatically Update Outlook Contacts List With CorpGenome

You might have noticed that Outlook Contacts list doesn’t get updated when you receive email from a new sender and when someone amongst your contact list updates his/her personnel information. If you’ve been largely relying on Outlook contacts and want to keep it updated with all the contacts specific changes, then CorpGenome is here to help. It is a small add-in for Outlook 2010, 2007, and 2003 which keeps you up-to-date with what your contacts are doing on the web and scans newly received emails for adding email addresses and other personnel information to Outlook Contact list. Read More

Create Outlook Email Reports And Extract Sender Email Addresses With Topalt Report

Scanning all the Outlook folders manually to create a list of unknown / unique senders and recipients is rather time consuming. So, if you want to know how many emails have you received since you first configure Outlook on your PC and looking for a simple way to extract a list of all the senders who sent you emails or had conversations with, try Topalt Report. It is a simple add-in for Outlook which provides such information in addition to generating reports of total bandwidth used and number of emails received over specified amount of time, and counting emails received from unique senders and total number of unique recipients. The application is developed to generate overall email evaluation report by considering different elements of Outlook, so you can quickly identify those senders and recipients who have been most active in conversations since defined time. The time specific options lets you quickly know the one-way and two-way email traffic rate. Additionally, you can generate reports by hour, week, month or by year and apply data filters to narrow down the search results. Read More

Assign Hotkeys To Perform Quick Actions In Outlook With Topalt Hotkeys

It becomes frustratingly tiring when same type of messages are to be sent to team members multiple times a day. If you’re using Outlook and want to reduce the time involved in composing messages with almost same context, you can choose to create templates in Outlook for most frequently used messages. However, using hotkeys for this very purpose can come extremely handy. Topalt Hotkeys is a small Outlook add-in which was primarily made to associate frequently used text with hotkeys, so users can insert them not only while composing emails but anywhere they want in Outlook, such as, in Notes, Journals, Calendar event detail. Additionally, it allows registering hotkeys for jumping between different Outlook folders and for sending desktop screenshots in a snap. Read More

Add Subtitles In PowerPoint 2010 Audio And Video File With STAMP

STAMP is an open source add-in for PowerPoint 2010 (and PowerPoint 2007) to caption or to create subtitle for videos and audio files that are included in your presentation. Caption, just as with images, can be added to describe the part of video or audio being played. Subtitling audio and video files comes handy in many situations. You may want to caption the video or audio before presenting your points to people with different dialect. So they can easily understand what is being spoken in video or audio which you are presenting. It offers a simple way for adding subtitles to inserted audio and video files. It presents a media player with basic playback and navigation controls to select part of audio/video for adding description. You can add captions to inserted video/audio without having to worry about sorting them in an order, as it can sort all the added captions according to the defined timelines with a single click. Read More

Create And Customize Charts In PowerPoint With oomfo Add-In

Creating multiple charts in PowerPoint can become quite a task, as you have to practically create an Excel spreadsheet for each chart to plot data. If you need to quickly create presentations in PowerPoint with multiple charts, oomfo is a viable alternative to PowerPoint native Chart tool. It is an addin for PowerPoint with all the necessary tools that are required in creating, designing and customizing different chart elements. It presents a wizard with 9 simple steps for designing stunning charts. All you need is to go through the wizard to insert the chart in selected PowerPoint slide. Furthermore, you can change every bit of the chart, including, axis, gridlines, divisional lines, axis labels, specify chart legend type and transparency, while many chart layout related customizations are provided to make chart look as per your likings. Read More

Enhance Excel Chart Designs & Perform Advanced Data Analysis With XL Toolbox

If you’re a power user of Microsoft spreadsheet program – Excel, you might need some additional advance tools to manage and analyze your data flow, charts, formulas, and other different elements of workbook. XL Toolbox is an open source Excel addin which adds many tools and options to improve data analysis, flow, and data presentation. Apart from complementing Excel 2010's two important elements - Charts and Formulas, it empowers you by giving control over error bars, chart designs, and formula builder, while novel features to analyze variance (ANOVA), transposing columns / rows, and many other workbook management related features are also available. XL Toolbox also features a backup plan to help you save important workbooks immediately to prevent any sort of data loss. You can create backups at scheduled intervals, specify how many workbooks files will have to be regularly backed up, and change the backup plan anytime. Read More

Google Cloud Connect Syncs Microsoft Office Documents With Google Docs

If you’ve been following Google Docs improvements for a long time, you must have heard about Cloud Sync in November, last year. At that time it was offered to only few users for testing. Now that the private beta phase has come to an end, Google in conjunction with Microsoft has released this awesome add-in to the public. It works on MS Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 applications, including, Word, Excel and PowerPoint to seamlessly synchronize mutually supported documents, initiate simultaneous collaboration with others on the go, and to share documents with your friends and colleagues. It also brings other famous features of Google Docs, like, revision history to check the previously edited documents and instant backup to create document backup to MS Office applications Read More

Bring Gmail Priority Inbox Features To Outlook 2010 / 2007 [Add-in]

Gmail Priority Inbox is, arguably, one of the best feature which filters out important emails from one huge inbox folder. Users looking for this feature in Outlook can tweak with its native features or create rules for implementing Gmail Priority Inbox-like filtration system on Inbox folder. Last year, we wrote a guide which explains how to mark important emails by using Outlook 2010 intrinsic conditional formatting feature. Today, we are reviewing an add-in called Priority Inbox for Outlook, which can mark important emails in order to organize them into customizable Outlook search folder. It uses an intuitive algorithm to identify important mails from your inbox and any other defined mail folder. According to the developer, it analyzes the pattern of past messages stored in your inbox folder to evaluate which sort of mails have more value to you. Depending upon the value, it categorizes mails in self-generated search folder called Priority Inbox. Read More

Fix And Clean Multiple Chart Elements In Excel Workbook With Clear Charts

By comparing charts tweaking tools provided in Excel 2010 with previous versions, we can say that users gain more control over how charts would look in Excel 2010. Considering all the native features to insert, edit and remove chart axis labels, font size, colors, layouts, etc.,  an add-on claiming to automate the chart tweaking procedure must be used to quickly deal with multiple charts in your workbook. Clear Charts is one such plug-in which lets user clean and tweak all the charts that are present in your Excel workbook. It offers options to fix chart font sizes, axis labels & scaling, 3D effects, colors and other junk that comes by default with auto-generated charts. Read More

Text Lightning – Compose Replies Quickly For Similar Questions In MS Outlook

Replying to similar types of emails repeatedly is a dragging task, as we, generally, use more or less same explanations to answer one specific type of queries. It happens quite so often with users working in corporate sector, where business clients ask about same questions in different ways and wait for quick response. Text Lightning is free Outlook add-in which offers the solution for problems related with replying to similar inquiries. It is developed for users working in companies where they are dealing with some products or services, so they can save small snippets of answers of those questions which clients frequently ask about. So how does it work? For the first time usage, it collects all the personnel and work information in order to let you use them anywhere while replying to an email. Once you’ve entered details, it will open pane with all the information and regularly used phrases and sentences at the right side of Outlook Mail Compose window, letting you properly place them in your reply. Read More

Maintain And Schedule Outlook PST File Backups With Safe PST Backup

Outlook saves all emails, tasks, journals, calendar items in PST files for offline access, therefore their safety can’t be compromised at any stage. To stay on the safe side, you should consider backing up all the PST files on regular basis. Safe PST Backup lets you maintain and schedule PST backups. It supports all Outlook versions including, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, and Outlook 2010. With Safe PST, backups are created incrementally, meaning that it detects the changes in original PSTs and update them accordingly in destination path. Furthermore, you won't need to specify target location each time before backing up a PST file, backups are maintained automatically. Read More

Show Information Of Outlook Mail, Calendars And Tasks On Desktop [Gadget]

Outlook Info is a useful Windows 7 desktop gadget to display Outlook information, such as, mail, calendar and tasks. It was developed for obvious reasons, since you need to open Outlook window each time to view latest emails, appointments, calendar items, and scheduled tasks, the gadget keeps itself synced with Outlook elements, allowing you to view the upcoming events, tasks and number of unread emails right from the desktop. With Outlook Info, you won't need to browse through Outlook, since it lets you directly open specified mailbox, calendar and tasks. Read More

Contacts Sync Brings Two-Way Sync Between Gmail Contacts And Outlook 2010

Back in January, we covered Go Cntact Sync – a desktop application which offers quick synchronization of Google Contacts with Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. Contact Sync is another tool that assists Outlook 2010 users in performing synchronization with Gmail contacts. It is a minuscule application which requires nothing except Google account credentials to sync all the contacts with Outlook defined contacts folder. Read More

Reduce Outlook PST File By Replacing Downloaded Attachments With Shortcuts

Even though Outlook 2010 offers a simple way to let users manipulate mail attachments, there are two problems regarding maintaining the size of Outlook mailbox, firstly, when you export/save an attachment, it doesn’t get deleted from the email, thus taking same disk space, secondly, when you delete the attachment after saving it on disk, the mail item will stop showing paperclip-imaged icon which indicates that message contain attachments, hence you cannot list down all the mails which had attachments. Considering this very problem, Phil Holmes offers a simple solution through his product called Outlook Attachment Exporter. It is a small application which can export or delete attachments in specified mail item without removing paperclip-imaged icon, letting user visually find out ‘mails with attachments’. Using the application, even if you’ve deleted an attachment, it can replace the file with a small-sized icon file (having same file name) to reduce the overall size of Outlook message store. Read More

Manage Documents In Windows Live SkyDrive From MS Office 2010 / 2007

Office Live Files is a handy add-in for MS Office suite applications allowing users to manage documents saved in Windows Live SkyDrive. The add-in is primarily developed for online documents management supporting all Office versions ranging from Office 2000 to latest Office 2010. The developer claims that add-in has been thoroughly tested in Office 2000/2003/2007/2010, therefore, no matter which office version you’re using, you can access and manage your online documents right from the Office Live Files tab. Moreover, it lets you organize, upload, and download documents from SkyDrive on the fly. Even though Office 2010 users already have SkyDrive integrated in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, this add-in offers better navigability for searching documents along with extra features for Office 2010 users to manage their document with great ease. Read More

Check For New Emails Without Launching Outlook With Outlook Notify

Outlook Notify is a minuscule application to notify user about new emails and unread emails for mail accounts configured in Outlook. It doesn’t require you to launch the Outlook nor does it use any Outlook instance to notify you about new emails, the only requirement is for the server to be properly configured to look for new emails. The application works only in presence of Exchange web services running on MS Exchange 2007 or 2010 with Outlook client configured already. Moreover, it offers support for Web Access, you can also enable the Web Access option to keep itself updated with new messages. Read More

Search Information Across All Related Items In Outlook 2010 With Meshin Add-in

Meshin is a semantic Outlook search sidebar (add-in) which is developed to address the core concern of users before they begin searching for particular data/information, e.g, finding all the relevant information against the search keyword including the conversations & people involved and attachments shared. The developer believes that such information is spread wide across the Outlook items, such as mails, tasks, conversations, and contacts, thus users have no other choice then to use one dedicated plug-in which is intuitive enough to mark out and find all the important data out of different Outlook elements. On the defined characteristic, Meshin shrewdly discovers, connects, and organizes information across all the specified locations. Read More

Insert Collapse / Expand Options In Word Document [More Add-in]

More is an exceptional MS Word add-in for creating collapsibles, i.e, option for collapsing and expanding the content in the document. It supports both Word 2007 and Word 2010, offering a wide range of complementary features and tools to assist users in creating/inserting collapsible into different sections of document. While supporting macros for creating collapse/expand options, you will also be able to apply them over headings, numbered/unnumbered lists, apply styles, and edit its collapsible markers. Read More