Maintain And Schedule Outlook PST File Backups With Safe PST Backup

Outlook saves all emails, tasks, journals, calendar items in PST files for offline access, therefore their safety can’t be compromised at any stage. To stay on the safe side, you should consider backing up all the PST files on regular basis. Safe PST Backup lets you maintain and schedule PST backups. It supports all Outlook versions including, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, and Outlook 2010. With Safe PST, backups are created incrementally, meaning that it detects the changes in original PSTs and update them accordingly in destination path. Furthermore, you won't need to specify target location each time before backing up a PST file, backups are maintained automatically. Read More

Show Information Of Outlook Mail, Calendars And Tasks On Desktop [Gadget]

Outlook Info is a useful Windows 7 desktop gadget to display Outlook information, such as, mail, calendar and tasks. It was developed for obvious reasons, since you need to open Outlook window each time to view latest emails, appointments, calendar items, and scheduled tasks, the gadget keeps itself synced with Outlook elements, allowing you to view the upcoming events, tasks and number of unread emails right from the desktop. With Outlook Info, you won't need to browse through Outlook, since it lets you directly open specified mailbox, calendar and tasks. Read More

Contacts Sync Brings Two-Way Sync Between Gmail Contacts And Outlook 2010

Back in January, we covered Go Cntact Sync – a desktop application which offers quick synchronization of Google Contacts with Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. Contact Sync is another tool that assists Outlook 2010 users in performing synchronization with Gmail contacts. It is a minuscule application which requires nothing except Google account credentials to sync all the contacts with Outlook defined contacts folder. Read More

Reduce Outlook PST File By Replacing Downloaded Attachments With Shortcuts

Even though Outlook 2010 offers a simple way to let users manipulate mail attachments, there are two problems regarding maintaining the size of Outlook mailbox, firstly, when you export/save an attachment, it doesn’t get deleted from the email, thus taking same disk space, secondly, when you delete the attachment after saving it on disk, the mail item will stop showing paperclip-imaged icon which indicates that message contain attachments, hence you cannot list down all the mails which had attachments. Considering this very problem, Phil Holmes offers a simple solution through his product called Outlook Attachment Exporter. It is a small application which can export or delete attachments in specified mail item without removing paperclip-imaged icon, letting user visually find out ‘mails with attachments’. Using the application, even if you’ve deleted an attachment, it can replace the file with a small-sized icon file (having same file name) to reduce the overall size of Outlook message store. Read More

Manage Documents In Windows Live SkyDrive From MS Office 2010 / 2007

Office Live Files is a handy add-in for MS Office suite applications allowing users to manage documents saved in Windows Live SkyDrive. The add-in is primarily developed for online documents management supporting all Office versions ranging from Office 2000 to latest Office 2010. The developer claims that add-in has been thoroughly tested in Office 2000/2003/2007/2010, therefore, no matter which office version you’re using, you can access and manage your online documents right from the Office Live Files tab. Moreover, it lets you organize, upload, and download documents from SkyDrive on the fly. Even though Office 2010 users already have SkyDrive integrated in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, this add-in offers better navigability for searching documents along with extra features for Office 2010 users to manage their document with great ease. Read More

Check For New Emails Without Launching Outlook With Outlook Notify

Outlook Notify is a minuscule application to notify user about new emails and unread emails for mail accounts configured in Outlook. It doesn’t require you to launch the Outlook nor does it use any Outlook instance to notify you about new emails, the only requirement is for the server to be properly configured to look for new emails. The application works only in presence of Exchange web services running on MS Exchange 2007 or 2010 with Outlook client configured already. Moreover, it offers support for Web Access, you can also enable the Web Access option to keep itself updated with new messages. Read More

Search Information Across All Related Items In Outlook 2010 With Meshin Add-in

Meshin is a semantic Outlook search sidebar (add-in) which is developed to address the core concern of users before they begin searching for particular data/information, e.g, finding all the relevant information against the search keyword including the conversations & people involved and attachments shared. The developer believes that such information is spread wide across the Outlook items, such as mails, tasks, conversations, and contacts, thus users have no other choice then to use one dedicated plug-in which is intuitive enough to mark out and find all the important data out of different Outlook elements. On the defined characteristic, Meshin shrewdly discovers, connects, and organizes information across all the specified locations. Read More

Insert Collapse / Expand Options In Word Document [More Add-in]

More is an exceptional MS Word add-in for creating collapsibles, i.e, option for collapsing and expanding the content in the document. It supports both Word 2007 and Word 2010, offering a wide range of complementary features and tools to assist users in creating/inserting collapsible into different sections of document. While supporting macros for creating collapse/expand options, you will also be able to apply them over headings, numbered/unnumbered lists, apply styles, and edit its collapsible markers. Read More

How To Open PST And OST Files Without Using Outlook 2010

PST and OST are two most important files which carries your Outlook’s mail items, contacts, events, tasks, etc. Considering the significance, it may become indispensable to access PST (Personal Storage Tables) and OST (Offline Storage Tables) files without having to install Outlook 2010 (or any other version) on your new system. Viewing PST and OST files also comes useful when Outlook is inflicted by viruses or simply doesn’t respond due to unknown reason. Kernel PST and OST viewer (two separate tools) are developed for gaining access to your PST and OST files respectively. Read More

Priority Inbox For Outlook 2010? Highlight Only Important Emails via Conditional Formatting

Gmail's Priority Inbox is getting all the rave reviews these days. Users looking for a similar feature in Outlook 2010 will be disappointed to know that it doesn't exist. However, the Conditional Formatting feature in Office 2010 suite applications lets you apply formatting over user-defined rules or pre-defined conditions. In Outlook 2010, you can use this feature to highlight most important emails. Furthermore, it allows you to define the font family, font color and other styles for emails from specific senders. The applied conditional formatting rules checks all the emails from your mail folder and highlight the important emails as per the defined rule. Today we are covering a simple way of applying conditional formatting rule on a mail folder. This feature will help you quickly highlight the most important emails and conversations from a specific mail folder. Just like Priority Inbox feature, it makes it easy for you to identify the important emails when Outlook finishes the sync process. In what follows, we will explain how you can use the conditional formatting to create a rule for highlighting the important emails. Read More

Bring Outlook 2010 Inbox, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, And Tasks On Desktop

Outlook On The Desktop is an extremely useful application which brings the most important Outlook 2010 items including Calendar, Inbox, Tasks, Notes, and Contacts, right on the desktop. Since opening Outlook 2010 application each time to view Calendar, Inbox, Contacts, etc., is nuisance-driving, this innovative application eliminates the need of navigating through Outlook to access these items and offers a simple desktop solution. Previously we have reviewed a tool called DeskTask which only brings calendar and tasks on the desktop, Outlook on The Desktop puts the whole email client on the Windows Desktop. Read More

Analyze Formulas And Improve Excel 2010 Trace Precedents & Dependents Feature

Arixcel Explorer is an Excel add-in for analyzing formulas in depth. It enables you to find out all the cells positions and values which are related with the formula in question. Even Though Excel 2010 has an built-in feature to seek out precedents and dependants of formula visually by pointing out the cells which are either dependent or precedent of the cell carrying formula. Arixcel Explorer takes this very functionality to the next level, letting you view all the cells, ranges and nested functions of the selected formula in the same hierarchy in which they are applied. Read More

Microsoft Mathematics Add-In For Word And OneNote

Most MS Office users need one advance mathematics tool for carrying out complex operations, evaluating polynomials, plotting 2D & 3D graphs, etc. Microsoft recently realized this very need and released an advanced mathematics add-in, supporting both Office 2007 and Office 2010. It encompasses a set of useful tools that serves the need of novice and advanced users alike. The add-on may come useful in instances where you are dealing with complex root, logarithmic, trigonometric functions as well as complex derivation and integration problems. Apart from basic mathematical functions, it has the ability to perform matrix operations including addition, multiplication etc. Using the add-in, you can quickly simplify algebraic expressions and expand them according to the requirements. As of now it is available for Word 2010, 2007 and OneNote 2010, but hopefully support for other applications will be added soon. Read More

PowerPoint 2010: Find Out The Most Suitable Presentation Style With VisualBee

VisualBee is a powerful plugin for PowerPoint 2010, which lets you create intriguing presentations without much hassle involved. Usually before starting off with a presentation, we look for build-in presentation layouts and themes for finding out the most suitable one. This plugin is built to lessen the time and effort involved in searching for desired layout, and offers an intuitive presentation text analyzing mechanism to provide you with most appropriate design. Read More

Unblock Blocked Attachments In Outlook 2010 / 2007

Emails are prone to viruses and malwares and one can easily embed malicious code in them. Outlook provides an optimal way to prevent users and lessen the vulnerability by blocking some files’ formats which can easily get infected. This poses a question that what if you are sure of the sender and need to access blocked files. Code Two Attach Unblocker is an Outlook add-in which allows user to unblock list of file formats which are by default blocked. Read More

Export Outlook Data In CSV Format [Outlook Backup]

As far as build-in Outlook 2010 export feature is concerned, it severely lacks data migration in bulk. Considering this downside, Code Two Outlook Export is a small yet powerful add-in which lets you easily export Contact list, Email information (dispersed in columns), Calendars’ items, Notes, etc, in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. Furthermore, it can exports all the data spread in different fields. To foster that, you can specify as many export fields as you want from pre-defined list and can create a customized field for holding required information. Read More

Lookeen: Outlook 2010 Search Plugin

Users around the world clamoring about the slow Outlook search feature can try out Lookeen which is a search add-in built solely to compensate with what Office team missed out. It significantly speeds up searching regardless of what kind of search you are intending to do; emails, appointments, calendar items, notes, journals,etc. It caters all items and shows results with utter precision and lightning speed. What makes it distinctive from the rest of add-ins and search tools available out there is that it provides multitude of options to optimize and handle indexing of items and to manage previously made searches.
Editor's Note: This is a paid add-in which costs $40. You are free to use it for 14 days after which you will have to buy it.
Read More

Google Docs In Outlook 2010

Harmonie is a small add-in from Mainsoft which originally added Google Docs in Outlook 2007 and this collaboration brought an ease for creating & sharing documents. Recently Mainsoft released the latest version of Harmonie that now supports Outlook 2010. Considering the fact that millions of users around the world recently switched from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2010. Hormonie-Outlook 2010 conjunction will certainly enhance in collaborating, creating, and sharing Google Docs documents, making users extremely productive. Harmonie built is based on adding Google Docs features right into Outlook 2010, so you can easily add, delete, rename, share, and attach Google Docs documents on-the-go. Read More

Insert Live Web Pages in PowerPoint Presentation Slide

PowerPoint LiveWeb is a powerful add-in which lets user insert web applications, i.e, whole web page on the specified presentation slide. This add-in comes in handy especially when there is a need of complementing presentation content by showing complete webpage on a slide. It can be helpful in demonstrating an ongoing progress on some web application project or simply for showing the content of specific website. The best part is that it can also dynamically update the web page content in real-time Read More