Metamorphose: All-In-One File & Folder Renamer For Windows, Mac & Linux [Review]

Previously, we’ve reviewed many batch file-renaming applications like ReNamerNameChangerFile Grinder, and many more. Today, we will take a look at Metamorphose, a cross-platform, opensource batch file and folder renaming application for Windows, Mac and Linux that allows you to  selectively rename files and subfolders. It supports numerical, alphabetical and roman numerical system, allows use of regular expressions (Regex), can extract dates from files and ID3 information from MP3 files. It sports a multitude of methods to edit part of a filename and append text both at the beginning and the end of names. Read More

Search Code Snippets, Graphics, Website Templates & More With Artist Maker

Having problems searching through multiple sites for a particular image, video, code or a template? With Artist Market, the free and portable Windows and Linux application, you can easily search for the artistic object of your desire without having to manually go through a long process of searching multiple sites. Whether it’s background images, icons, videos, Java or PHP scripts, Wordpress templates or a flash player design. Everything is just a few clicks away. Read More

Backup & Restore Emails From One Gmail Account To Another With Gmvault

When it comes to backing up Gmail email archive, most users opt-in for desktop email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook etc., to quickly backup not only emails, but also Google calendar and contacts. In order to backup emails from Google Mail account, one just needs to correctly configure email client for required account to save all the emails for offline viewing. Nevertheless, email clients do not support restoring backed up emails from one account to another, and often fail to retrieve the emails in original format. Gmvault is a freshly baked console-based application for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux OS that has been developed to change the way you backup and restore emails from multiple Gmail accounts. Even though it doesn’t offer you a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to perform the backup operation, the console application comes with a simple sync and restore commands support to quickly save emails on your hard drive and restore them to specified Gmail account. Details to follow after the jump. Read More

PhotoGrok: EXIF-Based Image & File Viewer With Metadata Filters

EXIF, or Exchangeable Image File Format, is a standard that specifies the formats for images, sound and other important tags commonly used by digital cameras, scanners and other systems, which handle recorded image and sound files. You can view this metadata information in the default Windows properties of images and other files. The default Windows Explorer lists down all meta data of images in the Details view, but it is a bit limited in its EXIF data representation. Handling an image collection using just the default options can be a bit difficult for a professional photographer. PhotoGrok is a Java-based application that allows you to view images and other file types grouped together according to metadata. More on PhotoGrok after the break. Read More

Create Flow Charts, Network Diagrams, Circuits & More With Dia

Ever found yourself required to make flowcharts, network diagrams, circuit sketches and more at work or for studies? Dia is a strong and very powerful application meant for all such occasions. Presentations are a particularly powerful tool to communicate your ideas, and at times, plain old text is just boring. So, for those of you who have a tough time creating diagrams in MS Power Point or MS Word, Dia will make it much easier for you to convey your ideas, with an elaborate set of preset tools that are custom made for a plethora of subjects. Packed in a tiny 19mb to 30mb package (varying with the OS), the application's interface – as boring and dull as it might seem – is actually very intuitive, with stuff like copy, cut, paste, delete, dragging, skewing all coming naturally as they would in most popular software. Even better, a portable version of the app is also available. Read on after the break to learn more. Read More

JStock Helps You Create A Watchlist Of Your Stock Investments

JStock is an open source, cross-platform stock market application that gives real-time information to track all of your stock investments. The utility aims to provide current exchange rate information to stock market enthusiasts, investors, stakeholders, businessmen or even students who are looking to study latest market trends and current stock market updates. The built-in Stock Watchlist feature supports a total of 26 world stock markets including Australia, China, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Malaysia, Norway, Switzerland, United States and United Kingdom. You can create multiple watchlists if you want. As of now, the program grabs public data from Yahoo! Finance. Being a comprehensive stock market tool, it allows portfolio management and setting SMS or email alerts to keep abreast with latest stock market updates. If a particular stock  reaches its selling or buying share price, you can chat with other members to gossip about hot market tips. You may also store entire database on your computer or on cloud to access it from anywhere. Read More

What’s New In VLC 2.0? We Review The New Features & Improvements

Developed by VideoLAN, VLC is one of the few media players, which support a huge array of codecs, compression methods and file formats, and is best known for the way it handles multimedia file rendering. There’re surely sheer number of media players available nowadays, but VLC is arguably the most powerful, open source media player that comes with an extensive list of features and options. Last month, VideoLAN announced that the next version of VLC (codenamed Twoflower) would be released soon, and provided some nightly builds of  VLC 2.0 for testing purposes. If you’ve been eagerly waiting for VLC 2.0 final version, you will be glad to know that it has just been released. In this post, we discuss some of the most significant improvements and features of this major update. Read More

DataCleaner Is All-in-One Data Analysis And Database Cleaning Software

Database analysis tools help DBAs in identifying the discrepancies and illogical connections between data sets, so that they can be removed from the database. However, the capability of database analysis tools depend upon the platform on which database is built. For instance, small-scale relational database created on MS Access needs a whole lot of different DB analysis utility than one created using MySQL. If you’re looking for an all-in-one database analysis tool that can help you identify and clean redundant entries from the database, odds of you coming across a paid utility are high. Today, we discovered an open source, java-based utility called DataCleaner that implements a variety of database analysis and cleaning concepts including Data Quality, Master Data Management, Data Profiling, and Data Quality Monitoring, to remove all superfluous data sets off the specified data store. The application supports a wide range of database platforms and data files including CSV, MS Excel (XLS and XLSX), MS Access, SAS library, DBase database, Fixed Width File, XML, OpenOffice Database, MonoDB, MySQL, Oracle and MS SQL Server. Read More

Scup: Cross-Platform Batch Audio Track Uploader For SoundCloud

Established in 2007, SoundCloud is arguably the most popular online audio distribution platform for collaboration, promotion and distribution of audio content by artists and music promoters. While the web version of the platform is a no brainer for anyone who is familiar with the service, we don’t usually come across a lot of desktop applications catering to SoundCloud. For that reason, when we stumbled across Scup (short for SoundCloud Uploader), we considered it worthy of being taken for a spin. In its essence, Scup is an Adobe AIR-based, cross-platform application that lets you upload multiple tracks to your SoundCloud account and create a set on the fly. The application supports specifying all necessary parameters, such as genre, set and track types, license, record label etc, making your sets ready for publishing in every sense. Read More

Replace-me: Replace Document Text String via Right-Click Menu In Ubuntu

If you are a programmer or someone who regularly requires replacing text strings from multiple files, then Replace-me is just what you might need. It is a Nautilus extension to find and replace text strings from multiple files within numerous directories and sub-directories. It can identify and replace text strings from files via right-click context menu. Replace-me is  a useful tool for those who may require finding and replacing text string from, e.g., code files or even batch files (to change the command parameters). Read More

Nanoshot: Capture & Upload Screenshots To Cloud In Ubuntu

In a previous post, we showed you three different ways of capturing screenshots in Ubuntu and later reviewed, Lookit, which is a handy screenshot capturing utility for Ubuntu, which enables uploading captured screenshots to the cloud. Recently, we found another handy screenshot taking application for Ubuntu, known as Nanoshot. It provides users with the utility to capture screenshots to upload them to cloud services like Flickr, and to grab screens from specific elements such as a video frame or the Unity Launcher. Read More

View Detailed System Information In Ubuntu With i-Nex

When trying to determine the hardware specifications for your computer, it is not desirable to open the hardware casing, which, in some cases, can lead to loosing your warranty claim (e.g., in the case of laptops). In such a scenario, one can use some handy tools for determining the installed hardware specifications. i-Nex is one such tool that provides detailed hardware information within a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Ubuntu. Read More

Mounty: Mount Disc Images via App-Indicator Menu Applet In Ubuntu Linux

We previously covered an Ubuntu disc mounting tool known as Furius ISO Mount, which mounts virtual discs and provides options for performing checksums to check the integrity of disc images. While Furius ISO Mount is quite an advanced disc mounting tool, one can always benefit from a minimalist disc mounting utility that works from the app-indicator menu. Mounty is one such disc mounting utility, which enables sharing virtual disc images. After installation, Mounty sits in the system tray and provides easy disc mounting options via the app-indicator menu. Read More

Design Color Schemes From A Single Color In Ubuntu With Agave

Agave is a Linux application for easily designing and saving color schemes. It provides users with the option to select web safe colors, Gnome icon palette, Visibone or Tango theme Palette. Once selected, you can generate color schemes from a single color selected from the given graph and save color schemes using the Add (+) option. In other words, Agave acts like a color picking utility, which is often found in applications like CorelDraw, that enables generating color schemes based on the selection of a single color block. Once you select a color, adjacent blocks are automatically filled with matching colors, which makes it possible to select a decent color combination, without endlessly pondering over a combination or going through a laborious trial and error process (for matching colors). Read More

StreamDesk: Open Source Application To View & Manage Multiple Streams

Videos streams are a great way for companies, as well as individuals, to get their message to people around the world. It can be anything from a news feed to the video of a live performance of a band playing in a concert hall. I, being a huge fan of the multiplayer game DOTA (Defense of the Ancients), follow a lot of video streams of international players showcasing their game play. If you follow, or want to follow, a lot of video streams, it can be a bit of a hassle to manage all of them from your browser. Instead of cluttering up your browser bookmarks, take a look at this stream manager. StreamDesk is an open source client that allows you to view and manage multiple video streams. Usually, to view multiple streams, you need to open each one in a separate tab in your browser, but StreamDesk allows you to watch multiple streams in a single interface without even opening your browser. Keep reading to find out more about StreamDesk. Read More

Mendeley: View/Sync PDF Files, Research & Collaborate With Friends

Mendeley is an open source and cross-platform PDF organizer, which provides options for easy document management. It allows easy reference management to help you organize your work, collaborate with friends, and to obtain latest research (via its social network). It automatically generates bibliographies, makes it possible to collaborate with others, import data, sync and access your papers from anywhere (via the internet), and more. It requires users to store all basic data on Mendeley servers, which enables accessing copies of the data any time. Read More

Conqu Is A Cross-Platform Application To Schedule, Manage & Sync Tasks

With each passing day, the pace of life has been increasing all over the world. Compared to our ancestors, we are required to perform a lot more tasks in lesser time. With all the different things one has to complete in a day, it is almost must to have a good task manager to help you remember and manage them easily and efficiently. Back in October 2011, we reviewed a cross-platform task management application for Android called Conqu. The same task manager is now available for Windows with all its functionality. Read More

Gnome Photo Frame: Desktop Gadget For Rotating Images In Ubuntu

We have previously brought you some wallpaper rotating applications for Ubuntu, including Desktop Drapes and Desktop Nova. This time, we have an Ubuntu gadget that rotates images within a photo frame on your desktop and in full screen mode (like a screen saver). Gnome Photo Frame is a desktop picture frame that enables rotating images from sources, such as a local folder, F-Spot database, Shotwell database, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, Tumblr, Haikyo Clock and an RSS Feed. Read More

Best 60 Linux Applications For Year 2011 [Editor's Pick]

At the beginning of each year, we at AddictiveTips compile a list of the best applications from numerous platforms, to deliver a summary of the most useful applications (of the previous year) for our readers. We have already brought you a compilation of the best Windows applications, Mac OS X applications, Windows Phone 7 applications, Android and iOS apps of 2011. Additionally, we also brought you a list of the best Cydia tweaks, as well as the best browser extensions and web apps of 2011. Last, but not least, it is now time to take a look back at the best Linux applications of last year. While there has been extensive development at the end of the aforementioned platforms, Linux has not lacked behind either. There have been numerous OS version coming out for numerous Linux flavors, and Ubuntu itself saw Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal and Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot in the same year. With the release of these new operating systems, came new applications and updates for old ones. Let’s take a look at some of the very best Linux applications that we covered in 2011. Read More

newrez: Increase Screen Resolution For Linux Netbooks

Sometimes, the maximum netbook resolution can be inconvenient for the end user. This is particularly the case for people who suffer from a weak eye sight. Newrez is a Nautilus-based script that enables enhancing the screen resolution of Linux computers by specifying a resolution higher than the available resolutions. For example, if your maximum resolution is 1024x600, then you can scale it up to 1280x800 or higher (depending on your eyesight). The good thing about Newrez is that it does not overclock the actual hardware of your laptop, and instead, it builds an image with a higher resolution, which is located in a buffer. This image is then scaled to fit your screen for better visibility. This means that you are not constrained to standard resolutions anymore. Read More