Install Microsoft Core Fonts in Ubuntu With Ttf Mscorefonts Installer

Ttf mscorefonts installer is a package for Linux distributions that allows easy installation of Microsoft True Type Core Fonts, like Andale Mono, Arial Black, Arial (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic), Comic Sans MS (Bold), Courier New (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic), Georgia (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic), Impact, Times New Roman (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic), Verdana (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic) etc. Read More

How To Remove Useless Logon Sessions From Ubuntu 11.10

Over time, the Ubuntu login screen menu can end up having a lot of unwanted sessions. For example, you might have installed Linux Mint on your Ubuntu 11.10 machine that you might wish to remove, or you might be willing to remove the Gnome Classic logon session. In this post, we will tell you how to get rid of these unwanted entries to clean up your logon screen drop down menu. Read More

Gnote Is A Lightweight Tomboy Alternative With Similar Functionality

In a previous post, we reviewed Tomboy, which is an open source note taking application that comes pre-installed with Linux distributions like Ubuntu. This time we have Gnote, a lightweight C++ clone of Tomboy, which is free from mono runtime dependency. It is a part of the GNOME desktop with features like full-text search, inter-note linking, font styling (bold, italic, strikeout, highlight) , bulleted lists and undo/redo options. Read More

Get JDownloader Quicklist For Ubuntu Unity Launcher

JDownloader is a famous cross-platform download accelerator, which can download content from many famous websites, including Rapidshare, Megaupload etc. It comes with many rich features like parallel streams, captcha recognition, automated file extraction, and more. Since using quicklists is always handy with the Ubuntu Unity Launcher, therefore, it might be a good idea to use a quicklist for JDownloader. Unity-JDownloader is a JDownloader extension that adds a quicklist to the Unity Launcher. Read More

Install CCSM, Faenza Icons, London Smoke Gnome-Shell & Others In One Go [Script]

If you are using the Gnome 3 shell in Ubuntu 11.10, then there are a few components that you will definitely require installing, including Compiz Config Settings Manager, Gnome Tweak Tool, XScreenSsaver and some beautiful themes like Faenza icons and Plastiq RC2 GTK3 theme. Recently, a script has been released that installs CCSM, the Faenza icons, London Smoke gnome-shell, Plastiq RC2 GTK3 theme, XScreenSaver, GNOME tweak tool all-in-one, and removes the white dots from the Unity login screen. Read More

LiveUSB Install: Create Live Linux USB, CD/DVD And Download ISO Images

Using a Live USB for installing or running an operating system can be more useful than a Live CD, as optical drives have a lower read/write rate, and do not allow writing extra information. When it comes to using Live Linux USBs, there are many available tools, such as Linux Live USB CreatorLiveUSB Install is a an application for creating Live USB, CD or DVD drives. It works on GNU/Linux and Windows, and allows effortless installation of various Linux distributions. LiveUSB Install supports more than 550 Linux distributions, which includes Android, Fedora, Debian, Zorin, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Pinguy, Xubuntu, Kubuntu and many more. Read More

MyUnity: Comprehensive Unity Tweak For Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10

Ever since the introduction of Unity, the most tricky part of managing Unity-based options has been its customization. Previously, we brought you the Unity Launcher Editor and the Unity plugin for Compiz Config Settings Manager. Recently, a new tool was released for customizing Unity settings in Ubuntu 11.10, known as MyUnity. This tool provides full customization of Unity features, including the Unity Launcher, Dash, Panel, Desk and Font. MyUnity is a complete customization package for Unity users, and is far more comprehensive than other applications like Unity 2-D Settings, which are no longer compatible with Ubuntu 11.10. Details after the break. Read More

QMediaInfo: Get File Attribute Information For Media Files In Ubuntu

Normally, when one requires finding information about media or any other file, it can be done by accessing file properties via right-click context menu. However, in order to obtain advanced information about a file, such as codec information, tag data, bit rate, sampling rate, channel(s) etc, then one requires the use of third-party applications. QMediaInfo is one such application that parses media files. It provides information about more than 40 different attributes of a selected (media) file, right down to the files' track name, genre, duration, codec, file extension and much more. Read More

How To Display Time From Multiple Cities Or Time Zones In Ubuntu [Tip]

While tips for advanced configurations are of great help to end users, sometimes, it’s the small tips that one finds more useful. This is because, often apparently minor options can become a bit confusing to configure. In this post, we will provide you with one such tip for configuring time zone settings, allowing you to view multiple clocks within your Ubuntu system tray menu. Hit the jump to read more. Read More

How To Disable Ubuntu 11.10 Lock Screen When Screensaver Is Active

Ubuntu 11.10 does not ship with a screensaver pack, and even Gnome 3 comes with just a blank screen when your system is idle. In a previous post, we provided you with a remedy to this problem in the form of XScreenSaver application. While this application provides many attractive screensavers, it does not allow you to turn off the password lock. This means that, you have to type your password each time to login to your system, whenever the screensaver becomes active. Like many Ubuntu users, I prefer the direct login feature for Ubuntu, which means that I do not like entering password on a continual basis, including logging into Ubuntu when a screensaver becomes active. In this post, we will show you the procedure for turning off the screensaver lock. Read More

Quickly Access Tomboy Notes From Unity Dash With Tomboy Lens [Ubuntu]

A while back, we covered Tomboy, a cross-platform, note taking application that allows creating and synchronizing notes across numerous operating systems and mobile devices. Recently, an Ubuntu 11.0 lens was released for Tomboy notes, which provides access to your notes from the Unity Dash. Since Tomboy is the default note taking application for Ubuntu, therefore, accessing tomboy notes from the Unity Dash can help speed up the process of creating and accessing Tomboy notes. Read More

How To Activate Screen Saver In Ubuntu 11.10

Ubuntu 11.10 does not come with a default screen saver, and even Gnome 3 provides nothing but a black screen when your system is idle. For this reason, the only way to acquire a screensaver is to install a third-party application. Hence, to get a screensaver in Ubuntu 11.10, you can install XScreenSaver. It is the standard screen saver collection shipped with many Linux and Unix distributions, and is a perfect match for both Unity and Gnome 3. In this post, we will tell you how to install XScreenSaver in Ubuntu 11.10. Read More

How To Create Desktop Shortcuts For Websites In Ubuntu 11.10 [Tip]

There are many favorite websites that one visits more frequently than any other. Normally, we type the URL of these websites, or retrieve their links from bookmarks. However, another quicker way of launching favorite websites is by creating desktop shortcuts for them. In this tip, we will tell you how to create desktop shortcuts for your favorite websites in Ubuntu 11.10. Read More

Remmina: Feature Rich Remote Desktop Client For Ubuntu Linux

Remmina is a GTK+ based remote desktop client for Linux. It has been developed particularly to fulfill the needs of system administrators and users who often require remote access to computers on the go. It supports many network protocols, including RDP, VNC, NX, XDMCP and SSH. Remmina maintains a list of profiles, and allows organizing connections in separate groups. This makes it easier to sort and launch remote desktop connections. Furthermore, it works quite well with higher resolutions in both window and full screen mode. It also supports working in multiple tabs, which helps track numerous established remote connections. Read More

Mailnag: Gnome 3 Based Email Notifier For Ubuntu

Mailnag is a Gnome 3-based application for receiving email notifications. While it might appear to be similar in functionality to other applications of it’s kind, such as gm-notify, however, it has many distinct features. These include support for opening emails in default email client, mail notification pop-up, execution of specified script when mail notifications are received, as well as support for both IMAP and POP3. Read More

How To Install Gnome Themes In Ubuntu 11.10 [Tip]

The complexity of GTK3 themes in Gnome 3 makes it a bit confusing to add desktop themes in Ubuntu 11.10.  This is because, there is no default tool to change Ubuntu 11.10 themes. However, you can change and manage Gnome themes in Ubuntu 11.10 with the help of a third-party application, known as the Gnome Tweak Tool. In this post, we will tell you how to install and manage Gnome 3 themes in Oneiric Ocelot. Read More

Scratch Is A Programmers’ Text Editor For Linux [By Elementary]

Scratch is a Linux text editor for programmers, written in Vala and Gtk+ 3. This elementary-based text editor has been designed for the Pantheon desktop, and comes with support for a number of programming languages such as C, C#, C++, HTML, Java, PHP and many more. Scratch provides syntax highlighting with GTK source view-3, integration with Granite framework, as well as tab support. More after the break. Read More

Integrate Skype To Ubuntu Messaging Menu With Skype Wrapper

Ubuntu 11.10 uses an app-indicator applet for displaying Skype, but doesn't provide native integration with messaging menu. Some users find it inconvenient as anything from Gwibber to Mozilla Thunderbird comes integrated with the Ubuntu 11.10 messaging menu. Nonetheless, Skype integration with the Oneiric messaging menu can be achieved with the help of a few third-party packages and an application known as the Skype Wrapper. This wrapper not only provides messaging menu integration, but also enables group chats and provides unread message lists. Read More

Preview Any Kind Of File In Ubuntu Linux With Globus Preview

Gloobus-Preview is a Nautilus extension to get preview of audio, video, images, documents, code and text files. It is based on Apple’s Quicklook feature that provides instant access to a variety of file types without having to open them with associated applications. This enables sorting out junk files within numerous directories and opening different kinds of file types (such as pictures, music, video, code files etc), without requiring multiple applications to be installed on your computer. Gloobus-Preview is part of the Globus project that also includes two extra applications, namely CoverGloobus (to preview and toggle audio files) and Coverflow which is still under development and is being designed to visually browse the files. Read More

How To Add Templates In Ubuntu Context Menu [Tip]

Each Ubuntu user has a Templates folder located in their Home directory. This folder is empty by default, and anything you put inside this folder is displayed in your right-click context menu (via Create New Document menu). This feature, hence, enables users to create custom templates for quickly creating new documents. For example, you can create and place a Libre Office template that may come in handy every now and then. This may be a company letterhead, a frequently used expense calculation sheet, and others of the like. Read More