Microsoft BLINK For WP8 Now Creates Animations From Burst Shot Photos

Windows Phone already has Action Shot, so the presence of Microsoft Research's BLINK might seem a little redundant to some as the two serve the same purpose of making sure that you never end up taking a bad photo. Blackberry’s Time Shift feature and third-party iOS apps like timelyy also employ the same concept, but thanks to its latest update, BLINK is different from all of these apps/features. This is because it doesn't just capture multiple still shots to let you choose the best of the lot; it also creates an animation out of the photos to make the whole thing even more useful. The app has been around in the WP Store for some time now, but people have often complained that it lacks some of the options that could have made it their default camera app. If you are among those people, you are going to love the latest BLINK update. Read on for details. Read More

Popular VNC Client TinyVNC Now Available On Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone is becoming a pretty decent platform for anyone who has to frequently access a computer via remote desktop tools. The release of Splashtop 2 and TeamViewer in the WP Store has contributed towards making WP8 a smartphone OS that can be used to carry out serious business. TinyVNC is another option that many users would appreciate having on their device. It might not be the most feature-rich app of its kind, but it is really easy to use. The biggest plus of TinyVNC is that it is not tied to a single server application, and can be used with almost all the popular VNC clients for Windows, Mac and Linux. So, if you want to quickly access and control your computer using your mobile device, there is no need to go through lengthy configuration procedures for a particular desktop client, as TinyVNC can establish a connection in merely a few seconds. Read More

Gain Full Remote Control Of PCs On WP8 With Official TeamViewer App

Although Splashtop 2 beat TeamViewer in the race to reach Windows Phone by a few weeks, the newly released WP8 client of the latter is still good enough to give any competitor a run for its money. When it comes to remote desktop and screen sharing services, TeamViewer has long been among the best. It arrived on mobile with the release of an official iOS app back in 2010, followed by the Android variant a year later. Now that TeamViewer is finally available in the WP Store, we have to say that the app isn't bad at all. Admittedly, it isn't exactly feature-rich, but this ensures that no one will have any trouble in configuring and using the service. Read More

Voice Butler Supercharges Windows Phone 8 Native Voice Commands

Windows Phone 8 has been around for some time now, but the platform still hasn’t lost all of its novelty and retains the capability to surprise users every once in a while. Voice-controlled personal assistants aren’t something new for Windows Phone, but Go To was quite unique as it showed the platform’s ability to let third-party apps integrate with TellMe. Voice Butler though, takes this integration to a whole new level, as this app supports a staggeringly wide variety of commands. Not only can you use Voice Butler to set reminders, it can also help in photography, controlling system settings and getting information regarding the weather of your area. As the app integrates with TellMe, you don’t have to actually launch Voice Butler to perform any of the available actions, and commands can be spoken even when you are on the lock screen or using another app. Read More

A New & Improved Official MSN App Comes To Windows Phone 8

When Windows Phone 8 was introduced, it seemed that Microsoft’s mobile platform will finally be able to shed its label of being starved of apps. In a perfect world, WP7 apps would have started getting updates for the new platform as soon as it was released, but that flurry of updates has somewhat belatedly begun just now. In the past week, we saw WP8 updates for Shazam and Adobe Reader, and now Microsoft has released a revamped version of MSN. The MSN app has been around on Windows Phone for a long time, and the current web version isn't too bad either but if you still want a standalone app for the service on your device, the newly updated MSN might be a good option. The app offers all the news categories that are available on the MSN website, and you can also use it as a weather app now, thanks to the thorough data it offers on its main page. Read More

First Unofficial Snapchat Client Available For Windows Phone 8

Despite the release of Facebook Poke a few months back, Snapchat continues being the most popular app of its kind. The idea of sending photos and messages that self-destruct after a fixed period of time has a certain charm that keeps people coming back to Snapchat. The app is currently available for Android and iOS, while its concept has been implemented by various third-party web services as well. Recently, rumors started circulating around the web that Snapchat is looking to expand its reach, and will soon be arriving on Windows Phone. There are also a few third-party Snapchat clients in the works, but Snapchat (Unofficial) has beaten everyone in the race to the WP Store. This app might not be as good-looking as the official Snapchat variant on iOS, but it gets the job done and lets you share messages and media with Snapchat users even if they are on a different smartphone platform. Read More

This App Is The Closest Thing To An Official Gmail Client For Windows Phone 8

Everyone was a bit surprised when Microsoft came up with a YouTube client of its own that didn't have ads and was capable of downloading videos for offline viewing. Some went as far as labeling the app even better than the Android version of YouTube. Pretty quickly though, it became apparent that Google wasn't happy with the new app, and it was soon taken down from the WP Store, temporarily at least. In this context, it looks highly unlikely that Windows Phone users will be receiving an official app for any Google service in the near future. After Google Maps, Gmail is probably the most popular service offered by Google to smartphone users. While WP8 has some pretty decent options when it comes to navigation, now the Gmail app from iOS has been ported to WP8 as well (sort of). Of course, Gmail for WP8 is an unofficial app, and has its fair share of problems, but if you are a regular user of the service, it is worth a shot. Read More

Adobe Reader Comes To WP8; Brings Pass-Protected PDF & In-File Search Support

Shazam surprised almost all Windows Phone users by suddenly coming back from the dead (in terms of WP development) and releasing a new version for WP8 devices. Adobe Reader has been around for WP7 for even longer than Shazam, so there wasn't much reason for anyone to really hope for a WP8-exclusive update of the app. Thankfully though, the update has arrived, and although it isn't hugely different from the Mango variant of the app, there are some things that might make the new Adobe Reader for Windows Phone a permanent fixture on many devices. The app can open and save PDFs from a number of sources including email, Office, Internet Explorer and even some third-party apps. You can also view password-protected files in Adobe Reader - something that has caused issues for Windows Phone users in the past. The app’s search capabilities and page viewer are pretty decent as well. Read More

Shazam Updated For WP8 With Free Unlimited Tags, Start Screen Tagging, Nokia & Xbox Music Support

Shazam was among the first apps to come to Windows Phone 7, but the mobile team behind the service took a rather lengthy sabbatical after that. Shazam only came to the iPad last week, after years of iPhone-exclusive presence, and today the Windows Phone app for the service has been updated with WP8 compatibility. The update takes full advantage of everything Windows Phone’s latest iteration has to offer, including lock screen access for third-party apps and better live tile support. The app’s own features have gone to the next level of awesomeness as well, with support for both Nokia Music and Xbox Music. The best thing about the revamped app though, is the fact that you can now tag an unlimited number of songs for free, just the way Shazam Encore works! Read More

Windows Phone Desktop App Gets Auto Updates, Better Podcast Management

While it will be unfair to brand Windows Phone 7 a complete failure, a lot of people ran into problems regarding almost every aspect of the platform. The objections on Mango aren't just about apps and bugs, as the Zune management suite has never been too popular either. Windows Phone 8 is Microsoft’s attempt to right all wrongs that have lead to the downfall of their previous two forays in the mobile arena. The OS itself is pretty decent, and the management tool that comes with it is way better than its predecessor as well. The Windows Phone desktop app has been in beta until now, but hasn't been a cause of many complaints. A few hours ago, the tool just came out of beta, and now flaunts a lot of improvements in performance and features. The update is a must-have for you if you like listening to podcasts, since it handles them much better than before. It is also possible to easily change the source folder for syncing podcasts, thanks to the tool’s improved iTunes compatibility. Read More

PC & Mac Remote Control App Splashtop 2 Comes To Windows Phone 8

When it comes to apps that let smartphone users access their desktops remotely, Splashtop is sure to be among the first names that crop up. Splashtop became available for iOS quite a while back, and the Android app wasn’t too far behind. After some time though, the company behind the awesome remote access software decided to revamp it and came up with Splashtop 2. The new app became popular for its better streaming quality, and audio support. However, Windows Phone users could only watch in jealousy as their friends on other platforms went around using Splashtop 2 for playing PC games on their smartphones. Finally though, the situation has suddenly changed for the better. Despite the fact that the WP Store did not have the original Splashtop app, it has directly received Splashtop 2! The app isn't too different from its Android and iOS counterparts, but does have a few features designed exclusively for Windows 8 and WP8. Read More

Itsdagram Is A Neat Instagram Client For WP8 With Upload Capability

Apps like Metrogram and InstaCam were the only way for Windows Phone users to get a taste of Instagram on their devices, until recently. While both these apps look great and have some nice features, they can never be true alternatives to an official Instagram client, since you cannot upload photos to your account using them. In a bid to get the official Instagram app on WP8, Nokia even came out with the #2InstaWithLove campaign, but that hasn't done much good so far. Things took a turn for the better recently though, when Instagraph was released. The app was the first for WP8 to offer the ability to upload photos to Instagram. People might have been content with it, but competition makes everything better, so it is good to see that another app with support for uploads has appeared in the WP Store. Itsdagram has a really neat interface, which resembles Instagram’s UI on other platforms. The app offers a variety of filters and account management options, and unlike Instagraph, has a free trial version. Read More

Vyclone Brings Its Collaborative, Multi-Angle Video Shooting To WP8

Apps like Streamweaver and WeVideo introduced the concept of collaborative media capturing and editing to the masses but in recent times, Vyclone has come up as the most popular release in this genre. The app has been available for both iOS and Android for quite a while, and out of the blue, it has arrived at the WP Store as well. It is a pleasant surprise to see that Vyclone for WP8 has an interface that goes well with the platform, and doesn't seem to be a mere port of its iOS or Android versions. In case you aren't familiar with Vyclone already, the app allows users to collaborate with others in their vicinity to shoot a scene from several angles, and then stitches the results automatically to give you a really cool end result. Read More

Easily Convert MP3, WMV & M4A Songs To Ringtones On Nokia Lumia

Just a few days back we discussed #trending, a Windows Phone app that lets you get ringtones of your favorite songs from Twitter's new music discovery service, among other things. While ringtones were just one feature in the #trending app, Windows Phone has had plenty of other apps that focused solely on loading your phone with tons of free ringtones. Trying to find readymade ringtones can be a bit tough though, since you might not be able to find the right tone of your favorite song despite having it in your music library. If you are really desperate for it, there is the possibility of exporting the music file to your computer, and then cutting it to an appropriate length using a desktop tool of your choice. Thankfully, users of Lumia devices have a much easier solution to this problem. The Nokia Ringtone Maker has been around for quite a while, but the beta of its latest version has taken the app to a whole new level. The app can now handle several file formats, rather than just MP3. Read More

Juice Brings Its Habit-Moulding Tips To Windows Phone

On a new platform that desperately needs popular apps to stay alive, genres like lifestyle and games can end up getting ignored to a large extent. Windows Phone is catching up with its competitors if you look at app categories like photography and navigation, but there aren't many options in the WP Store if you want to get motivated. iOS has apps like Alpha Goals, while Android’s ididit! serves a similar purpose. Both these apps, however, aren't particularly good-looking, and their interface isn't enough to keep a lot of users coming back for more. Juice, on the other hand, is pretty effective, and ensures that anyone can use it effortlessly to stick to healthy life choices. The app was previously around for iOS and Android, but has now been released for WP8 as well. Read More

Sync ImageShack Photos Across Windows, Mac, Android & iOS With SkyPath

There is no shortage of cloud storage services out there, but you will find that a particular niche exists among these services that specialize in photos. And it makes sense, since many of us preserve our dear memories in photos, and don't wanna risk losing them, plus want to have them accessible from all our devices. Also, lost photos aren't documents that can be typed again, or songs and movies that can be bought from anywhere. ImageShack is one such service that gives you 5GB of storage space for your pictures. Developed by the same company, SkyPath is an omni-access solution for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android (Update: Now Windows Phone as well) that allows you to upload images to your ImageShack account and sync them across devices.  Let's take a look at the service and its apps in detail after the jump. Read More

YouTube For WP8 Gets Revamped With Better Live Tiles & Playlists

Just like Microsoft pleasantly surprised WP8 users with a revamped Facebook app last week, they have shown that the state of the rather dismal YouTube client for the mobile platform hasn’t slipped their mind either. The YouTube app just got a major update for WP8 a few hours back, adding a lot of improvements and new features to the mix. For one thing, the app is now ready to be pinned to the Kid’s Corner, thanks to the new content control options. Also, the interface of playlists has been overhauled to make it convenient for users to scroll through them and get to their favorite videos with ease. All major WP8 apps support live tiles, but YouTube 3.0 shows the full potential of the feature, as it lets you pin individual videos, search queries and channels to the Start screen. Read More

Baconography Is A Reddit App For Windows Phone 8 & Windows 8 With Easy Subreddit Management

Until now, Windows Phone users have had some pretty satisfactory Reddit clients at their disposal. Baconit and InstantReddit exemplify the kind of Reddit apps that have been available in the WP Store in the past. These apps might not be too heavy on features, but are great for everyday use, owing to their neat UI and easy navigation options. With the release of WP8, however, the demands of users have changed to some extent. Since Microsoft has been trying to work towards merging Windows 8 with their mobile platform, a lot of developers have started coming out with apps that are great on your phone, but can also come in handy on your Windows PC or tablet. Baconography is among the first Reddit clients that are available on both Windows Store and the WP Store. The app is perfect for all Reddit users who have very particular preferences regarding subreddits, since Baconography allows them to pin any subreddit to the app’s main screen. The comments view is great in both apps as well. Read More

Browse Twitter #music On Windows Phone & Download Track Previews As Ringtones With #trending

For some reason, Twitter chose to make their new #music service really tough to access, with iOS being the only smartphone platform having an official client for it. Even Android has been ignored so far, which means there is little chance of #music appearing in the WP Store for a long time. Apart from lack of support for various platforms, there are also a bunch of region restrictions that have so far limited the availability of #music to only a lucky few users when seen at a global scale. Despite all these adversities, a Windows Phone developer has somehow managed to bring an unofficial #music client to WP7 and WP8. #trending displays the latest charts from #music, keeping users in the loop regarding the tracks gaining popularity on Twitter. You can listen to a 30-second snippet of all the listed songs, and even download these samples as ringtones for your device. Read More

Switch to Windows Phone Finds WP8 Alternatives For Your Android Apps

Windows Phone has slowly started to establish its position as the ‘other’ smartphone platform, for people who have had enough of Android and iOS and want something different. You have to admit that Microsoft’s mobile OS is pretty unique and comes with a neat interface. Furthermore, it got a slew of new features with the release of WP8. A fair amount of users are willing to make WP8 devices their first smartphones but in order for the platform to grow rapidly, there's still a great need for more users to switch from competing platforms like iOS and Android. The biggest hurdle faced by Microsoft in getting these smartphone users to give WP8 a chance is the perception that WP Store lacks quality apps. This was true till a few months back, but Microsoft has lately been actively trying to dispel the notion. There are some pretty decent apps available for WP8 now, and you are likely to find an alternative for most iOS/Android apps if you are not too picky. To prove the point, Switch to Windows Phone has been released in the Google Play Store and WP Store. The app suggests Windows Phone alternatives to Android apps for people who are thinking about switching platforms. Read More