DataMan: Get Alerts For Wi-Fi & Data Usage On iPhone

You just have to take one look at the outrage caused by AT&T’s data throttling rule for FaceTime, to know how seriously people take data usage on their iOS devices. More and more Wi-Fi hotspots have become publicly available in many parts of the world, but you can never rely solely on Wi-Fi, and having a data connection still remains important if you want to stay connected all the time. However, data usage doesn’t come cheap, no matter what carrier you are currently on. Unless you have an unlimited data package, you are sure to keep wondering about the remaining data limit for the current month. Although some carriers offer a few easy ways for users to keep track of their data usage, most of them don’t have any such option. DataMan is an iPhone app that does not depend on the carrier, and generates its own data and Wi-Fi usage stats for users. Not only that, you can also use DataMan to set up alerts at different levels of usage. The app will send you alerts whenever you cross any of the predefined data thresholds.

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Although you don’t have to, it is still better if you start using DataMan by setting up thresholds in the app’s Settings menu. DataMan allows a maximum of 4 thresholds, and each of them just has to be the percentage of the total data allowance you have got on your device. Of course, DataMan has no way of knowing the amount of data you might already have used up on your device before installing the app, and thus, the tracking begins when you run DataMan for the first time. It is possible to set a Bill Date in the app’s settings, so that the calculations are done accordingly. DataMan doesn’t only track mobile data, but also has a separate section for Wi-Fi usage. Each section displays the total upload and download data volumes.

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As you might expect, DataMan comes with a separate section that shows the data usage history of the previous months. Whenever you reach a predefined data threshold, the app will send you a push notification, informing you of your current level of data usage. If you want, it is possible to reset the app using the button provided at the bottom of the Settings menu in DataMan.

DataMan is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, and has gone free for a limited time. If your carrier doesn’t offer any easy way of checking your monthly data usage, DataMan can bring a lot of convenience to your life.

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