Get Chrome-Like Omnibar With “Find On Page” In iOS Safari

It is a known fact that competition always improves the quality of a product. Ever since the awesome Chrome for iOS came out (along with a slew of Cydia tweaks aimed at Google’s web browser) there have been some pretty decent tweaks for Mobile Safari as well. Most of the recent Safari tweaks are trying to bring Chrome’s features to the stock iOS web browser, but Safari Omnibar does a bit more than that. Admittedly, this tweak borrows the Omnibar from Chrome, but it also adds a new functionality to Safari’s address bar. Safari Omnibar will remove the search box from Safari, and in addition to that, you will also be able to find anything on the current page from the same area of the browser.

Safari Omnibar Cydia Get Chrome Like Omnibar With Find On Page In iOS SafariView in gallery Safari Omnibar Find On Page Get Chrome Like Omnibar With Find On Page In iOS SafariView in gallery

Safari Omnibar offers two features, namely, search and find on page. It is true that both these functionalities are already available in Mobile Safari, but this Cydia tweak will make your life much easier by bringing a method that is way more convenient and streamlined as compared to the original ones.


Once you have installed Safari Omnibar to your jailbroken iPhone or iPad, it will take away the search box in Safari automatically. Users can still choose the default search engine from the Safari menu in Settings, but the search will work from the address bar in the browser. The address bar does not change its size, like it does when you tap it without the tweak, and remains full size all the time. Of course, the keyboard in Safari is altered by the tweak as well, as there is no spacebar in it by default if the address bar is chosen.

Find On Page

Mobile Safari does have a “Find On Page” feature by default, but it is rather obscure and not everyone is likely to find it very convenient. Thanks to Safari Omnibar, you will not have to key in the text snippet in the search box to look for matches on the current page. Just hit the looking glass button in the address bar, and it will be transformed into “Find” bar. Tap the Search button on the keyboard after you have entered the word or phrase you want to find on the page. The matching results will be highlighted in yellow, with the total number of matches shown at the bottom of the screen. To jump to the next or previous results you can use the keys available in the same bottom bar.

Safari Omnibar is a free tweak, and you won’t regret installing it to your iDevice if you are a fan of Safari and don’t like Chrome for some reason.