Ad Blocker For Safari Browser [Mac OS X]

Safari is one of the best internet browsing options when running a Mac. We have all observed how advertisements greatly increase our internet traffic and slow down the overall browsing experience. With Firefox, you can get the amazing AdBlock Plus add on and browse in peace, with no advertisements slipping through the wonderful tool. Now, a similar option comes for Safari as well.

With Safari AdBlocker you can get rid of all those annoying ads that plague your browsing. This tool works with Mac OS X 10.5 or later, and integrates directly with Safari browser. See the website in the screenshot below, without any advertisements whatsoever.

Screenshot20100402at9.44.09AM Ad Blocker For Safari Browser [Mac OS X]View in gallery

The best thing about Safari AdBlocker is that this is the first and only 64-bit ad-blocking tool for Safari on Mac OS X.

Download Safari AdBlocker

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