• Bill Carson

    Keep Away from Keeper
    I downloaded Keeper on my ITouch in September 2011 when at the program was Free to download on either, or all of a IPad, ITouch and/or IPhone. The company also advertised a windows version for $9.99 which could be downloaded on a desktop, or laptop enabling the ability to sync between the above Apple platforms and a windows platform. I paid the $9.99 and downloaded the Keeper to my laptop which worked for 3 months syncing back and forth without issue. In February 2012 Keeper changed their policy saying they would charge $9.99 per “device”. I afterwards found I receive an annoying red flag pop up on my laptop saying “your device is not authorized”. Apparently, Keeper now says they consider my ITouch a device and my laptop is another device, hence having already paid $9.99 to get the two devices to since they changed their policy midstream and now refuse to honor the agreement they started. Keeper wants me to now pay another $9.99 to be able to sync despite the fact this is precisely what I paid the first $9.99 to do effectively for 3 months. As a result, I paid $9.99 to sync for 1 contract year and received 3 months instead. $9.99 may not be much but based on this I see no reason to believe they will not change their minds and honor any other payments, or contracts. I have since found a program called Secure Safe which offers storage for 50 pass words and the ability to download a windows version on as many computers and/or devices as you like FREE. For less than $2.00 you can upgrade to unlimited passwords. I have found the program and APP to be vastly superior. STAY AWAY FROM KEEPER AT ALL COSTS.