Music Converter Changes Audio/Video Format & Edits Track Info [Mac]

The best things in life, and more importantly, the best apps for your Mac, are the simple ones without extra features that you’ll probably never use, complemented by a clean interface that even a child could figure out. Music Converter, as the name obviously suggests, is a Mac app for converting audio and video files to different formats. More specifically, it converts files to and from MP3, FLAC, WAV, WMA, M4A, AIFF and FLV formats. Besides being a simple format converter, the app lets you edit track data in the simplest way possible, view track info, and play audio from media files. When converting files for iTunes, the app automatically imports the converted files into iTunes.

Once installed, drag & drop a file for conversion. The app does not support batch file conversion.

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A play button appears next to the song name, clicking which will start the playback. All information displayed for the track is directly editable. Double click the song, artist or album name, and an editable text box will appear.

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Once you’ve edited the song information, select a conversion format from one of five buttons arranged below the song panel. The buttons allows you to convert to iTunes format, MP3, ACC, M4R, or pick another format from the cog wheel button;s dropdown menu. Click Convert to start the conversion process. If you picked the iTunes format, the app will add the file to your iTunes library.

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To view additional information, like bitrate, file size, duration etc, click the info button to the right of the buttons panel, and track information will be shown in a new window.

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Music Converter isn’t a complex, feature-rich app for mixing or downloading music, nor does it help you organize your music library. It is simply meant to help you convert music files, so that they can be played easily across any and all devices you own.

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