NoteBar Is An iPhone-Inspired Note Taking App For Mac OS X

NoteBar is a Mac app worth $1.99 in the Mac App Store that looks just like the stock iOS Notes app, even with the same features; you can add notes (the first line of a note becomes the title), long titles are shortened, notes can be searched and shared via email, exported as a text file, printed and copied to the clipboard. Even on the interface front, expect the buttons to be exactly where you find them on the iPhone app, with the only slight change being that the note background doesn’t look resemble a margined notebook page.

If you’ve used the Notes app on an iPhone, the interface and functioning shouldn’t be hard for you to understand, but should the be former be a stranger to you, here’s a simple breakdown of the interface.

The plus button at the top right lets you add a new note, the magnifying glass to its left is for searching notes, which looks through both title and note contents, and the cogwheel opens a small menu of options, which are the only settings the program has. You can quit the app, hide it, enable it to start at login or keep the notes window on top of all others.

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When you add a new note, the very first line, although not distinguishable visually, becomes the title of the note. The Notes button at the top left lets you return to the notes list, while the plus sign lets you add another note. The right and left arrows at the very bottom of the note let you view the next or previous notes. To share your note or copy its text to your clipboard, click the share button (the little arrow jumping out of the box), and a menu will pop up with copy, export, email and print options. The trash can button lets you delete the note.

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Unlike the iPhone app, you cannot delete notes simply by swiping (via a trackpad) on NoteBar, and will need to delete them by opening each one. Possible improvements could be if the app synced with the iPhone app or had it’s own variant for iOS devices. NoteBar adds an icon to the menu bar that does nothing more than open the notes window, although a universal shortcut would be much better. It does not appear to sync over iCloud and has no option for syncing across Macs either. At present, it is a one Mac trick.

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