Perform Lengthy Tasks With One Click Using For Mac

Earlier this year, we featured app for Windows which significantly saves you tedious mouse clicking to perform lengthy tasks, such as, sharing images and files on social media platforms, searching YouTube videos, sending selected text to default email client’s compose window and more. For those who aren’t familiar with, it’s a user-centric application that provides a list of actions for text, images, documents and items in clipboard to instantly perform them over the focused item. has recently released the Mac version which supports both Mac Snow Leopard and Lion. Like its Windows counterpart, for Mac can be used to quickly share Mac OS X clipboard items on Facebook and Twitter, initiate Google and YouTube search for selected text, send text to Mac Mail app compose window and so on.

The configuration process is easy. After selecting the actions associated with application and online services for satellite menu, close the configuration console to minimize to system menu bar.

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The satellite menu is a small box containing the list of selected actions and apps that you want to use when an item is moved to Mac OS X clipboard. It must be noted that is not a clipboard manager; it observes Mac OS X clipboard just to show the actions you may want to perform. For instance, if you want to search selected text string in YouTube, highlight the text string, use command-c hotkey combination and click YouTube icon in satellite menu. youtube Perform Lengthy Tasks With One Click Using For MacView in gallery

Similarly, you can share selected text on Facebook, Twitter, send it to Gmail or Mail default email account email compose window, look up its meaning in Dictionary, view translation over at Google Translate, search text on Google Maps, and finally send it to Finder search bar.

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Based on your satellite menu, it shows only the compatible actions when files are copied to clipboard. You may see actions associated with online web services, including, Facebook, Twitter, and some Mac OS X native applications like TextEdit and Mac Mail app to attach the file in the document and send the file as an email attachment, respectively.

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On selecting, let’s say,, it will immediately start uploading the file to your account.

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If you don’t want to copy the items (for choosing an action) to perform from satellite menu, you can set hotkey combination to directly access the satellite menu. From system menu bar, select Preferences to change the actions and online apps in satellite, tweak with appearance and position of satellite menu, set hotkey combination to show satellite menu, import and export Preferences & reset them to default.

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From Actions, you can disable existing actions and applications, enable disabled actions, and set shortcut key for selected app.  The Appearance deals with both appearance and position of satellite menu. it lets you set hotkey combination for showing it over application workspaces without having to use copy or command-c hotkey.

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The Advanced tab lets you export and import preferences from any local location, and clear all cached credentials for local and online apps.

advancedView in gallery also keeps track of number of mouse clicks you saved during current session. Select Statistics from menu bar to check total mouse and copy command usage, missed chances, and total usage.

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You can watch introductory video below.

In short, replaces the traditional way of sharing text, images, documents, etc., on social media platforms, and searching & sending text to email clients, online search engines with its simple yet powerful action menu. works on Mac 10.6 and higher.