Completely Backup Android Devices To PC Without Root Or Bootloader Unlock

Unlocking the bootloader and consequently rooting an Android device, means loosing all your apps, the data that followed along, and all your settings. This may not seem like a big deal to experienced Android users who will take a few minutes in setting up their phone as it was before, but if a user has build up quite some data on a completely stock Android device and now wishes to root it, it's safe to to say, will be caught up in loads of trouble trying to get the apps back and obviously the data will be lost. Luckily for such users, XDA-Developers forum member Gigadroid has released a Windows based tool called Ultimate Backup Tool that lets you backup all data onto your PC, letting you restore it later. The specialty that Ultimate Backup holds over its peers is the ability to backup apps and data without root! The tool was tested by the developer on a Galaxy Nexus and is said to work for an Android device running Android 4.0 and up.Read More

How To Completely Close (Kill) Metro Apps In Windows 8 [Tip]

When Windows 8 Consumers Preview was released, reaction was somewhat mixed from users and tech pundits alike. Much has been changed from past Windows versions and the software giant wants to merge both tablets and desktop UI into one single package. Since its a hybrid OS, desktop users doesn't seem to look any happy. Along with revamped UI, unified desktop/tablet usage, and other enhancements, there are many features that have been either reworked, or removed for good. One of these features that is reworked, is application handling. Unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows 8 handles running applications in a different way. As you know that Windows 8 is optimized for both PCs and tablets, and features metro style applications, which run in the Metro UI environment. The metro applications behave similar to that of Android/iOS apps (well, that's the closest example i can think of). For instance, when you move to home screen (i.e. the Metro Start Screen) while using a metro app, the OS suspends the application to conserve CPU resources for other apps. Even though this reduces the load time of metro apps, suspended applications (apps running in the background) do consume memory resources, which can be serious problem if you don't have enough memory at your disposal. In this post, we will show you a few ways to properly quit Metro apps.Read More

Firewall App Blocker : Add Applications To Firewall Block List via Drag & Drop

Windows Firewall is a vital system security and packet filtering component of Windows. This celestial feature enables users to create inbound and outbound data traffic rules to protect their PCs and network from malicious external sources, such as trojans, viruses, and hack attacks. The major function of Windows Firewall is to restrict third-party applications from sending and receiving data to unauthorized users/apps. Firewall generally automatically identifies trusted sources and adds an exceptions. Likewise, if a software seems fishy, it asks you about manually granting or blocking the permission. However, the Windows Firewall is not utilized up to its full potential by most users because it seems a bit tedious to configure and unleash its prowess. Most casual users cannot get the hang of its inbound and outbound rules. Back in 2008, we brought you a detailed guide on How to Create Exceptions in Windows 7/ Vista Firewall. Today, we have an application for Windows, which might provide an alternative and easier solution. It is called Firewall App Blocker, and allows you to add applications to the Windows Firewall block list via simple drag and drop operation. In addition, the application lets you set Windows Firewall policies by providing you with easy access to Windows Firewall with Advanced Security dialog box.Read More

Get A Better App Switcher For Windows With Large Thumbnail Previews

By default, people use the Alt + Tab feature of Windows for navigating between open windows, applications and files. However, it can get a bit confusing if there are a lot of applications open on your desktop. For example, if you have 4 or 5 instances of Windows Explorer running at the same time, it might be hard for you to locate the one you want using the tiny thumbnails provided in the Alt + Tab menu. Managing all the open applications and being able to navigate through them is very important for efficiently using your time and energy. In the Developer Preview of Windows 8, Microsoft has changed the way we switch between running applications by replacing the Alt + Tab window of Windows 7 with the Switch List. Previously, we have covered some very useful desktop management tools, such as an application called Plumb (reviewed here) that arranges the desktop windows automatically as you open them based on a user-specified criteria. Today, we have a simple, portable application for you, called App Switcher for Windows 7 Aero. It lets you easily switch between running applications and open windows by providing you with Aero-based full screen thumbnails. More on App Switcher for Windows 7 Aero after the jump.Read More

ProcessAlive Automatically Restarts User-Defined Programs When They Crash

Applications like parental control programs, P2P clients, antivirus software and scheduled backup tools, all require to be continuously running in order to work properly. However, with hundreds of things that can go wrong within an operating system, some of these tools can also act abnormally and can easily crash. And the result is an important application crashing or going into Not Responding status, has caused some serious problem and even system hang. We have covered some very useful applications that enable you to choose particular processes for automatic restart upon a crash. These include Restarter, a portable application for Windows that sits quietly in the system tray and lets you easily restart explorer.exe, aero services and kill non-responding tasks whenever required.  We also reviewed Application Monitor, another free tool that monitors specified applications and restarts them, should they crash. If you didn't find these tools of any use or were looking for an alternative solution, then you give ProcessAlive a shot. What it does is, it automatically re-launches crashed programs and is particularly useful for processes that need to constantly run in the background. More details about ProcessAlive past the break.Read More

OCR To Word: Extract Text From Scanned Images & Save As MS Word (DOCX) Or TXT File

Many of us are waiting for technology smart enough to let us download a car, but in the meanwhile, we’ll have to settle with taking pictures and printing them or scanning our old photographs to preserve them beyond their physical existence. For most people who own a scanner, its use is limited to scanning items. Scanners are, however, smarter than that. More specifically, scanning or image reading applications are much smarter. OCR To Word is one such application. The application lets you extract text from a scanned image, subsequently giving you the option to save the extracted text as either a MS Word document or a text file. It does not connect directly with your scanner so you don’t have to worry about your model being supported or not. The utility can communicate with your scanner via the default scanning application and can scan and import an image, which is then converted to text.Read More

Ever Password: Store And Sync Your Credentials On Cloud Server

If you are a person who is cluttered by the gargantuan amount of credentials information, which may be related to your credit cards, driver license, bank accounts, passport and email accounts, etc., and need some support to manage and keep safe all that important data, then Ever Password might be what you were looking for. This handy tool works on the bases of cloud computing, and syncs your information across all the major supported platforms and devices that you may currently use, like Windows, Mac and iOS. The application employs a user account that you can create by signing up on Ever Password’s web server, and then access all your credentials under one umbrella. The easy to use, yet elegantly attractive interface provides access to the information under the Vault, which lets you see and edit your credentials, safely protected by one master password, so you don’t have to remember different passwords for different credentials that may further bewilder your mind.Read More

SymMover: Move Installed Programs To Other Folders & Disks Without Reinstalling

A vast majority of Windows programs follow one certain behavior when it comes to their installation – they set the default install location to your system’s Program Files directory. The reasoning behind such an approach, naturally, is to keep all installed applications in one location. The problem, however, starts when games, which can amass up to over 15 gigabytes in size, also follow the same pattern, and unless you manually change the installation directory to another folder on your hard drive, you can run out of disk space pretty fast on your primary drive. This, in turn, results not only in low disk space, but also performance issues like low virtual memory, larger fragmentation and what not. Normally, in such a case, your rescue means would include uninstalling the programs from their default location, and reinstalling in another one to regain your precious disk space back. If you want to avoid that hassle, SymMover can come in handy.Read More

Remove Programs & Their Registry Keys Using Install Monitor

When you install an application, a lot of registry values are created and added to your system along with the installation files. These registry values do not always get removed when you uninstall the application. For instance, if you download and install a software which provides you with context menu support, the context menu entries are stored in the registry keys, and when you uninstall the application, sometimes they do not get uninstalled with the application. Previously, we have reviewed Uberstaller, an application for Windows which not only works as an uninstaller but also scans and removes all traces of the software from the hard disk, but it does not show you where the relevant registry keys of an application are placed. Today we have another uninstaller for you called Install Monitor that allows you to see the impact that installing an application has on your system and fully remove all the files and registry keys while uninstalling it. Read on to find out more about Install Monitor.Read More

XLaunchpad: Mac-Like LaunchPad For Apps & Folders [Windows]

The really great thing about loyalty to any platform is that no matter what happens, you will always love what you’re working on. The really annoying thing about platform loyalty, however, is that you will always love what you’re working with, even if it isn’t worth the love. If you’re a loyal Windows PC user, it isn’t likely that you’ll ever admit that a Mac might have one or two things that you would kill to have on your system. Whether you stick to Windows for the price, the flexibility, the free applications or just because it is more awesome than a Mac, you may still have heard of Launchpad, a Mac feature that makes it easy to launch apps installed on your system. XLaunchpad is a Windows application that adds this feature to your PC.Read More

FileREX Update Checker: Scan System & Update Out-of-Date Applications

Applications are the lifeblood of the systems we use, and without properly updated applications, a computer cannot do anything to make your work easier. Every now and then, updates keep coming out for the applications that you have installed in your system. With these updates come new features, as well as more stability to the application. Updates are also meant to plug holes in security that allow hackers and malicious code to get through and harm your system. Even though most application have their own update checker that notifies the user of a pending update as soon as they log in to their computer, there are some applications that require you to manually check for new updates. FileREX Update Checker is a portable application for Windows that automates the process of checking for each application update individually by providing you with a GUI, which scan for the applications installed on your system and checks for any pending updates on its online database. More on FileREX Update Checker after the jump.Read More

YTubePlayer: Simple & Useful Desktop Tool For Managing YouTube Videos

I’m sure that everyone who uses the internet knows about, and has visited, YouTube a lot of times. Founded in 2005, it became a lot famous in quite a short amount of time, allowing billions of users to view, as well as share, videos with a global audience. Other than the widely used entertainment purposes, YouTube is also used for showcasing products, launching music videos and educating people. The application can only be accessed through a browser and does not have an official desktop application out yet. YTubePlayer is a third party application for YouTube that provides you with a desktop tool to easily access and manage YouTube. More on YTubePlayer after the break.Read More

Pretty Run: Find Files/Folders & Bookmarks And Launch Applications

When the default Windows Start Menu received a facelift in Windows Vista, a very useful search feature was also added. It comes in very handy for quickly searching your whole computer for any type of file or folder, including images, documents, folders, zip archives, executable files etc., without opening any window or search module. Pretty Run is an application that does more than what the native search function of Windows Vista and Windows 7 is capable of. It allows you to search not only the contents of Windows Explorer and your program files, but also search between other items, such as the bookmarks saved in different browsers, text saved in the Windows clipboard, between metadata information of mp3 files etc. Keep reading to learn more about Pretty Run.Read More

Access Wikipedia Offline In Chrome During SOPA Protest Blackout

A large number of websites will go dark tomorrow, January 18, in order to protest against the anti-piracy bill, Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), and one such website is Wikipedia. The online encyclopedia will black out its English site for 24 hours, and millions of users will be unable to access the website. While this is a noble and possibly necessary step on part of the site, the fact is, there are still a ton of reports and papers that need to be written by students pursing various degrees and this blackout might be detrimental.If you are a regular user of Wikipedia and don’t want to lose access to the website for tomorrow, then Offline Wiki, a Chrome application, can be of great help. It allows you to save and download a copy of nearly all of the textual content locally, so that it can be accessed while Wikipedia is not available, or when you don’t have an internet connection. It downloads and saves a compressed dump file and an index. Two file storage versions are available, a smaller version of 14MB and a larger version of 1GB. All you have to do is launch the app, hit OK in the notification bar and select a file size. The download will start automatically, and you will be able to access and view articles in the index.Read More

Metro Start: Google Chrome New Tab Page With Metro UI [Extension]

Metro Start is a Chrome extension that modifies the New Tab page in Chrome. It forgoes the thumbnails in Chrome’s Speed Dial and lists saved links, installed apps and bookmarks so that you have access to more of them from a single page. The saved links have to be entered manually so it will take a little time for you to set the extension up before use but on the upside, you can add more than the nine websites that would appear in the Speed Dial. Metro Start is inspired by Windows phone Metro UI; the design allows you to quickly get from the new tab page to your desired websites. It lets users customize the color of the background, the name of the start page, the options i.e Saved Links, Bookmarks, installed apps etc., and the color of options that appear under these heads. You will also be able to toggle the Fahrenheit/Celsius temperature, change the location and view high/low temperatures in the upper right corner of the page.Read More

Launch Applications In Windows Using Keyboard Hotkeys With MadApp Launcher

The beauty of Windows operating system is the amount of customization features it provides, both aesthetically and ergonomically. Talking about ergonomics, there are various ways to make your applications and utilities easily accessible. Even though you can use desktop shortcuts to make your applications easy to approach, the other way is to use App Launchers. App launchers are applications that are designed to hold your frequently used tools and apps at one place. Instead of browsing through directories or cluttering your desktop with shortcuts, the easier method is to use launchers, which keep things more minimalistic and less cluttered. There are many application launchers available including Gizmo Toolbar or OldBar, just to name a few, that add application shortcut toolbars on your desktop, allowing quick access to your favorite and frequently visited applications. MaddApp Launcher is another great addition to the ever increasing list of launchers. It allows you to add application shortcuts, and access them though pre-assigned hotkeys. It basically maps and assigns application shortcuts to your keyboard using the F1, F2, F3…. F10 keys, and all the alphabetic and character keys. You can add application shortcuts to MadApp Launcher using the simple drag and drop method. Configuration of the whole application map can also be saved, in case you want to copy it to another PC, or should it get corrupted.Read More

Manage Global & Application Wise Mouse Gestures With StrokesPlus

Whenever you are working, time is one of the most precious commodity, and anything that allows you to save time is the need of every person dealing with deadlines. Here at AddictiveTipsm we are constantly trying to bring you newer tools that help you in performing the designated tasks. Working on a computer requires you to constantly switch between application, open and close windows and other repetitive tasks. Performing the same lengthy set of actions again and again just to do a simple action wastes a lot of the users' time. Previously, we covered StrokeIt, a feature rich mouse gesture application that lets you perform different functions, such as open, close, minimize, and maximize applications only using recorded mouse gestures. It makes your work easier by allowing you to save time wasted in performing redundant operations, like opening and closing applications. Today, we have an alternative to StrokeIt, which lets you create mouse gestures. StrokesPlus is another powerful and more flexible mouse gesture application for Windows, that lets you specify actions based on mouse gestures to automate common tasks. The lightweight application allows you to set and modify global actions.Read More

Benchmark Application Start Up Times With AppTimer

When creating an application, it is important for developers to know how much time it takes to load up once the user clicks its executable file. Imagine if you are trying out a new application, and when you run it, it takes ages to load. Most probably you will not use the application again, right? There are plenty of alternatives available for each type of software and if you want people to use your tool, you should make sure that everything is running smoothly. AppTimer is an application start up time bench marking tool that lets you run an executable file a pre-specified number of times, and check how long it takes for the application to be ready for use after execution. The application logs the start up times to a log file after each execution of the application. It comes in handy if you are trying to compare the performance of one software on different hardware, or multiple software on a single hardware.Read More

cmdQuit Disables Mac Lion Resume Feature, Quits All Apps With A Click

Earlier this year, we discussed how red close button of Mac OS X app window behaves and recommended RedQuits to run command-Q command every time you click the red close button in order to completely quit the application in question. Since it becomes quite tedious to manually close applications using RedQuits or command-Q hotkey combination before shutting down the system, you may need an application like cmdQuit to automate the process. It has the ability to show/hide running apps, list all currently active processes and quit all running applications in one go.Read More

Name Dropper: Drag & Drop Text To Batch Rename Files & Folders

If you’ve recently taken a vacation or just like to take a lot of pictures then it is likely you know how difficult it is to organize images taken either from your digital camera or phone camera since they are all saved with the same name prefix with a number appended after it. Renaming these files can be a pain because you have no choice but to rename each one individually. While this may occur most commonly with image files, you might need to rename a number of other types of files too. Name Dropper is a desktop application that allows you to rename files and attach an incremental number to each one by dragging & dropping the name on to each file.

Read More