NetTraffic Adds A Network Bandwidth & Speed Monitor To Windows System Tray

If your home internet plan is not unlimited, you’re not alone; the days of unlimited bandwidth have long gone in most parts of the world, and data metering has become a common practice among internet service providers due to increased bandwidth consumption by users. If your internet subscription has a monthly quota, it’s advisable to keep track of it on your own to keep yourself from exceeding your monthly data cap. Also, you don't always get the speed that you're promised by your ISP, and it keeping an eye on it can be a good idea to see if you're getting your money's worth. There are several tools out there to assist you with both these tasks, and NetTraffic is one program for Windows that helps you monitor your internet usage among a wide array of network interfaces.Read More

Bandwidth Monitor NetWorx Updated With Quota Management, Speed Meter & Enhanced Reports

Nowadays, high speed internet with unlimited bandwidth is available almost everywhere. You can use as much internet as you like for browsing, online gaming, streaming videos, downloading etc., without worrying about a usage cap. However, if you're using an internet connection with limited bandwidth, then keeping a constant eye on usage becomes essential to avoid unnecessarily hefty bills at the end of the month. We have covered quite a few useful internet bandwidth usage monitoring apps, including NetSpeedMonitor, which monitors the current upload and download rates, and the total amount of total data transferred, by days and months. The dev team behind a similar app called NetWorx, reviewed way back in 2009, has added a lot of new features to their utility. Now, it offers a Speed Meter, an enhanced Usage Reports console, a Quota option to put a limit on internet usage and a Ping tool for checking active connections on the network.Read More

NetMeter: Monitor Your iPhone’s Data Usage From Notification Center

It might not be entirely wrong to say that mobile data gained more popularity among users with the advent of smartphones. There’s no denying the fact that the world was no stranger to capable mobile devices even before 2007, but one cannot argue with the fact (either) that Apple’s iPhone shaped the smartphone industry into what it is today, and introduced the layman to the world of easy-to-use and humane on-the-go computing. We’ve come a long way since then, and high-speed data protocols in the form of 3G and 4G LTE are the new buzz. However, mobile data doesn’t come cheap, and one thing that continues to haunt all smartphone owners are excessive data costs, should they not be on an unlimited data plan. Natively, iOS does let you monitor cellular data usage, but with a couple of caveats. One, you have to dig deep within settings to pull up the data usage stats your for device, and two, there’s really no easy way to monitor WiFi usage. True that the App Store boasts a few quite capable apps for that, again, you have to rely on an app for a reporting that should otherwise have been available at a single touch. Luckily for jailbreak users, NetMeter Widget for iOS Notification Center is a Cydia tweak that goes hand in hand with the NetMeter app, and lets you glance at your iPhone’s mobile data usage from the notification center, along with a few other useful statistics.Read More

Cucusoft Net Guard: Internet Usage Monitor That Identifies Bandwidth-Hogging Malware

Most internet broadband plans are data capped, which means you are only able to use the amount of bandwidth that has been allocated to your account. Ideally, you shouldn’t pass this data limit and end up paying extra bills, but streaming videos on Youtube, online music stations like Grooveshark, Spotify, Pandora, and even surfing 9gag can easily cause the data bandwidth limit to be exceeded. It's worth pointing that internet content has been seen to become overly sized within the past few years, and experts claim it will keep on rising, as it evolves and brings in more features to the people. The main thing however is how do you cope with the problem of not stepping beyond your data limit? Well, a simple solution is provided by Cucosoft Net Guard. It’s a free application that is designed to not only monitor your internet bandwidth usage, but also eliminate any malware that might be secretly sucking at your internet juice. The application includes a bandwidth meter to track native and third-party programs that are consuming too much of internet bandwidth.Read More

Yale: Monitor Bandwidth Usage Of All Active Network Adapters & Connections

Albeit we have broadband internet connections now, various ISPs cap monthly data volume. It can be quite frustrating sometimes, because you can easily go pass your data plan, especially when the internet content is so rich now. Similarly, sometimes we want to check whether we are getting an optimum internet speed that we are paying for. Yesterday, we covered EmproNetUsgAlert, an application for Windows that is designed to monitor bandwidth usage and alert users when a specified limit is reached. It only shows you an overview of the total upload and download bandwidth usage. Personally, I use NetSpeedMonitor, a network monitoring application that displays the current upload and download rate and maintains a record of the total data transferred during a day, month and year. Both aforementioned tools display the bandwidth usage of only one selected network adapter. If you are using multiple network interfaces or have configured virtual network connections for guest operating systems, then you may need an advance network usage analyzer, such as Yale. It's an application for Windows that allows you to view the bandwidth usage of all network interfaces and connections. It also shows you the CPU usage as well as, the hard disk transfer rate. Continue reading.Read More

EmproNetUsgAlert Alerts You When Daily Allowed Bandwidth Is Exceeded

Internet Service Providers offer various internet packages to their customers. Some comprise of unlimited bandwidth, which means you're not bordered with any kind of monthly volume. Others come with data caps and you're not allowed to go past that cap, depending upon your ISPs terms and polices. If your internet subscription package allows you to use unlimited bandwidth, then you probably don’t need any bandwidth usage monitoring tool, however, in case your internet connection has a data bandwidth cap, you should keep a track of how much data is being uploaded and downloaded in order to avoid extra usage. Although I own a package with unlimited bandwidth, I still like to keep an eye on how much data I upload and download. This gives me glace over how much data is being transferred to and from my PC. For this purpose, I use NetSpeedMonitor, a network monitoring application that displays the current upload and download rate and maintains a record of the total data transferred during a day. Recently, i found another such tool labelled as EmproNetUsgAlert. The application is designed to monitor bandwidth usage and alert you when a specified limit is crossed. Keep reading for more details.Read More

Save Bandwidth While Browsing On Android With TextOnly Browser

Are you one of those fellow “Androiders” who browse the web on their phone/tablet via data connection due to unavailability of Wi-Fi? Or have you ever wondered if you can keep your mobile data costs under check and browse the internet “freely” at the same time? If your situation is similar to what has been described above, then read on - for you may like it. TextOnly Browser has recently been released in Android Market with the sole purpose of controlling and reducing data connection expenditure. According to the app developer, the mission of TextOnly Browser is to reduce data usage by only displaying readable content and skipping everything else. The browser also claims to skip ads, heavy java script files and everything that can be a burden on your precious data connection bandwidth.Read More

Monitor Network Bandwidth Usage In Ubuntu Linux With NTM

NTM (Network Traffic Monitor) is an open source network traffic monitoring application for Linux-based operating systems, which displays network bandwidth usage by integrating with the default Network Monitor. It does not require root privileges to function, and can be configured to disconnect when a user-defined threshold is reached. NTM is useful for users who may have an internet connection with bandwidth limit imposed by their ISP.Read More

OsTrack: Monitor Mac OS X System Resource Usage With Complete Overview

Unlike Windows, where one can easily find out CPU, Memory and Network bandwidth usage of installed applications, Mac OS X users often struggle to get such information out of their systems. Although, the built-in Mac OS X Activity Monitor displays all the currently running applications and other system and user processes along with their CPU and Memory usage, it doesn’t include an option to easily sift through the list or to filter the details. OsTrack is a freshly baked, advance system monitoring full-screen application for Mac OS X which lets you inspect CPU, memory, and network bandwidth usage for all the currently active applications and analyze the extracted information for 4 major time intervals; 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, and 60 days. OsTrack keeps a track of applications which consume much of your CPU and RAM while allowing you to find out all those programs and services which surreptitiously utilize network bandwidth.Read More

Bandwidth For WP Mango: Keep A Check On Your Internet Connection Speed

A smartphone without an internet connection is like a flower without fragrance. We have become so dependent upon internet that our real life has become completely entwined with our online life. Almost 90% of the apps on my Samsung Omnia 7 require (or at least can use) internet connectivity. Windows Phone 7 makes full use of the web, and if your net is not working properly for any reason, things can get really annoying. Bandwidth can not increase your download or upload speed, nor will it magically make internet connectivity available for you. The app will let you diagnose the problems bugging your network, thus making it more efficient. Bandwidth can also prove to be the perfect solution for some cursory network troubleshooting. The Bandwidth app has been around for quite a while in the Marketplace, but its new Mango-fied version adds some noteworthy and new features which we will be discussing after the break.Read More

Stop Flash & Silverlight From Loading In Firefox To Save Bandwidth

Bandwidth doesn’t come cheap and definitely isn’t something you want to waste if you, like most people, have a monthly limit. Bandwidth limit is one of those things that can make you hate Flash; while most flash content is great and justifies the bandwidth it uses (like games or videos on YouTube and of course web apps built in Flash) there are times when you’d rather not have it clogging your lines and eating away at your download cap. flashPause is an extension for Firefox that lets you stop Flash and Silverlight content from loading. You can stop the content from loading on any part of the page or on the entire page.Read More

Watch Bandwidth Usage And Network Stats In Ubuntu Linux With KNemo

KNemo is a Linux application that provides information about your network traffic. If you want to get detailed network and system information, such as, the IP/ MAC address, default gateway, packet information, download/upload speed, etc, and wish to monitor bandwidth at all times, then you will find it quite useful. Even users who might not be barred by a broadband data cap, can utilize KNemo for accessing general information about the network traffic. For example, with KNemo you can find if your internet connection is down.Read More

Monitor Network/Internet Bandwidth Usage Online With BitMeter OS

BitMeter OS is an opensource bandwidth monitoring application designed to keep check on internet/network usage and offers a variety of different information which assists user to infer the overall network bandwidth consumption. The program runs silently in the background, noting down each instance of all the applications which are using internet connection, for measuring out the total usage.Read More

NetTraffic – Network Traffic Analyzer

NetTraffic is a free network analyzer that checks network regularly to let you keep tab on bandwidth usage, downloaded/uploaded data count and displays other network specific history. Similar to previously reviewed Networx, BitMeter, and WinPcap, it has an efficient statistics finding mechanism which lets you view the history of network usage over a specified period of time. Whilst showing stats on graph, charts and tables, it also provides other statistics tools to find out the total time spent on the PC.Read More

iTraffic Monitor – Network Monitoring And Reporting Tool

Even through we have covered previous network bandwidth monitoring tools here and here, we believe iTraffic Monitor is a real winner since it utilizes WinPcap(Advanced Network Filtering capability). If enabled during installation, you will be able to filter out local LAN traffic and certain IPs. A feature that lacks in all freeware network monitoring tools for Windows.Read More

How To Increase Your Network Speed Or Internet Speed By Over 20%

If you use Windows than it is possible to squeeze extra speed from your internet connection. By default, Windows reserve internet bandwidth up to 20% for various services such as Windows updates  and spyware checks by using QoS Packet Scheduler, it is a network bandwidth management tool that can monitor the importance of data packets and depending upon the priority of the packet, give it higher or lower priority or bandwidth levels. It's not very useful unless you're using apps which are QoS-aware or running a server, so you can gain some network overhead back by turning it off.

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How To Test Your Internet Connection Speed Easily

The minimum speed of broadband service ranges from 64kbit/s to 1.0Mbit/s. However, in many occasions you may still feel frustrated with your broadband service provider and you may feel like cursing your service provider for slow internet speed . Actually, you can measure your broadband connection speed via some free online broadband speed test services and can find out whether the bandwidth that you are getting is the one you are paying for.

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