Proxy + Privacy Browser: Anonymously Surf Blocked Websites On Android

Developed by XDA member, smart_desk, Proxy + Privacy Browser is an Android web browser that lets you access all such websites that are either blocked using a firewall, or have been banned in your country altogether. This may include several social networking and media sharing sites, entertainment-oriented sites, blogging platforms, web hosting services or virtually any website that is blocked in either just your premises, or the entire region. Apart from letting you bypass all sorts of proxy barriers, the app maintains your privacy by letting you surf the web anonymously, lets you chose the user agent to browse a device/OS-specific variant of a website, and provides you with several other customizable settings to give you a secure and liberated web browsing experience. The app sports a simple web browser interface with just a minimal set of features; however, it does its job of letting users anonymously browse blocked websites quite effectively. In doing so, the app utilizes several IP addresses as well as proxy servers to bear the amount of load that might be laid on it by worldwide users (many of whom are likely to be students). Read More

UnoTelly Lets You Visit Websites Blocked In Your Country

Internet censorship has been in the limelight for the past few weeks, due to the SOPA & PIPA bills originated in US and ACTA from Europe. What's the reason behind those bills and what political tensions are ensuing such change is just another debate. However, according to Wikipedia, “Internet censorship is the control or suppression of publishing of, or access to information on the internet”. A lot of times, when visiting a website, or specially when browsing on YouTube, instead of the website or the video itself, we see a message saying that the particular item is not available in our country. Suddenly you turn extremely furious, and if the video was of something great importance to you, it looks like it ruined your day. What is most annoying about seeing that message is that there is no explanation as to why the particular content is blocked. Both religious and political aspects for that matter, can cause the blockage. Finding out the reason is probably something beyond your control, but what you can still do is actually visit the website or watch the video using tools such as SecurityKiss and TunnelBear, which grant you access in one way or the other. Another addition to the family is UnoTelly, a portable application for Windows that allows you to access a lot of blocked website, including Hulu, Netflix, ABC, Fox, CBS etc. More details on UnoTelly up ahead. Read More

WLM Blocked Sender Tool: Manage & Backup Windows Live Mail Blocked Senders

WLM Blocked Sender Tool is a portable application for Windows Live Mail users to help them easily manage blocked senders. While blocked senders can be managed from within the Windows Live Mail client, with WLM, you can block, import/export, backup and restore the list of spam email addresses. It provides complete synchronization with your Windows Live Mail client, enabling you to instantly block email addresses, whenever you receive a spam mail or messenger invite. Read More

Get Access To Flickr In Countries Where It Is Banned

Do you want to access Flickr but can’t because it is banned in your country? If you are living in China, Myanmar, UAE, Iran, or any other country where this website is banned then here is the easy way to access the site. Instead of using web proxy websites, you can now use an add-on for Firefox called Access Flickr to get full access to the website. Developed by Hamed Saber who is an avid photographer himself, this add-on surprisingly works very well.

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