Bluetooth Stack Switcher: Switch Between Multiple Bluetooth Drivers

Having a hard time switching between multiple Bluetooth stacks? Since Windows 7 doesn’t provide a convenient way to disable the current Bluetooth stack and activate the required one, switching has to be done manually. If you’re running 32-bit Windows, you can use Bluetooth Stack Switcher to quickly switch between configured Bluetooth stacks. It’s a tiny system tray tool that automatically finds and lists down installed Bluetooth drivers, letting you quickly choose the stack you want to activate. In case, the Bluetooth configuration file (bth.inf) gets corrupted, it can find the optimized Blutetooth configuration for your system and replace the corrupted/missing file.Read More

Install Bluetooth Driver In Windows 7

Recently we came across a useful app that can get your Bluetooth device to work with Microsoft Bluetooth Stack. If you have a Bluetooth device who’s driver fails to install in Windows 7 rendering your Bluetooth adapter useless, you can give this app a try.Read More