Liquid Words: Search, Reference & Translate Text Selected From Within Any App [Mac]

The right-click context menu in Mac is a fairly sophisticated one. It allows you to search the web for text selected from within any app. This simple little feature makes it easy for us to look up the background story of something, or just search for the meaning of a word. Worth $0.99 in the Mac App Store, Liquid Words is a handy Mac app that not only allows you to search text, selected from within any app, in Google, Google Images, Google Maps, YouTube, Flickr, Amazon and LinkedIn, but also lets you convert currency, temperature, area, speed, distance, volume, weight and data, reference items from Wikipedia, Wordnik, Wolfram Alpha, Google Definition, IMDB and Etymonline in the same manner. That's not all; it even allows you to translate selected text from any language to another.Read More

Calculate Total Time Of Audio & Video Playlists With PlayTime

Sometimes, while creating playlists, we want to create playlists according to the number of minutes they will last. For instance, if we are making a playlist of songs to listen to during a particular journey in our car, or we want to get a collection of songs together to play as background music in a party, we want to make sure that the music lasts for the whole time period and the songs are not repeated. Similarly, if you are planning a movie or TV series marathon to watch with your friends, you might want to know how long all the video files will last in order to make appropriate plans for having enough pop corns and drinks to last till the end of the session. What you can do is go to each file, check its properties, see its total running time and manually add them together to calculate the total running time, but that can turn out to be quite a time consuming and annoying task. Today, we have an application for Windows that automates the whole process and gives you the answer in an instant. PlayTime is a portable application for Windows that allows you calculate the total play time of a list of any type of music or video files.Read More

My Class Schedule: Planner & Score Calculator For Students [Android]

Android-using students have been in luck the past few weeks with so many student planners coming to the Android Market - School Schedule and Studious, just to name a few. While both the aforementioned apps  as well as other apps from the genre come with extensive class management features, not all of them sport a homescreen widget neither do any of these apps offer help to calculate your marks for a particular course. This is where My Class Schedule comes in.  Read More

Live Strong’s Calorie Tracker – The Ultimate Fitness App For WP7

Health and fitness should be our top priority in life. It’s true that the world has got a lot to offer besides fitness, but hey, what’s the use of anything else unless you are physically not feeling at your best to enjoy life? Live Strong is a relatively well-known name in the field of fitness and health maintenance. Their app Calorie Tracker has been around in the Marketplace of Windows Phone 7 for quite a while. So why are we covering it now? Because now Calorie Tracker is free! Well, for a limited time at least.Read More

How To Check FPS(Frames Per Seconds) And Take Screenshots While Playing Video Games On Your PC

If you ever wanted to know how much frames per seconds your graphic card renders, then you would definitely want to know about FRAPS. It is a universal Windows application that can be used with games using DirectX or OpenGL graphic technology. In its current form, FRAPS shows frames Per Second (FPS) in a corner of your screen and also take a screenshot with the press of a key while playing your favorite games.

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