QuickCom: Create Templates & Tweet Them From NC [Cydia]

Twitter has become a pretty important component of iOS, especially since the release of iOS 5. Another new feature which has proved to be really useful and popular amongst iPhone users, is the Notification Center, and that is why you have many Cydia tweaks combining these two aspects of iOS. QuickCom is the latest in the line of such tweaks, and it adds a shortcut to open the “Compose Tweet” box as soon as you tap it. However, there are many other tweaks available in the Cydia store which will let you do exactly that. QuickCom differs from its competitors owing to the fact that with this tweak you can define several contexts, or templates, and each time you use the QuickCom buttons, the new tweet box will show up with the selected template text already present.Read More

ControlPlane: Auto-Change Mac Configuration Profiles By Defined Rules

Configuring the system according to location or situation is arguably a difficult task, as one needs to change all the major system elements’ settings ranging from network settings, CPU and memory usage, connected peripherals, audio output devices to Wifi adapter, display monitor and so on. If you often have to configure your Mac according to location i.e for home and office, we recommend using ControlPlane instead of configuring system elements manually. It’s a comprehensive yet easy-to-use context-sensitive utility for Mac OS X that caters to all configurable system components including display monitor, Bluetooth, Wifi, network settings, instant messaging apps, sound devices, chat clients and so on.Read More

Auto Context Adds More Options To Firefox Right-Click Context Menu

Do you want to increase your productivity by adding more functionalities to the Firefox context menu? When I want to Google something, I first highlight the word, open a new tab, and then copy&paste it to the Google Search box on the upper right corner. By doing this I am able to search for that word in new tab without disturbing my work in the main window. This process is a serious time waster if you do like this multiple times a day.

Auto Context is a Firefox add-on that adds more options to the context menu, thus saving you the headache of copy/pasting everything. Once you have installed this add-on, highlight the word and it will automatically bring the popup context menu(no need to right-click).

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Disable NVIDIA Control Panel From Desktop Right-Click Context Menu

Do you have a Nvidia Graphic card? The latest firmware from Nvidia installs a script that enables Nvidia Control Panel on desktop right-click context menu. This can slow down the loading speed of the context menu when you right-click on the Desktop if you are using a low-end computer. In my case, I simply don’t need this option because it’s useless. If you are in same situation like me, its time to disable/remove it.

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