Set A Custom Color For The Navigation Bar On Android [No Root]

Android phones have evolved in terms of design. They haven't gone the iPhone route just yet but most modern phones have ditched physical navigation keys. Android phones now have soft navigation keys, three of them. The navigation keys reside on the navigation bar. Come Android O, you will be able to add a few extra keys to the navigation bar. In its current state, Android doesn't let you customize the navigation bar at all. There are however apps that let you modify the navigation bar. WOW Navbars is a free Android app that lets you set a custom color for the navigation bar. By default, the navigation bar is black. The app lets you turn it pink, or purple, or blue. You do not need a rooted device to use WOW Navbars.Read More

How To Change The Mail App Background In Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a stock Mail app. It isn't anything to write home about and Microsoft has made it so that it doesn't compete with Outlook. For a basic app, it's reasonably good. The Mail app supports multiple accounts and the People and Calendar apps are integrated in it well enough. It also has some really neat customization features which let you set a custom color and background for the app. You can set a different color and background for each account you've added to the app . This gives you an easy way to differentiate which account you're currently using. Here's how you can set a color and change the Mail app background in Windows 10.Read More

How To Remove Hat, Gloves, And The Backpack From Your Pokèmon Go Avatar

Do you ever think your Pokèmon Go avatar is over-dressed? When you customize the avatar, you can give it all the gear that Ash had when he set out on his journey. This means that in addition to the essentials, i.e. pants and a shirt, your avatar also wears a hat, gloves, and carries a backpack. You can of course customize these items and Niantic has items that you can buy for your avatar. If you'd rather just stick to the essentials the game lets you remove the hat, gloves, and backpack from your Pokèmon Go avatar. Here's how.Read More

How To Add A Custom Action Button To Quick Settings In Android 6.0

The quick settings added to the Notification Panel in Android 5.0 were very popular but they came with no customization options. As of Android 6.0, an experimental customization option has been added that lets you add custom tiles to it as well as remove and rearrange the default ones. For the average user wanting to add a custom setting using the experimental option requires an app. Meet Custom Quick Settings, a free Android app that lets you add a custom quick settings option to the Notifications panel in Android 6.0. Since the app is a one-size fits all solution, and it is geared towards making the process of adding a custom setting as simple as possible, it is limited. The setting you add can launch an app, open a URL, and add toggles for data connection, the volume panel, and sync.Read More

Notify! Selectively View Notifications From Apps On Your Home & Lock Screen [Android]

One of the key strengths of Android has always been the notifications system. It’s been around since the early days of the OS, but it took what felt like a lifetime for it to get any good. Unfortunately, some app developers seem to abuse it in order to spam you with promotional messages, advertisements, or pointless updates. While other times, there are a few notifications from apps that you just cannot afford to miss. If you want to put pivotal notification information right on your home screen or lock screen via a minimal widget that doesn’t bog down your device’s performance, Notify! is all you need. The simple app displays incoming notifications at any widget supported area and allows you to access them with a single screen tap.Read More

Easily Change Folder Color In Bulk On Windows With Rainbow Folders

Organizing folders in Windows can be quite tricky. At most, you can rename them with custom labels, or sort the items by group, date, name or size, but there are better ways to help you distinguish one folder from another. Of course, you could change the icon of the folder, but you can't always find one that's suitable for a particular folder. Wouldn't it be helpful if you could change the color of each folder too? Sadly, Windows doesn't allow you to change the color of the default folder icon. This is where a third-party tool called Rainbow Folders comes to the rescue. This little utility offers a quick and convenient way to change the color of any folder.Read More

Springtomize 3 Is The Ultimate Customization Utility For iOS 7

Not many Cydia packages can give any sort of competition to the level of variety offered by Winterboard to jailbreak users, but only if they are into theming and don’t really care about enhancing the functionality of their device. There are many other feature-specific Cydia tweaks that let you make some great changes to iOS, but most of them cater to only particular niches, like the recently covered FolderEnhancer. Springtomize is among the very few Cydia tweaks that offer system-wide customization options, allowing users to tweak everything from visual aspects of iOS to its frequently used features. The famous Cydia app has now been updated to support iOS 7, but unlike most other recent updates, Springtomize 3 offers features that can work only on this latest firmware update. The new App Switcher tray, Control Center, folders and the Home screen can all be customized using Springtomize 3, and that too in a really simple manner.Read More

Remove Any Unwanted Elements From The iOS 7 Interface With HideMe7

You are sure to find Cydia tweaks for even the most minor parts of iOS, specially if you want to make visual alterations to a particular UI element. Even if a tweak isn’t too specialized for just one aspect of iOS, it often ends up focusing on a single area of the firmware, like the lock screen or icons. CustomLS and Transparency are just two examples of such specific Cydia tweaks, despite the fact that both of them come packed with a good number of customization options. HideMe7 is a similar tweak, but its biggest advantage lies in the fact that it can let you make changes to all the important parts of iOS. Thanks to this package, you can hide UI elements from the lock screen, Springboard, folders, Notification Center, and Control Center. Read More

Get Basic Lockscreen Customization Options In iOS 7 With CustomLS

When it comes to deep system components customization, what Android gets by default, iOS users get after jailbreaking. Changing the keyboard, replacing the multitasking app switcher, setting a different default web browser and even replacing the main home screen launcher is all possible on Android from the get-go. Consider the system lockscreen; you can get all sorts of third-party lock-screens from the Play Store to replace the stock one with but on iOS, you are stuck with the extremely basic Apple-designed lock-screen. Although I feel satisfied with the lockscreen on my iOS 7-toting iPhone 4S, some customization would certainly have been nice. That's where the CustomLS Cydia tweak for iOS 7 comes in. Read More

Completely Customize The Scrollbar For Each Website In Chrome With Rescroller

Over the past few years, Google Chrome has become the default browser for a majority of internet users, and its standard-compliance means websites render on it exactly the way they are coded by their developers. But sometimes, a developer may come up with a somewhat quirky design that actually leaves the experience sub-par for end users. For instance, a few days back, I visited a website that had the least user-friendly scrollbar I had ever encountered, making page scrolling a pain. Though that’s not say that the whole website needed a complete makeover, as the rest of the UI just looked fine. Looking for a solution, I came across Rescroller – a handy Google Chrome extension that allows users to quickly customize the scrollbar on websites the way they want.Read More

How To Change Start Screen Tile Icons And Labels In Windows 8

Every time you fire up your Windows 8 PC, you will see the Start Screen. Since it has such a constant presence in the operating system, you may want to personalize it a bit according to your preferences. Though it may come as a surprise to new Windows 8 users that the Start screen's customization features are not as extensive as those found on the desktop. For instance, one such quirk is the inability to easily change tile icons and labels. When you pin any application to the start screen, you’re stuck with its default icon and name, which isn't the case when you create a shortcut on the desktop because you can easily customize that shortcut in many ways. Thanks to Vishal at AskVG, we now have a simple way to make it possible to easily customize Start Screen tile labels and icons by following a few easy steps. Read on for complete instructions.Read More

CyanogenMod 10.1 – A Complete Hands-On Review & Guide

When it comes to the custom ROM scene for Android, the one name that instantly comes to mind is CyanogenMod, and for good reason! This is where it all started, or at least where it all got real and big. When Steve Kondik (Cyanogen) started the project just to improve Android for himself and share the fruits of his labor with other users of the platform, he didn’t have the remotest of clues that it would one day get to this magnitude. Today, it’s undoubtedly THE biggest third-party Android customization project in the world, with support for hundreds of devices and counting, both in form of official ROMs and unofficial ports by third-party developers. Join us as we take an in-depth look at CyanogenMod 10.1 and all the features it offers that make it one of the best custom Android ROMs around. Read More

WORDWAVE Is An Easily & Extensively Customizable SwiftKey-Like Keyboard For Android

Typing on a smartphone keyboard can sometimes end up feeling like a nightmare. If you miss out by just a small distance when hitting a key, you'll end up typing a neighboring one. And good luck texting your buddies should you be blessed with unusually large thumb and finger sizes. Fortunately, predictive keyboard apps like SwiftKey and Google keyboard are quite handy to quickly correct your typos and enter the suggested words, making your typing experience more intuitive. If you're looking for another option in this genre, try the recently released WORDWAVE Keyboard. The core functionality of the app is its capability to learn words as you type - something that reminds me of SwiftKey. The app provides three suggestion as you type, and you can quickly choose the most relevant one from the lot. In addition, the application comes with a handful of themes that look pretty classy. Read past the jump for more details.Read More

How To Make iOS 6 Look & Feel Like iOS 7 [Complete Guide]

In iOS 7, Jony Ive brought about a radically fresh look to Apple’s mobile OS. Completely ditching Forstall’s skeumorphic design ethics, Ive changed the look and feel of iOS devices in what seems to be the biggest update Apple has issued since the announcement of the App Store. While developers have early access to a beta version of iOS 7, the jailbreak community has been hard at work attempting to recreate the experience so that you can experience the awesome changes Apple announced, on your current iDevices running iOS 6. We’ve gathered a bunch of tweaks that will offer an experience closest to iOS 7 on your iOS 6 device so that you can give it a spin before the update officially hits iTunes later this year. Read More

Tweak Firefox Download Panel, Change Height & Number Of Items

Download Panel Tweaks for Firefox is an extension that - as the name suggests - enables you to trim and adjust the browser’s download manager drop-down. If you’re a power user who needs to continuously download a horrendous amount of software countless times throughout the day, Download Panel Tweaks can makes things a little more convenient for you. The add-on increases the number of displayed downloading items, reduces the height of each entry, switches to a more concise time format, changes the panel’s style, and alters a few other things. Let's find out more details about this handy little add-on's working after the jump.Read More

Change Color Set & Get Cycling Wallpapers On Windows 8 Lock Screen

Along with all the other major changes in Windows 8, Microsoft also introduced an all new Lock Screen in its latest OS, and unlike the Start Screen, a lot of good things have been said about it. Besides displaying app notifications, the new lock screen also shows time and date, and lets you apply a wallpaper of your choice. However, it still feels quite primitive when it comes to customization, as it only allows users to change the background at most; you can neither change the time format, nor the display language. Lock Screen Customizer by WinAero is a new Windows 8 application that has come forth to provide a handy solution. It doesn't boast an enormous amount of features, but the ones that it does offer can be pretty useful. Lets dig a bit deeper. Read More

Fruumo Gives Chrome A Gorgeous New Tab Page With RSS Feeds, Clock & Weather

By default, Chrome can be set to open the New Tab page, one or more preset pages, or your last open tabs each time you launch the browser. At best, the new tab page will let you revisit the pages you recently closed, in addition to letting you access your Chrome apps. While providing these features isn't counterproductive, some users might want more from the new tab page. As several extensions cleverly demonstrate, the new tab page can provide you with extra information, while keeping its basic features around.  New Tab Page is an extension we reviewed earlier that’s an excellent example of just some of the ways this page can be made more useful. Fruumo is yet another Chrome extension that modifies the new tab page so that you can see what date & time it is, view the weather info for the day, follow RSS feeds, and manage your apps.Read More

What Is Cydia Substrate For Android & How To Install Winterboard On It

The Cydia store has always been there for the rescue of many iOS users when their Android-wielding friends start mocking the iPhone for its lack of customization options. Admittedly, even a host of tweaks and themes cannot match the level of modification a custom ROM or root-level tweaks and mods for Android can offer, but having a collection of such root-level tweaks that can be applied to the device without having to flash files from recovery does have its advantages. So, some might find it bit absurd that Saurik has released Cydia Substrate and Winterboard in the Google Play Store, it can potentially take Android customization to a whole new level! In what follows, we'll take a more detailed look at Cydia Substrate, and show you how to install it on your Android device, and get Winterboard (or any other extensions, as they become available) up and running afterwards.Read More

How To Add Transparent Icons To iOS Home Screen Without Jailbreak

Earlier, we discussed how it was possible to use custom icons for any app on iOS without jailbreaking. Well, in the words of Steve Jobs, there’s one more thing: adding blank, nearly transparent app icons to your iOS device home screen without jailbreaking. In case you're wondering why would anyone want to do this, there are design enthusiasts out there who want to be able to customize the way their devices look, and since iOS doesn't offer much customization options for the Springboard, one way to tweak things your way would be to use a custom wallpaper designed with to work with transparent icons on top of it to add the visual effect you want. Check out how you can go about pulling off this apparent wizardry after the jump. Read More

How To Change iOS App Icons Without Jailbreak [Guide]

Apple's mobile operating system isn't exactly known or praised for offering users a lot of control. In fact it is notorious for being a walled garden, with Apple pretty much enforcing upon users what it thinks is right, and not giving them many options to tweak it to make it suit their individual needs best. Without jailbreak, iOS offers significantly limited customization when compared to Android; you can’t replace the keyboard, switch to a different launcher, customize app icons… or can you? Yes, we've come across a method that allows you to change the appearance of your app icons without fondling saurik’s beard! Check it out after the jump. Read More