Multi-Tabber Adds Up To 10 Virtual Desktops, Extends Windows 7 Taskbar

Multi-Tabber is a Windows application which adds additional virtual desktops. Handy for people who require running many applications and often find their taskbar to be cluttered with multiple items. Multi-tabber allows having upto 10 different virtual desktops which can be easily switched by small buttons which appear just above the taskbar. The virtual desktops are intangible and can be easily removed by exiting the application from the system tray. You can also change tab colors and select the number of screens to view simultaneously. This can give your Windows PC a Ubuntu style work space-switching functionality.Read More

MultiMi Brings Facebook, Twitter & Email To Desktop With AVG Safe Browsing

Email, Facebook and Twitter have become such an important part of our lives that it sometimes seems like a shame to bundle them together with all our other tabs in a browser window. MultiMi is a desktop application cum browser that lets you view your email from any email service provider, connect your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and stream all updates from them in one place. The desktop application lets you connect all accounts and view messages, images, attachments from either one of them. The application also lets you open and edit documents from your hard drive, view and download photos from Picasa and Facebook, send out a Tweet and post status updates and reply to Facebook comments. You can also use it to browse websites but the browsing is snail slow if you compare it with Chrome and Firefox so it isn’t likely to break the bond you have with your browser any time soon.Read More

TiltShiftGenerator – Add Professional Tilt Shift Effects To Any Photo

There are multiple online and desktop image editors available for free but they support mostly common effects like adding sepia, emboss or sketch effects to an image. TiltShiftGenerator is a desktop application that lets you add the hard-to-come-by tilt shift effect to any photo. The app lets you add both a radial and linear tilt to an image, lets you control the degree of the tilt, place the central point of the tilt anywhere on the image, adjust the level of vignette and increase or decrease image brightness, contrast and saturation. All images are saved as JPEG.Read More

Auto Arrange Windows In Grid Or Border Layout With Desklayer

Desklayer is a windows management application which can be used to arrange window size and layout dynamically according to the size of the open window. Desklayer re-arranges the layout by expanding it in an empty direction to fill desktop space. The two main layout types are called Grid and Border layout. The former arranges active windows vertically like a grid and the latter displays border tips of the open windows. As you maximize more windows, they get auto arranged according to your selected layout. This can help you arrange open windows in a convenient format to easily view multiple maximized windows simultaneously.Read More

Smart Desktop Adds Important Shortcuts In Tabs On Your Desktop

Smart Desktop is a dynamic application to overhaul your desktop by replacing your desktop shortcuts with a feature rich overlay menus. It contains weather, calendar and system monitoring widgets, as well as time and date display. The system monitoring widget contains information regarding CPU and RAM utilization, Network traffic and used disk space. Numerous shortcuts within the Home tab are divided into convenient sub-tabs which allow easy access to browsers, MS Office programs, Google Search, Dictionary Search, media players, system utilities, Windows accessories, etc. Similarly, the Weblinks tab from the top of the interface provides quick access to commonly used search engine, social media, news and other related websites. Smart Desktop seems to be a viable replacement for the previously reviewed Rainmeter. Smart Desktop can not just be a good replacement for multiple application shortcuts on the desktop, but also a useful way of monitoring essential system components such as the CPU and memory utilization.Read More

Quickly Access Your Favorite Folders With QuickWayToFolders

Adding shortcuts of frequently used folders to desktop is rather not the best idea when you are already dealing with cluttered desktop. Many users who keep 30 odd icons of applications, shortcuts, and folders face difficulty in finding certain applications from their desktop. If you want to access a long list of folders from your desktop without making it look untidy, QuickWayToFolders is the app you can use. It is an application for gaining quick access to your favorite folders. While it offers different UI for accessing the selected folders, you can keep it in system tray. When you click its icon, all of your selected folders will show up in side menu, letting you open them in Windows Explorer. Along with system tray menu style, one of its UI also emulates Windows desktop for accessing folders. If selected, a small desktop will be displayed on screen to select the folder you want to access.Read More

Aero Color Show – Cycle Through Different Windows 7 Aero Glass Shades

Remember previously featured Aura which brings Windows 8 Aero Glass like functions to Windows 7, allowing users to automatically change Windows 7 Aero Glass color effect according to desktop wallpaper? Aero Color Show does the same but instead of automatically changing the Windows 7 Aero Glass effects, it allows users to pick their favorite wallpapers from the list to apply matching Aero Glass effect. This doesn’t confine you to currently applied desktop wallpaper Aero shades. The interesting part is that it cycles through specified list of images for applying their color shades as Windows 7 Aero Glass effect, after a defined time interval.Read More

OneDrum Brings Real-Time Collaboration For Microsoft Office 2010

Google Docs lets you collaborate on documents and spreadsheets while working online but if you want simple real-time collaboration for MS Office you can use OneDrum. OneDrum is a desktop application that lets you invite people to collaborate on MS Office documents. OneDrum works in the background and acts as a gateway between you and the people you want to collaborate with. All work is done in MS Office (Word, Excel, and Power Point) programs while the app seamlessly synchronizes the changes as they happen in real-time.Read More

GDocsDrive Makes Google Docs A Google Drive On Your Desktop [Giveaway]

Using Google Docs desktop client makes sense only if it features a host of useful options which are not natively present in Google Docs. If you’re looking for a simple Google Docs client which, while organizing all the saved documents, allows direct uploading and downloading as well, check out GDocsDrive. It’s a simple implementation of Google Docs API with a handful of extra options to seamlessly manage your documents. Unlike other tools which offer direct access to Google Docs by creating a FTP connection, it offers an overly simple interface to quickly download and upload not only files but folders as well. Therefore, you wont have to create folders manually in Google Docs or install an additional applet in browsers (other than Chrome) to upload folders, GDocsDrive can upload folders along with sub-folders via simple drag & drop.Read More

Pulse Downloads Wallpapers By Keywords And Automatically Applies Them

Windows 7 Desktop Personalization feature lets you select a range of wallpapers to automatically apply and rotate them after regular intervals. This surely gives a refreshing look to your desktop by keep changing wallpapers, but what if you want to stick with one type of wallpapers, like, landscapes, rain, technology, and to apply them without having to manually set them up? Pulse is an open source system tray app to automatically download and apply wallpapers according to specified keyword. It allows you to download wallpapers in only best suited resolution to properly fit them on your screen. Currently, the app is in beta phase and supports only one online resource, however, in coming releases, you will have options to download wallpapers according to given keyword from multiple resources.Read More

GeeMail Is Offline Gmail Desktop Email Client

If you’re a heavy user of Gmail and hate using email clients that may, sometimes, take forever to download emails and sync other mail folders, GeeMail is the best option for you. It’s a tiny Adobe-Air based app which brings Gmail to your desktop with all the essential features present in Gmail. The most noteworthy aspect of GeeMail is its ability to auto-schedule offline messages. For instance, you can compose emails in an absence of internet connection and it will automatically send the composed email when it finds internet connectivity. This enables queuing messages which are to be sent to different recipients without having to configure any scheduling options. Contrasting to email clients, which requires detailed information in order to configure email service account, it takes nothing more than Gmail login details to view and compose emails in both modes - online and offline. The offline mode not only lets you compose mails, but you can also navigate through downloaded messages and other folder items.Read More

Saluto Brings Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blogger, Etc To Mac Desktop

Saluto is a small application which brings widely used social media platforms to your Mac desktop. Since it’s fairly useful to keep frequently visited websites at your fingertips, Saluto addresses this very need of common users by providing direct access to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Bebo, Google Wave, and Blogger from the desktop. If you’ve been hanging around multiple menu bar social media apps, you will find Saluto immensely handy, as it lets you switch between aforementioned social media networks from one window.Read More

FlipToast Shows Facebook Updates In Real-Time On Desktop

If you’re looking for a genuinely smart and dynamic Facebook desktop client for Windows or Mac, then FlipToast is probably the best option you can opt-in for. Contrasting to many other Facebook clients which don’t provide some essential Facebook UI elements, such as, live notifications and chat feature. FlipToast is designed to notify you about all the updates in real-time. Be it comment on your status, photo tag, status update, photo album addition, it will keep you notified about everything related with your Facebook profile. Moreover, Facebook chat is available with an option to go offline anytime. Being a distraction free Facebook client, you can keep the FlipToast sidebar along with chat window handy at any corner of the screen to perform other important tasks. The photo sharing and uploading feature requires nothing more than a drag & drop. You just need to drag the photo set over it prior to specifying the Facebook photo album to start uploading process. Aside from photo sharing and chat feature, it brings a brilliant news feeds reading pane, showing all the recent updates from liked Facebook pages and your friends. Read More

Mail Preview Gadget Is Desktop Email Notifier With Windows Phone 7 UI

Mail Preview Gadget is a dynamic desktop gadget for Windows 7 and Windows Vista which brings Windows Phone 7 (WP7) user interface to your desktop. The gadget allows you to add as many email services supporting IMAP and POP3 protocols as you want, including both Gmail and Hotmail. Mail Preview gadget is an improved version of basic email gadget with lightweight animations to give users a feel of Windows Phone 7 interface. Apart from WP 7 like design, the 3 different layouts can give additional information, including total emails and total unread messages for configured email accounts. You have option to choose how many mails accounts are to be shown on desktop, with different refresh time interval, starting from 1 min to 60 minutes.Read More

DM2 Is Windows Enhancer To Give More Control To Users, Goes Portable

Back in days of Windows XP, you must have tried many application windows enhancement applications to save taskbar space by minimizing the opened applications to system tray. The one I liked the most was open source DM2 which, aside from an awesome windows management tool, brought a massive set of features to enhance the way of organizing active applications on desktop. For those who are not familiar with DM2, it is an application to perform numerous windows management functions, such as, minimize apps to system tray, keep app windows always on top, roll to caption, resize, align to screen border, dock windows at 8 different screen positions, and importantly, minimizing app windows to desktop as floating (dragable) icons.Recently, it was picked up to create a portable version of DM2 for all versions of Windows, including Windows 7. The Portable DM2 deploying wizard asks you to specify a folder where all the files and related user preferences data are to be stored, so that you can carry it on USB drives with all the registered hotkey combinations.Read More

Desktoday Moves Files ‘Used Today’ From Mac Desktop To Specified Folder

Many users, generally, don’t care about cleaning their desktop on regular basis, maybe because it becomes quite a dragging task to properly place the files in specific locations manually. If your desktop gets cluttered every now and then, perhaps, you would like to quickly clear the junk by moving unnecessary files to a specified folder. Desktoday fulfills this very need. It creates a folder with current date title, and moves all the unnecessary files and folders to it that you 'used today'. You can access the moved files and folders from system menu bar items whenever you want. This way your desktop will remain tidy all the time.Read More

Use Hotkey To Hide Icons From Mac Desktop And Change Wallpaper

One feature of Fences (a popular tool for Windows) is to organize desktop icons. The faeture I like the most is its ability to quickly hide all the desktop icons to take screenshots and sometimes, just to hide all the clutter scattered on the desktop. Sadly, Mac users are still devoid of Fences, thus badly need a software which can provide even half of what Fences brings to Windows. Clean Slate is however not comparable to Fences in terms of features and desktop organizing options, but certainly comes useful for those who would like to quickly clear up desktop for giving presentation, taking screenshots without adjusting icons manually, and for sharing desktop over network with somewhat tidier look.Read More

Tubbler – YouTube Video Player For Mac With Playlist Support

Opening web browser just to watch YouTube videos is rather not the best way when you can have an app for enjoying YouTube videos right from the desktop. If you stand by the idea of having one dedicated YouTube player, just as previously featured YouTube music player Quisple for Windows, try Tubbler on you Mac desktop. Before going into details, it is worth mentioning here that it is lightweight player with simple playback controls, to keep your physical memory usage always normal. You can en-queue YouTube movies by dragging the video URL to create a playlist and lean back on couch to watch them in one succession without having to worry about caching too much of memory resources.Read More

Fully Customize Your Desktop With Rainmeter

A while back we covered SE-DesktopConstructor, which allows customizing the look of the desktop. Rainmeter, is an even better application for adding widgets and customizing your desktop experience. It enhances the desktop with handy compact applets, which float of the desktop, along with skins that provide information such as CPU performance, clock, news feed, etc. This way users can keep an eye on their RSS feeds list, system resources, online data streams, notes, tweets and do much more from the desktop.Read More