InWatch – Sort Files By Their Names Or Types In Different Folders

File categorization is one tedious task which can’t be performed unless you have a really good application which can automate the file copy and move operations. One folder in Windows and Mac which badly require file categorization is desktop, as it gets cluttered due to the fact that we usually throw almost every type of files on it. InWatch is the first application for both Mac and Windows, which is capable of solving such a mess for you. Being an efficient file categorization application, it allows you to specify type of files which are to be moved or copied to selected destination folders. Let me elaborate to give you an insight. You can, for instance, let InWatch observe desktop folder for music files. When you download, move or copy music file to desktop, it will immediately move the file to pre-defined destination folder, keeping your desktop clean and well organized. It doesn’t matter which type of files you want InWatch to look for in source location, it handles every file type smartly and perform specified action swiftly. Read More

Send Heavy Files To Your Twitter Friends With FileTweet

Many a times people do not know the email addresses of all of their Twitter followers. This makes it difficult to interact with them on a more personal level. For example, some Twitter followers may simply  be interested in the content that is tweeted by an individual, instead of having any personal relationship or acquaintance with him/her. Twitter itself does not provide a default option to send files via Twitter. FileTweet is an Adobe Air based desktop application that allows users to send files (up to 2 GB) by entering a Twitter username or email address. It is much like SendGenie which we reviewed earlier. However, unlike SendGenie, it is a cross platform application and works with Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems. All files are saved to the FileTweet server and are accessible via a given URL, which is emailed to the specified email address or to the registered email address of the Twitter user (if the mail is sent by entering the Twitter username). Read More Gets Desktop And Android App For Quick File Sharing

Last year, Aatif reviewed an impeccable web application called, which takes a very fresh approach to the concept of sharing photos with family and friends., at that time, let anyone upload and share images via drag & drop while allowing others to view, share and upload on the website without having to sign up for an account. Recently project developer updated us about some freshly-baked additions. Out of all the improvements it now has to offer, its desktop utility for Windows, Mac, and Linux is the most significant. To top that, Android users can also download an app from the market. Talking about the new features, you can now share anything including music, images, videos, and documents, while image galleries can be organized and maintained as well. You can add description to photo gallery, caption images, and have one dedicated gallery URL for quick access. In this post, we will be bringing desktop app for Windows into limelight. Read More

Record Your Desktop Sessions In Ubuntu Linux With recordMyDesktop

recordMyDesktop is a Linux based application that records sessions of the entire desktop or any specified window. With this application, you can save copy of your screencast sessions for creating training videos. Alternatively, it can also be used to keep a track of someone's activities when he/she uses your computer (e.g. for parental control purposes). Read More

Show Information Of Outlook Mail, Calendars And Tasks On Desktop [Gadget]

Outlook Info is a useful Windows 7 desktop gadget to display Outlook information, such as, mail, calendar and tasks. It was developed for obvious reasons, since you need to open Outlook window each time to view latest emails, appointments, calendar items, and scheduled tasks, the gadget keeps itself synced with Outlook elements, allowing you to view the upcoming events, tasks and number of unread emails right from the desktop. With Outlook Info, you won't need to browse through Outlook, since it lets you directly open specified mailbox, calendar and tasks. Read More

Mikogo Brings Remote Desktop Session Sharing Between Two Users

If you are looking for a one-stop desktop sharing solution, Mikogo is the answer. Not only is this wonderful cross-platform application free, it has all the features that you can expect from a decent desktop-sharing application. From whiteboard to remote control, mouse pointers and desktop switching, the package is complete. Read More

SmartXplore Brings Useful Addons To Windows Explorer Shell

We have covered a list of applications which integrate with Windows Shell to bring a additional functionality. Just to remember, FilerFrog and CMenu offers plenty of useful tools in right-click context menu. We have come across yet another application called SmartXplore, which integrates with Windows Shell, offering mouse middle-button click context menu to manage files & folders into groups, fast browsing through different folders, create new files/folders, copy content to clipboard, capture active screen area and lot more. Furthermore, it comes with highly customizable menu for Desktop - a middle-click anywhere on desktop lets you open any of selected applications or folders. Read More

Chat With Facebook Friends On Desktop With FacebookDiscovery IM Client

Earlier, we came across a list of useful IMs clients, some integrates Facebook chat service like, Digsby, Pidgin, and Adium while others are written solely to bring chat service to your desktop, like Facebook Desktop Standalone and Chit Chat for Facebook. Today, we discovered, FacebookDiscovery, which brings a new idea of discovering Facebook contacts. It appears as a desktop sidebar widget, listing down all of your online friends, family members, and peers in their respective contact groups, so you can chat with them and update your status without having to open a browser and log-in each time. Read More

Put Virtual Notes On Desktop With Sticker

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’d have realized that we’re rather big fans of note-taking utilities. That’s because we find it really convenient to keep track of important little stuff by taking small notes out of it. Hence we keep experimenting with new products, and those that we like, we bring to you. So today, I give you another nice, lightweight and portable note-taking program, Sticker. Read More

SideSlide Is An Advanced Configurable Desktop Organizer And Launcher

SideSlide is an application which aims to bring a whole new way to organize programs, shortcuts, frequently visited locations, RSS Feeds, and much more, under one extensible workspace. According to the author “SideSlide is an advanced, unobtrusive, dockable, skinnable, instantly accessible, highly configurable Desktop Extension on Steroids!”. All settings of this application are stored inside a single folder, therefore it is completely safe to use Read More

Bring Outlook 2010 Inbox, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, And Tasks On Desktop

Outlook On The Desktop is an extremely useful application which brings the most important Outlook 2010 items including Calendar, Inbox, Tasks, Notes, and Contacts, right on the desktop. Since opening Outlook 2010 application each time to view Calendar, Inbox, Contacts, etc., is nuisance-driving, this innovative application eliminates the need of navigating through Outlook to access these items and offers a simple desktop solution. Previously we have reviewed a tool called DeskTask which only brings calendar and tasks on the desktop, Outlook on The Desktop puts the whole email client on the Windows Desktop. Read More

SLAG-FS: Music Playing Gadget That Syncs With Windows Media Player

SLAG-FS is a music playing sidebar gadget for Windows Vista and Windows 7. It comes with two viewing modes, one is the normalized compact view and other is a full screen display. It syncs with Windows Media Player playlists, letting you enjoy and navigate through your music collection with a single click. The full screen mode is designed for those who love to listen to music on big display setups or on theater televisions through HDMI or DVI (Digital Visual Interface). Read More

Chameleon Folder Allows Quick Folder Navigation From Anywhere

Chameleon Folder is a nifty application with two purpose - first it lets you quickly access favorite and frequently used files and folders from anywhere, and second that it makes navigation much faster. You can customize the menu and access it from windows explorer, save/open dialog box, archive extract window, desktop, etc with a simple middle click (usually associated with mouse wheel) or any user-defined hotkey. Read More

Espresso Reader Is Full-Featured Visually Appealing Google Reader For Desktop

In the last few years, we have come across many applications claiming to provide the best feed reading experience on the desktop. Personally, I have seen countless of them but none are actually usable. Today, after much searching, I came across Espresso Reader. Not only is it usable but is also visually appealing, easy to use, and has almost every functionality that a user would expect. It is also the first 3rd party desktop Google Reader application that I actually plan on using. Read More

Window Manager Enhances Windows Aero Snap Functionality

Couple of days back we have covered an awesome application windows manager called WinSplit Revolution, which can handle and adjust positions of up to 8 multiple windows instantly. Window Manager is a remake of eminent Windows build-in application Aero Snap. For those who don’t know, Aero Snap is a free Windows build-in application which quickly set position of windows by providing various drag & drop and windows snapping behaviors. It takes the same phenomenon to the next level by allowing user to set position of open windows seamlessly.
Update: Windows Manager for Windows has been discontinued. However, you can use WindowsPad or aforementioned WinSplit Revolution.
Read More

ZapDev Customizes Desktop Wallpaper

ZapDev is an open source application which lets you scroll through specified pictures to illuminate desktop background. Put extra imaging effect on your favorite photos and get customized wallpapers easily. It helps when you get bored of same desktop wallpaper after some time, select the change background interval from its interface and you'll view a different background after specified time. Read More

Quickly Adjust Multiple Windows On Desktop With WinSplit Revolution

Do you work on 3-4 applications simultaneously and need to open each window frequently for reference or for any other purpose. While working on a big project you may need to open multiple windows to meet tight project timelines, would you be manually switching & setting each window on the screen to get along with, well you can pretty much adjust the windows manually, it'll be a serious nuisance and rather frustrating. WinSplit Revolution is a small yet powerful tool which can assist you out in handling this very situation. Read More

Turn Your Desktop Into A Real-Time Globe Image With Desktop Earth

If you’re into aesthetics, have some explorer/scientist genes inside you, allow me to say that you will definitely love Desktop Earth! Basically it is just a live wallpaper for your Windows desktop that displays real-time images of the globe (depending on your time zone) as observed by NASA’s satellites. Check out the screenshot after the jump. Read More