Turn Your Desktop Into A Real-Time Globe Image With Desktop Earth

If you’re into aesthetics, have some explorer/scientist genes inside you, allow me to say that you will definitely love Desktop Earth! Basically it is just a live wallpaper for your Windows desktop that displays real-time images of the globe (depending on your time zone) as observed by NASA’s satellites. Check out the screenshot after the jump.Read More

Full-Featured Desktop Facebook Messenger

Users have been griping about the Facebook build-in chat service which lacks a ton of features when compared to traditional desktop IM clients such as; saving conversations, chat logging, clearing history, etc. Even though we have covered desktop clients supporting Facebook chat service along with simple IM desktop client featuring Facebook chat.Now there is a full-featured Facebook IM desktop client,called, Chit Chat for Facebook. However not very prominent, it certainly provides multiple features to enrich Facebook chat service right on your desktop. Despite being able to provide only chat feature, it allows user to post on friend’s wall along with sporting sending private messages directly from within the application.Read More

Group And Organize Desktop Icons

Sometimes your desktop is about to burst with application icons, shortcuts, files, folders, etc, and in this very situation, finding the certain application, shortcut can also become difficult, as you need intensive navigation but wouldn't it be great if you can manage the whole lot of icons, applications and other files & folder on desktop in desktop management tool providing an option of grouping up the desktop content? Desktop Manager BBox provides the very same feature.Read More

Change Windows Desktop Icons Into Explorer List View

A lot of us have an habit of throwing files on the desktop for quick access. What happens when the desktop gets cluttered and there is no more space to add files, shortcuts, and applications? One solution is to use Ctrl+ Mouse Wheel method to make icons smaller (read the tip here) but there is another way which is equally (or better) effective. DeskView is a small portable tool that will change the Windows desktop icons into Windows Explorer list view in just one click.Read More

Bring Mac’s Expose Feature To Windows

Other than the brilliance of aesthetics that Macs display, they also come with some really useful features, one of them being Expose. For those who are not familiar with it, Expose lets you quickly bring focus to one open window/application from the clutter that may be occupying your desktop, and such clutters are really inevitable when you’re performing your routine tasks. One may argue that Windows already implements this kind of feature through its Alt + Tab combination (or in recent versions, Windows + Tab for Aero Peek). However, even with these options you are still to sift through icons/thumbnails, and you can get only one Window focused at a time. So here’s where SmallWindows comes into play.Read More

Hide Mac Desktop Shortcuts & Files With Camouflage

So your desktop is cluttered with files and shortcuts that you don’t know what to do about, and they’re ruining your beautiful desktop background? Camouflage is the tool you may want to check out. This application hides all your desktop icons and leaves nothing but the background wallpaper. Hidden icons can be easily toggled with hotkeys and right-click menu.Read More

Windows 7: Enable Aero Peek And Change Delay Time

Windows 7 users are loving the great Aero Peak feature, you might have noticed that the peak button which is located in the right most side of the taskbar takes some time to display the desktop, you can increase/decrease this time. If you want to perform this task manually then you will have to make some modifications in the sensitive registry files.Read More

Desktop Background Slideshow In Windows 7

Windows 7 comes with various attractive wallpapers that will make you thinking as to which one to choose for your desktop. Now you can put all your favorite desktop background images by using Desktop Slideshow feature. Once you have set the Desktop Slideshow, it will begin cycling the selected desktop background image files at any given duration.Read More

Display MS Outlook Calendar And Tasks Items On Desktop

If you use MS Outlook to mark your calendar or note some tasks then there is a good news for you. DeskTask is a free tool for Windows that displays all your Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Task items on your desktop. With this tool you can now now manage the Calendar and Tasks straight from the desktop instead of having to visit MS Outlook over and over again.Read More

Get Facebook Notifications On Your Desktop

Are you a facebook addict who wants to get each and every type of notifications of your friend's activities? Instead of having to log into facebook after every few minutes you can know get all notifications on your desktop.

FBQuick is a free desktop notifications tool for Windows that will notify a user of each and every update instantly. Whether it’s Walls, Pokes, Messages, Photos Tagged, Friend Requests, Shares, Group Invites, or Event Invites, you will be notified instantly on the desktop.

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Install And Use Specto In Ubuntu Linux [Desktop Notification]

If you visit a website(forum, wiki, etc) quite often and it does not provide RSS feed facility then how will you know when it is being updated? Instead of visiting a website repeatedly,  Specto can solve the problem for you.  It is a very useful desktop notification tool that lets you monitor changes to the wiki pages, blog posts, forum threads, your email inbox, and even files and folders in your system. It is a light-weight application that resides in system tray and only pops up notifications when it detects changes in your configured notifications (called watches).Read More

Upload Photos Directly To Facebook, Flickr, TinyPic Or ImageShack From Windows

Remember Rightload, a tool that adds an option to the windows right-click context menu allowing you to upload files directly to your FTP/SFTP server or some pre-defined HTTP upload servers. Well it has got a major update, now it can automatically resize the image to maximum dimensions, includes an option to add a server or folder to SendTo menu, and much more. The previous update also added support for uploading of photos to your Facebook, Flickr, TinyPic, and/or ImageShack account.

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Take Screenshot And Upload It Online With ZScreen

ZScreen is one awesome tool for Windows that has recently grabbed my attention. It not only allows you to take simple screenshots and save them to clipboard, rather it lets you upload the screenshot to multiple services online too. And if you have a server, it can upload it there too provided you have assigned the FTP credentials.The feature that sets it apart from other similar tools is customizability, you can choose the type of image to be taken, use it with 3rd party editing tools, perform various quick actions, assign hotkeys for various tasks, view History and much more.Read More

Get Full Control Over Copy & Move Operations With Copy Handler

Copy Handler makes copy and move operations the way it should have been in Windows. Copying and moving multiple files/directories in one go is almost impossible in Windows, it is both time consuming and a headache. Suppose a situation where you want to copy some files and move the whole directory at the same time, and also want the computer to shutdown when the operation is complete? Windows cannot do this by default, but with Copy Handler it is possible.Read More

Install And Use Beagle As Your Desktop Search App In Ubuntu Linux

Beagle is a desktop search application for Ubuntu. It is used to search files, folders, images, documents, emails, notes, and videos within your system. You can also search files using the default search feature of Ubuntu which is located in Places > Search For File , but the advantage of Beagle is speed, reliability, and accuracy.Read More

How To Resize Desktop Icons in Ubuntu Linux

If you are uncomfortable with the default icons in Ubuntu Linux then you can change their size easily. There are two ways through which you can change size of icons in your Ubuntu Linux desktop. Let me explain both in details with necessary screenshots.Read More