Upload Self-Destructing Photos To Facebook With Secret.li For iPhone

Apps like Snapchat are famous for providing quick ways to communicate in a manner that the communication can't be traced back to you. There's no record of the conversation or any images you might have shared, and the only thing that limits the app's usage it that both sender and recipient must be using it. If photos are mostly what you would like to share in secret, Secret.li is an iOS app that lets you do just that. It adds a 'filter' to your photos that hides them from view and allows you to share them on Facebook with all or select friends. The photos will self-destruct after an interval, though you may choose how long they will be kept. The photo is shared to your recipients' timeline with the filter intact; anyone who sees it or clicks on it will not see the actual image unless they are the ones you shared the picture with. Read More

Facebook Adds Stickers To Its Web Chat

Emoticons have come a long way from the simple colon and brackets to small images, the vast world of emoji, and even little animated yellow heads that beat each other up with clubs. Facebook has long had little smileys that you can add to your chats, with support for them in status updates, comments, and replies coming only a while ago. In one of its more recent updates to its smartphone apps, Facebook also added ‘Stickers’, which are basically emoticons that defy the conventional emoticon size and come in sets. When they debuted, these stickers could only be sent from mobile devices and not from the web, though they appeared there perfectly. In another small update, Facebook has added stickers to its web chat. You get two sets by default, but you can get more from the Sticker Store where everything is currently free. Read More

10 Great Facebook Extensions For Google Chrome

Facebook will never be exactly how you want it to be; it’s likely never going to add that one feature you think it should, and most probably, it’s not going to bring back that old feature that you loved. The company certainly will not call you up and ask you  how you feel about a new feature they are thinking of adding, because Facebook does what it does. You can either move to a different social network, stop complaining about Facebook, or install extensions to get it to do exactly what you want. Where Facebook disappoints and fails, browser extensions come to the rescue. Here’s a list of Chrome extensions that add or fix broken features on Facebook and make the social network easier to use. Read More

Create Facebook Cover Photos From FB Pictures & Countless Templates

You can get very creative with Facebook cover photos if you have the skills for it but if Paint is the only image editor you can use well, it might be difficult for you to come up with something both original impressive. Many people simply put up one of their photos as their cover image and if that's what you wanna do too, try CoverBud Designer. It's a web app that lets you create cover photos for Facebook from your Facebook pictures, using its own template designs. The app lets you add a background image, create a collage with the photos you've uploaded to Facebook, and add text. The designer is super easy to use and it also allows you to preview your cover photo before applying, or edit it later. A small watermark is added at the bottom-left of the image, but it’s mostly obscured by your profile picture and is almost unnoticeable. Read More

How To Join Facebook For Android Beta Testing Program

If you’re an avid Facebook user who spends a large chunk of their daily internet time on the social media service, you're likely already aware of the major announcements the company made during this whole year. When we were anxiously waiting for the revamped Timeline and the new ‘News Feed’ view, Facebook dropped its all new Facebook Home for Android users, followed by giving its official Android app a major facelift. It seems that Facebook’s love for Android hasn't perished yet, but is instead only continuing to grow. Facebook is now introducing an all new Facebook for Android beta testing program. The purpose of this program is to get instant feedback from Android community to improve reliability and performance of the Facebook Android app. Can't wait to join this program? We've got step-by-step instructions for you right after the jump! Read More

FlowReader Combines RSS, Facebook & Twitter Feeds In One Interface

You can now start counting the days down to the end of Google Reader and be thankful that Feedly launched its own separate web service to fill the gap. Feedly is what I'll be using come July 1, 2013 but for those who are still looking for an RSS reader, time is running out. Fortunately, the options aren't limited and FlowReader is yet another RSS reader service that you could switch to once Google Reader closes its doors. It's not just a feed reader though; in addition to letting you import your feeds from Google Reader, the service can also connect with your Twitter and Facebook accounts, allowing you to view updates from each. Users can also post to Facebook and Twitter from within FlowReader simultaneously. It also has a 'save for later' feature that allows you to mark stories in your feed for later reading. Read More

Facebook Now Lets You Comment With Pictures; Here’s How & Where It Works

Facebook has just added a new feature (again) and quietly so, since it has come just before a major media event that the company is hosting later today. This update lets you add a picture comment to status updates. Previously, if you wanted to leave a picture in the comments, you had to do so by pasting a link to said picture, letting the link preview automatically generated by Facebook take care of the rest. Commenting with a photo is pretty much like sharing a picture on Twitter, minus the character restriction, and at the moment, you can only add photos from your local drive and not from one of your Facebook album or a direct link. Here's how to comment with a picture, along with details on the restrictions that come with it. Read More

Facebook For iOS Gets Status Icons & Convenient Privacy Controls

The Facebook app for iPhone is adequate enough to keep users away from the service’s desktop version for weeks. If, like me, you rely almost exclusively on Facebook’s app to stay in touch with your friends, then you might be a little confused seeing all the smiley faces and ‘feelings’ in the status updates all over your News Feed. The new status icons were introduced by Facebook in its desktop version a few weeks back, and the iPhone app has been updated with support for them just today. Now you can really let the world know how you are feeling, or what’s your bedside read these days. Apart from this major change, the update has also brought more easily accessible privacy controls and the ability to conveniently forward images received in messages. There's still no hashtag search and visibility, though. Read More

View & Post To All Social Networks From One Place With Fuse For iPhone

With social networking sites introducing new features on an almost weekly basis, our online lives are finally going towards being streamlined. You can simultaneously post on Twitter and Facebook, while popular photo sharing apps like Instagram come with some impressive social media integration as well. When everything is converging, it seems reasonable to have services that are capable of combining your social networks without making you leave any of them. In the past, we have covered a few such services like Yoono for web and Cloze for iOS, but such services very rarely offer a news feed that truly combines updates from all of your accounts. Even if they do, the whole thing is often a complete mess and you end up missing several important posts. Fuse: Social takes care to keep things simple while offering a feed combining posts from Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Rather than just showing updates, what sets Fuse apart is that it even lets you use almost every major feature of these social networks. Read More

How To Add A Vine Feed To Your Facebook Page

Twitter’s Vine for iOS and Android - often referred to as the Instagram for videos - has not yet opened its API up to the public. This means other apps can't tap into its potential to do a lot of extra things, but there have been workarounds for some. We showed you how to embed a Vine video on a website and as of the last update to the app, users can embed videos more easily and share their Vine videos to Facebook as well. What you still cannot do, however, is embed your entire Vine stream on a web page. Fortunately, you can do so on a Facebook page that you own, and were gonna show you how. Read More

5 Ways To Put Hashtags In Facebook To Good Use

Hashtags are a Twitter thing, or rather they were a Twitter thing until Instagram added them too, as did several other services and social networks. Twitter is still king of the hashtag and has them the most deeply integrated among all others, as a tool for making and following trends. The popularity of hashtags is such that they've been used even where they don't ‘work’, i.e. on Facebook. We all have that friend who does it, we all wish they would stop because they're not doing anything, until now. Facebook has finally given in, and added support for hashtags, meaning any hashtags will now be clickable and searchable on the network. They can be added to status updates as well as photo captions. The question now is, what can I do with the hashtag? Hashtags on Facebook have to be actually used in order to become truly effective on the network, and here are five great ways to start putting them to work right away. Read More

How To Use Facebook Profile Photos As Emoticons In Chat

Mentioning friends and tagging them in photos is something Facebook users are well versed in. It's how Facebook lets you personalize the updates you share, helping you organize and share photos more easily, and also ensuring that the people in question get to see the update by getting notified about being tagged or mentioned.  Both the mentioning and tagging features are purely functional, but there's a little fun feature in Facebook chat that lets you use Facebook profile pictures as emoticons. The emotions, used as such do nothing more than adding a tiny version of the user's profile image into the conversation. The user whose image is used is not notified that someone was talking about them, the image doesn't serve as a link to the user's profile, and it certainly doesn't give you a shorter way to invite them into the conversation or spam them with notifications. Read More

Batch-Download Facebook Videos On Windows For Offline Viewing

Facebook can be an awesome platform for viewing and sharing different videos from around the web, but sometimes you like a video enough to want to view it again and again. Signing in to Facebook every time you want to view the video can become a bit tedious. In such a scenario, you’d want to download the video to your computer and enjoy it offline, as you would other videos stored on your computer. AVGO Free Facebook Video Downloader is a Windows app that makes that very convenient; grab any clip you want, and copy it to your hard drive! Read More

Share Files Of Up To 1GB Size With Your Facebook Friends Using Pipe

If you were to name a few websites that waste time, Facebook would be among the top five for sure. And if you were to name a type of web service, of which a new company or name pops up every other month, it would have to be file sharing. Put these two together and we have Pipe: a Facebook app that lets you transfer files to your Facebook friends, from within Facebook. There's no need to install anything on your system, so it doesn't matter if you use Mac, Windows, or even Linux. You can transfer files to friends when they are online, or offline. Friends who are online will be sent a message that you're sharing a file with them. They can then visit the Pipe app on Facebook and accept the incoming file. If your friends aren't online, you can upload the file to your 'Locker', from where it can be downloaded when your intended recipient is online and sees your message. The service launched only a few hours ago and not only has a nice clean design, but is also fairly fast. Read More

Protect Privacy On Facebook By Removing URL Tracking Tokens In Chrome

Facebook tracks your online activity, no matter where you go on the network. It uses the information to show you better ads, and we all know how very 'accurate' and 'useful' those Facebook ads are. You can avoid being tracked by Facebook by signing out when you aren't reading your feeds but Facebook has a huge presence; it’s integrated into operating systems and browsers like OS X and Firefox, and more. It’s also one of the easiest ways to sign in or sign up for a service, as well as comment on and share a lot of online content. Basically you’re at an impasse; signing out of Facebook means you can protect your privacy but it comes at the cost of having to sign in again, or not at all, to a service, and being unable to share content on the network. Do Not Track Me Facebook is a Chrome extension that gives you a solution. It prevents Facebook from tracking you so you can stay signed in and enjoy all the benefits of it, without compromising your privacy. Read More

Batch Download Photos From Multiple Facebook & Instagram Accounts With Social Downloader

The power of social media has changed a lot of things over the past few years, including how we share photos with others. Not a while ago, people used to send photos to their friends and family via email attachments or using instant messaging services, but since the inception of social media sites like Facebook & Twitter as well as photo-focused services like Flickr, Picasa and Instagram, things aren't the same, as anyone can now share their favorite pictures with others in an instant. Though if you want to download photos already stored on social media, try Social Downloader. It's a small Windows app that lets you backup your Facebook and Instagram photos to your local drive. In addition to the images you've uploaded to the site and the ones you've been tagged in, you can also download photos uploaded by your friends and the ones they are tagged in, as long as the uploaders' privacy settings allow that. Read More

Glide Allows Easy Video Messaging With Live Broadcast On Android & iOS

Messaging over mobile phone, or more precisely smartphones, has evolved beyond the simple texts that we used to send when Nokia was at the top of its game and everyone owned one of those indestructible yet ugly Handsets from the Finnish manufacturer.  Today, messages are mostly sent over the internet, and can be anything from simple texts to images, voice clips, or even small video clips. Glide - Video Walkie Talkie is a messaging app for Android and iOS that lets you send video messages, or broadcast your video live to friends (currently only supports Facebook). It’s something like a cross between Skype and an answering machine. You can chat with one or several friends at once, and also leave messages for those who are offline. To send and receive messages, both the sender and recipient(s) must have the app installed. Read More

Browse & Post To Social Media From Major Email Services With PowerInbox

There's no doubting the importance of social media these days, but it can be an extreme distraction for many of us, keeping us from being productive by switching to those Facebook and Twitter tabs all the time. For many of us, the mailbox is where we spend a significant time of the day while at work, and apps like Mailbox and services like Mailstrom are some of our favorite ways for dealing with email when it starts to become too overwhelming. Though wouldn't it be nice if you could also keep an eye on your social media accounts right form your inbox, without having to switch to their tabs? PowerInbox is an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer that integrates with Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, and Yahoo! Mail, and lets you add apps for services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more to it. PowerInbox adds a sidebar to your email inbox and shows you your feeds for each of the services you've added directly there. It also allows you to see icons for emails sent by services it recognizes. Read More

Send Facebook Chat Stickers From Google Chrome Using Facemoji

It has become a dire habit on Facebook’s part for announcing frequent updates for the now billion-user-strong social network, which has also recently entered the mobile arena to a certain degree. Back in March, the company announced revamped Facebook timeline and news feed interface that it started gradually pushing to users. Then earlier last month, Facebook rolled out Facebook Home, which - despite receiving some unexpected hatred from Android users – became an instant success at the Google Play Store. Followed by Home, the internet giant also released updated iOS and Android Facebook apps, bringing in some fresh changes to the table like Chat Heads, an improved interface and Stickers. Though the immensely well-received emoticon-esque Stickers option has been missing the action on the Facebook website itself. This feature allows you to send large cute emoticons to your friends in chat messages. If you want to bring the same stickers fun to the desktop, the tiny Chrome extension Facemoji can help. Read More

Get Reverse Google Image Search Option For Facebook Photos In Firefox

Google's reverse image search is a very handy feature. I've used it often to find the original source of an image, or in the case where I like an image for my desktop background, it has helped me find its largest available size. In the past, we've covered quite a number of extensions and add-ons that add Google's reverse Image search to browsers' right-click context menu, allowing you to right-click an image and search for it. Facebook Photo Appraiser is a similar add-on for Firefox that integrate with Facebook and adds a 'Similar images' option for all images on the social network, images allowing you to reverse search them. The search results open in a new tab. Read More