Glide Allows Easy Video Messaging With Live Broadcast On Android & iOS

Messaging over mobile phone, or more precisely smartphones, has evolved beyond the simple texts that we used to send when Nokia was at the top of its game and everyone owned one of those indestructible yet ugly Handsets from the Finnish manufacturer.  Today, messages are mostly sent over the internet, and can be anything from simple texts to images, voice clips, or even small video clips. Glide - Video Walkie Talkie is a messaging app for Android and iOS that lets you send video messages, or broadcast your video live to friends (currently only supports Facebook). It’s something like a cross between Skype and an answering machine. You can chat with one or several friends at once, and also leave messages for those who are offline. To send and receive messages, both the sender and recipient(s) must have the app installed. Read More

Browse & Post To Social Media From Major Email Services With PowerInbox

There's no doubting the importance of social media these days, but it can be an extreme distraction for many of us, keeping us from being productive by switching to those Facebook and Twitter tabs all the time. For many of us, the mailbox is where we spend a significant time of the day while at work, and apps like Mailbox and services like Mailstrom are some of our favorite ways for dealing with email when it starts to become too overwhelming. Though wouldn't it be nice if you could also keep an eye on your social media accounts right form your inbox, without having to switch to their tabs? PowerInbox is an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer that integrates with Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, and Yahoo! Mail, and lets you add apps for services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more to it. PowerInbox adds a sidebar to your email inbox and shows you your feeds for each of the services you've added directly there. It also allows you to see icons for emails sent by services it recognizes. Read More

Send Facebook Chat Stickers From Google Chrome Using Facemoji

It has become a dire habit on Facebook’s part for announcing frequent updates for the now billion-user-strong social network, which has also recently entered the mobile arena to a certain degree. Back in March, the company announced revamped Facebook timeline and news feed interface that it started gradually pushing to users. Then earlier last month, Facebook rolled out Facebook Home, which - despite receiving some unexpected hatred from Android users – became an instant success at the Google Play Store. Followed by Home, the internet giant also released updated iOS and Android Facebook apps, bringing in some fresh changes to the table like Chat Heads, an improved interface and Stickers. Though the immensely well-received emoticon-esque Stickers option has been missing the action on the Facebook website itself. This feature allows you to send large cute emoticons to your friends in chat messages. If you want to bring the same stickers fun to the desktop, the tiny Chrome extension Facemoji can help. Read More

Get Reverse Google Image Search Option For Facebook Photos In Firefox

Google's reverse image search is a very handy feature. I've used it often to find the original source of an image, or in the case where I like an image for my desktop background, it has helped me find its largest available size. In the past, we've covered quite a number of extensions and add-ons that add Google's reverse Image search to browsers' right-click context menu, allowing you to right-click an image and search for it. Facebook Photo Appraiser is a similar add-on for Firefox that integrate with Facebook and adds a 'Similar images' option for all images on the social network, images allowing you to reverse search them. The search results open in a new tab. Read More

See Your Social Media History For Each Day With Timehop For iPhone

It might not have received the warmest reception upon its introduction, but Facebook timeline is actually quite useful for going through your older posts. In addition to Facebook, many other social networks and web services save your past posts in chronological order as well, so that you can view your previous activities quite easily. Twitter has also made it possible for users to download all their past tweets, which highlights the importance of social media history. This aspect of social networks is something we are all aware of, but rarely call into action. Timehop is an iOS app that offers a convenient and effortless way of staying in touch with your social networking history. It creates time capsules containing all the posts you have ever published on the present date over the past years. Timehop also lets you connect with your friends who are using the app to view their past activities. The app has been around in the App Store for a long time, but its latest update has added Dropbox integration to the mix, which lets users save their old photos to the cloud, and also serves as a good way of reminiscing about your past Dropbox uploads. Read More

Schedule Text Messages, Emails, Tweets & Facebook Posts On Android With Schemes

Productivity is all about management and scheduling. And if you’re doing everything on a timely basis, why not have the ability to communicate with friends and family on a planned time? That’s what Schemes aims to address. In short, it is a very simple yet handy Android app that lets you schedule four types of outgoing communications: SMS, emails, Tweets, and Facebook statuses. The best thing is that all of this is done without any unnecessarily complicated steps. By the way, did you know that the name of this app is actually an acronym? Read on to find out what it means! Read More

TwentyOne For Windows 8 Serves As A Hub For 21 Of Your Favorite Social Media Contacts

Most people nowadays have more online friends than real life ones. Some even keep adding new friends as if they are in a competition where the player with the highest number will win the round. Speaking of numbers, TwentyOne is a one-of-a-kind Windows 8 and RT app, with a Windows Phone version as well, that lets you aggregate your 21 favorite social media friends from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so you may keep a tab on their online happenings under one roof. As the app's name suggests, you can add up to 21 contacts from each social network; assuming you’re using all your slots, that could max it up to 63 contacts in total, provided you choose a different group of people from each service. The app monitors your interaction with your friends and in turn recommends new friends based on your likes, dislikes and comments on their updates. Let’s take a look. Read More

How To Reset Lost Facebook Password With The Trusted Contacts Feature

Identity theft is very real; in the past, it has meant someone impersonating your identity to gain unauthorized access to important information and committing crimes under your name. In today's age of digital media, however, it can also mean someone hacking your social media accounts and putting your online reputation at risk. That's why Facebook has introduced the Trusted Contacts feature in a bid to help you fight identity theft and regain access to your Facebook account should the worst ever happen. It allows you to select three to five people in your Facebook friends’ list who can help you recover your compromised Facebook account. Here’s how to set up and use your trusted contacts to regain access to your account. Read More

Hands-On With The Revamped Facebook Beta App For Windows Phone 8

In the days of Mango, Windows Phone was the best platform for fans of Facebook. WP8 improved upon WP7’s integration with the social network, but with the release of Facebook Home for Android and Facebook 6.0 for iOS, the WP8 app started to look pretty primitive. Fortunately, Microsoft has taken note of the issue, and has decided to release a revamped version of the official Facebook app for WP8 soon. However, to make sure the new app is absolutely perfect, the MS guys have decided to employ Windows Phone users as the app’s beta testers. Facebook Beta won’t show up in the WP Store search results for now to avoid confusion, but anyone can download the app for free and check out the future of Facebook on WP8. Read More

MessageBox Lets Chat Heads Float Around Outside Facebook For iOS

People can’t seem to stop talking about the new Facebook update for iOS, despite the fact that it has been around for a couple of weeks now. The newly introduced stickers are pretty nice, but there can be no doubting the fact that the real show-stoppers are Chat Heads. The Cydia store has already received a few tweaks aimed at the Facebook app’s new features, but ever since it was announced that there will soon be a tweak to let you use Chat Heads outside of the Facebook app, many have been waiting just for that. After all, Android already has the same capability thanks to Facebook Home, and iOS users want a piece of that as well. According to the word that was out there, the Chat Heads-liberating Cydia tweak, MessageBox, was supposed to be released last week, but got delayed for some reason. A few hours ago, the developer made the DEB file of the tweak available for the public, and now the tweak has finally been released in the Cydia store! Read More

FBPrivacy Adds A Bunch Of Features To Facebook & Messenger For iPhone

Don’t be fooled by the name - FBPrivacy is not just about improving the privacy level of your Facebook account; this Cydia tweak is more like an unofficial Facebook update that fixes everything that is annoying about two of the service’s most popular iOS apps. FBPrivacy deals with both Facebook and Facebook Messenger, adding some new features to them and removing a few that have never been too close to many people’s hearts. We have already told you about the easiest way of getting rid of the ‘seen’ indicator from Messenger, but now you can enjoy the same level of control in your conversations even if you have decided to stick to the Facebook app’s own chat feature due to the newly rolled out chat heads and stickers. Apart from that, FBPrivacy lets you attach multiple photos in a single chat message, disable the typing indicator, see timestamps for all messages, and much more. Read More

How To Get Stickers In Facebook Messenger For Android Right Now

After it was released in a pool of hype, Facebook Home instantly became the target of heavy criticism from tons of disappointed fans, most of which found the lock and home screen replacement app impractical as a daily driver. There was one feature, though, that was and continues to be lauded by users - the globally accessible Chat Heads. While Facebook Messenger and thus, Home, for Android were the first to receive this feature, it was soon rolled out for the iOS variant of the official Facebook client, but to select users and heavily tied down by the limitations of Apple's mobile OS. Perhaps to give their iOS userbase something to be happy about, Facebook included chat Stickers in the update, which can be best described as enlarged, glorified emoticons. Although Stickers are yet to make it to Messenger for Android officially, they've been discovered hidden away within the current version of the app, and you can get early access to them with a simple trick, discussed past the break. Read More

Enable Facebook Chat Heads & Stickers On Your iPhone In A Couple Taps

Only a few days have passed since Facebook released version 6.0 of its iOS client, but a lot of the features offered by the update have already gained popularity among the masses. Chat heads are the biggest addition to the app in its latest update, with the equally interesting chat stickers garnering plenty of attention as well. Unfortunately, both these features are not yet available to everyone using an iOS device. According to Facebook’s App Store page, the social networking giant plans to roll out these features to all users gradually. For now, a lot of people have been able to use chat heads and stickers on their iPhones, but iPad owners have generally not been so lucky. Even on smaller devices, a considerable number of users are awaiting the features. There is a rather difficult way to enable chat heads on any iDevice, while getting stickers requires even more effort. If you have a jailbroken device though, you don’t have to do much to get chat heads and stickers working for your account right away. Read More

How To Get Facebook Chat Heads Feature On Your iPhone Right Now

Like many other users, I am still getting used to the revamped Facebook app for iOS, but the update is pretty good overall. The interface is much cleaner now, and gives the app a very uncluttered feel. Apart from UI changes, the app also offers two new options related to chat - Chat Heads and Stickers. Seeing as how attractive a feature Chat Heads is, we wouldn't be surprised if Facebookers stopped using Facebook's Messenger app a great deal until it gets these features as well. Although many have received Facebook’s latest iOS update in its entirety, not everyone has been lucky enough to gain access to Chat Heads and Stickers just yet. Facebook has decided to roll out these features gradually over the course of a few weeks. If you are one of those annoyed Facebookers who are in the waiting list, there is a way of enabling the features on your account right now. You don’t need to have a jailbroken device, but some basic knowledge of the iOS file system is sure to help. Read More

Easily Identify Fake Facebook Profiles & Photos With FB Checker

Word around the web is that Facebook has over 85 million fake profiles, and counting. Some of them can be quite benign, like the infamous “girlfriends for hire” society. Others can be of a decidedly sinister motivation. Either way, you sometimes really need to know how much of a person there is in their profile. You could, of course, take a day off to put hundreds of photos through Google Images to ponderously dig out the fake ones. Or, you could use FB Checker in a quick smoke break instead. Read More

Facebook For iOS Updated To v6.0: Chat Heads, Stickers & UI Improvements Galore!

Mark Zuckerberg and his band of world-class engineers have made a habit of regularly iterating on Facebook’s design and features every few months even though, to the average user, the website works just the way they like. Each time, after some initial backlash from its enormous user-base, people just settle down with the updates, that is until the company decides that the current state of affairs isn’t good enough and changes everything all over again. This, I believe, is one of the biggest reasons behind Facebook’s success – revising design and features regularly keeps the service “fresh”. Read More

How To Install & Run Facebook Home On Unsupported Android Devices

As announced at Facebook's "New Home on Android" event, and a few days after its APK was leaked to the interwebs, Facebook Home was released to the Play Store today, but only in the US, and that too for a limited number of devices, namely HTC One X, One X+, One, Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S4. Where Facebook might be justified in localizing their product, we're sure there are countless users pouting in disappointment at having such a major release kept out of reach, and that too without an ETA on support for other regions and devices. Now, if you're a resident of the US and happen to own one of these devices (two of which are yet to hit the shelves), you needn't read on. If you own a supported device, but are in an unsupported region, you should only need to sideload the APK of the final release. If, however, you don't fulfill any of these requirements, as should be the case with quite a majority of Android-toting Facebook users around the world, join us past the break for a step-by-step guide on making your device Facebook Home-compatible! Read More

Install Leaked Facebook Home APK On Any Android Device

This past Friday, Facebook showcased its long-rumored ‘Facebook Phone’ which – as speculated by many but not all – turned out to be not a dedicated device running an entire Facebook-built operating system, but rather a bunch of Facebook-centric Android apps including a launcher that together provide a Facebook experience fully integrated into your phone’s home screen. According to the official announcement, the app will be available on Play Store for select top-end HTC and Samsung phones on April 12th, and HTC First – the first smartphone built by HTC with Facebook’s collaboration that will ship with Facebook Home preinstalled – will also start shipping on the same day. Though if you can’t wait till the 12th to try out the Facebook experience, you’re in luck! Developer builds of Facebook’s new apps have been leaked, including the Home launcher, and they work on many existing Android devices. Let’s take a closer look at them after the jump. Read More

Nextly Is A Fast & Elegant Reddit, Twitter, Facebook & News Aggregator

We’re always looking for a better way to browse the internet; websites redesign their interface to make content easier to read, apps are developed to assist reading and bookmarking, and then there are all the extensions that allow us to improve our browsing experience with just a tap of a few keys. Nextly is a web app designed to help you read content streams. It is presently limited to your Twitter and Facebook streams and a few choice websites including Reddit, Cracked, Time Magazine, etc. You can save your favorite streams, bookmark stories from them, and add tags and comments to your bookmarks. You will have to create an account with Nextly in order to use the service. Read More

Get Chrome Desktop Alerts For Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube

A while ago, we reviewed Chime - a Chrome extension that connects with your personal accounts on multiple social networks and gives you notifications for any activity. Chime stands out for two reasons: its gorgeous interface, and the multitude of services that it supports. The Notifications for everything is a Chrome extension that does something similar but supports fewer services and slightly greater customization. Chime kept a historical record of activity in your different account while The Notifications for everything is like the notification system that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube lack. You can select which of the four mentioned services you want to receive notifications for, start receiving desktop notifications for them or simply view them on the extension’s icon. Read More