How To Root Verizon Motorola Droid 4 On Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Motorola Droid 4 owners waiting to get root access on your device, we've got great news for you. Your wait is over, as the Droid 4 has finally been rooted! Motorola may have been trying hard to lock down their handsets lately but this is a serious blow to all that effort. As ever, we've brought you the full method of rooting your Droid 4, so read on after the jump for more information, the download link and the installation instructions.Read More

Easily Root Kindle Fire On 6.2.1 Firmware [How To]

If you have recently updated your Kindle Fire to the latest 6.2.1 firmware and felt hopeless with no signs of rooting method – well there was one, but that involved opening up the device, literally – no need to despair anymore. From Justin Case of TeamAndIRC , comes, the only software root available for the 6.2.1 firmware on the Kindle Fire. Named BurritoRoot, the app is to be run on your PC followed by a few manual ADB commands and you’ll be good to go.

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MIUI ROM Ported To Samsung Galaxy SL [Download & Install]

Galaxy SL gets MIUI ROM, thanks to the efforts of XDA-Developers forum member fuss132. The port is actually based on CyanogenMod 7 and is a Beta for now, with a few features broken for now. However, much of the basic and main functionality remains intact. More on the ROM and how you can install it on your Galaxy SL, after the break!Read More

Root Nook Tablet On Linux & Mac With One Click Script

Earlier we covered a guide on rooting the Nook Tablet with one click, but unfortunately, that was for Windows only and Linux and Mac users were left with some annoying string of commands. Not anymore! Thanks to XDA-Developers forum member Loglud, there is now an automated script called NARS (Nook Automated Rooting System) that will do all the dirty work for you on Linux and Mac, having your Nook Tablet in no time at all. Further credit also goes to xIndirect, analog and Indirect.Read More

Install CyanogenMod 7 On HTC Universal [How To]

HTC Universal gets CM7! This is huge news, but only if you understand and know how old the HTC Universal actually is. The device dates back to 2005 and was the first 3G capable phone released with a 3.5” VGA pivoting screen. Originally shipped with Windows Mobile 5.0, the device got a port of the Android 2.2 Froyo for it self sometimes back. Now thanks to XDA-Developers forum member notime2d8, the device has received the much popular Gingerbread based CM7 ROM. However, the project isn't fully complete with the Wi-Fi and modem/phone functions broken. Also, this ROM is meant for the 128mb RAM devices, not the 64mb ones and understandably so. If you have the 128mb model lying around and are eager and curious on trying out new stuff on your old devices despite the the phone and modem issues just because you’re an Android fan, read on after the break for installation instructions and downloads!Read More

Overclock HTC Vivid Up To 1.89Ghz With Custom Kernel

The HTC Vivid gets overclocked to 1.89Ghz! For a dual core Android device, this is huge! The Vivid, currently running Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread, originally comes powered at 1.2Ghz (dual-core of course) and is a power house with its massive 4.5” screen and 1080p@60 frames video recording capability. You will have to admit, that the specs really do scream out aloud and are more then enough to cope with many media intensive tasks. However for some, enough, is not acceptable. XDA-Developers forum member, bananacakes has been working hard on a kernel to allow users to overclock the Vivid up to 1.89Ghz. More on the kernel and how you can get it installed on your device, after the break.Read More

How To Install ClockworkMod recovery & Permanently Root HTC Raider

If you own an HTC Raider Android phone from Bell or Rogers, you can now easily gain root access on your device in no time. We say Bell or Rogers because according to XDA-Developers forum member erik10002, he tested the rooting method on his device and it actually worked. The method, will work for the Bell/rogers HTC Raider only for now, and we cannot really confirm or comment on whether it will work outside of that or not. So if you own a Raider from Bell or Rogers, here’s how you can root your device!Read More

Overclock AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket To 1.83Ghz With Custom Kernel

Earlier we covered a post on overclocking the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II to 1.8Ghz with the Jugs custom kernel. 1.8Ghz is a massive overclock especially if you consider the fact that you’re overclocking a dual core processor. If you own an AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket, you might have felt left out, but not anymore thanks to XDA-Developers forum member Da_G, who has recently released a custom kernel ported over from the Jugs0.3 kernel to the Galaxy S II Skyrocket. Yes, this means your Skyrocket can now hit the 1.8Ghz mark! To be precise the the overclock supports a max of 1.83Ghz @ 1.3v and even gives you UV support, init.d support, boot animation support, compiler optimizations and is an insecure kernel itself for ADB root access.Read More

Gingerbread Leaked ROM For Samsung Droid Charge [Download & Install]

Earlier we covered the EP1F Gingerbread firmware leak for the Samsung Droid Charge, and that brought in some much needed improvements to the device that was stuck with the Android 2.2 Froyo Firmware as the latest offering. Now it seems like the Droid Charge is on the roll as an EP4P Gingerbread firmware has been leaked over at MyDroidWorld thanks to forum member p3droid. The leak is strictly unofficial, but has been tested for over 4 days apparently without any serious issues encountered. Being the first LTE Droid, and boasting some very impressive specs, running the Froyo firmware was almost shameful. Not anymore, and you know what makes this leak even hotter? The fact that the leak comes in 4 different packages. You have:
  • A stock and non rooted ROM.
  • A stock and rooted ROM.
  • A stock, deodexed and rooted ROM.
  • A deodexed, debloated and rooted ROM.
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Official 2.3.4 Gingerbread Update For Thunderbolt Available Now [Guide]

Finally there is some great news for Verizon HTC Thunderbolt users as official Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread is rolling out now. Like all other major updates, this process is going to happen OTA so make sure that you are connected to internet via W-Fi or 3G. This update for HTC Thunderbolt is jam packed with fixes and features. We believe that this update isn’t meant for users with root and it will be a great idea to wait for some custom ROM to come integrated with this update.Read More