AccessMenuBarApps: Hide Menu Bar Items When Pressed For Space [Mac]

If you’re someone who has transitioned from a Windows PC to a Mac, one of the many things you will appreciate is having a bar at the top and a dock at the bottom to house all your icons. When it comes to apps’ icons, both the menu bar and dock are precious real estate. While the menu bar is an easy access point for apps, you have to share it with app menus, and if you’re on a small screen, not all your icons will be visible. AccessMenuBarApps is a free Mac app that acts as a hider for app menus, letting you quickly hide and unhide menus either by a keyboard shortcut or a simple mouse gesture. Think of it as hiding unnecessary menus which you don’t need with a simple flick (or two) of the mouse.Read More

Remove Gmail’s New Icon-Based Toolbar & Bring Back Text Buttons [Tip]

Google made a number of changes to Gmail, which included a modification to the toolbar above conversations, where the text was replaced with icons. While some people liked this change, others felt that the text allowed them to easily distinguish between the different buttons, and it was easier to identify each button’s functionality. Lots of people will be quite happy to know that Google has included a tiny feature in Gmail's settings, which allows you to switch back to the toolbar with text instead of icons. Users can either select the icon-based toolbar or switch back to text. So, all those who want to go back to the old style, simply change the options from the Settings and enjoy browsing Gmail.Read More

Screen DIY: Get Free Themes & Icon Skins For Non-Jailbroken iPhone

Usually you can differentiate between a jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS device by merely looking at its Springboard. The amount of theming capabilities on offer via the Cydia store is pretty impressive, and the major portion of updates in the jailbreak store consists of themes and other cosmetic stuff for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. So, to quell the jealousy of all such iOS users who don’t have access to the Cydia store, there are many apps which can act as an alternative to applying custom themes to your iDevice. One such app is Screen DIY, which brings a lot of themes, icon skins and icon shelves to your non-jailbroken iDevice.Read More

IconRotator Adds Landscape Mode To iPhone & iPod touch Home Screen Icons [Cydia]

If you've used or own both an iPad and an iPhone (or iPod touch), you might have, at times, felt the lack of landscape mode within the home screen of the latter. When you rotate an iPad, the icons adjust themselves to match the physical orientation of the screen, but as the iPhone has a smaller screen, Apple didn’t deem it necessary to add a landscape mode to its Springboard. One developer in the Cydia store, however, disagrees. Ryan Petrich has just released a new tweak by the name of IconRotator, which rotates the icons and folders on the Springboard of your iPhone or iPod touch according to the device's orientation.Read More

MenuBar ReArranger: Define An Order For Menu Bar Icons On Mac [Paid]

Do you favor apps that will add icons to the menu bar as opposed to the Dock? If yes, then no doubt you save plenty of precious space on the Dock and trade it out for a little clutter on the menu bar. For many users this isn’t a bad trade off, but what can be a little annoying, to downright counter productive, is the order these app icons appear in. Every time you start your system, all apps that you've set to start at login rearrange themselves on the menu bar. It is makes it utterly pointless to remember which icon was where, and means you will need to take a good squint-eyed look at the menu bar each time you want to launch an app. MenuBar ReArranger is a very useful Mac app available for $4.99 in the Mac App Store that can solve this problem forever. The app does what you would expect to be native behavior in Mac (but isn’t), and lets you re-order the icons on the menu bar to suit your needs.Read More

Backdrop: Take Screenshots With Clean Desktop & Run Pixel Test [Mac]

We recently covered Screenshot Helper, a Mac app that assists you in taking screenshots. Backdrop is a similar app that lets you choose any one color as the desktop background or any image. The image/color is superimposed on your desktop such that it hides all the icons. Additionally, the app also allows you to run a pixel test on your screen to identify dead/stuck pixels. For a user defined interval, the app fills the entire screen with red, green, blue, white and black colors are off. You can choose to keep the icons on your desktop and use the app to put a cleaner wallpaper on the desktop. The app can hide icons across multiple monitors by applying the background color or image you’ve chosen over all displays.Read More

3 Apps To Change Mac Desktop, Save Icon Layout & Add Second Menu Bar

If you need a feature-rich image editor, or a really great app to edit and mash up videos, you wouldn’t normally go scourging for small apps, and you’d very likely be paying for what you need. For the bigger things you want to do on your Mac, there is a whole store full of them, but for smaller desktop managing needs, here are three apps that you might find useful. Secondbar lets you add a second menu bar to your Mac display, and you can extend it as a separate bar to a second monitor. The  bar can be dragged to any part of the screen, mirroring the original system menu bar in behavior. Desktop Icon Manager is a simple app that will memorize where you’ve positioned your icons, and will restore them to that point for you. Change Desktop is an app that lets you select several folders on your system, and display all images in them as wallpaper. The app expertly handles smaller photographs by complimenting the extra space with a color that brings the images out. More on these three after the break.Read More

MultiIconMover – Simultaneously Move Multiple Icons On Your iPhone

If you own an iPhone or iPad and are tired of rearranging SpringBoard icons one by one, you just might appreciate this little Cydia tweak. MultiIconMover performs a rather simple task of allowing you to select as many icons as you want on your screen and then move them to any destination you desire. If you like neatness a bit too much, like me, then you are sure to have run into the problem of having to move a lot of icons from one screen on the Springboard to another. MultiIconMover makes sure that you never see this as a problem again. Sure you will have to perform a few extra steps in order to move the icons, even if you are looking to relocate a single one, but most of the times it is going to worth the extra effort.Read More

Alphacon – The Invisibility Cloak For Your iPhone’s Icons & Icon Labels

You can probably cite a hundred reasons for getting an iPhone or iPad, but the reason that usually goes unspoken is the Wow factor. We all like to make others go “Wow!” when they see our latest gadgets. There was a time when simply owning an iDevice was enough to impress your friends, but times have changed and Apple’s huge success all around the world means that seeing an iPod Touch in someone’s hand has become a common occurrence rather than a rarity. So how can you get that extra edge over other similar devices? By showing off the awesome new looks you’ve got on your iPhone! It always boosts your pride a bit to hear people say, “How did you do that!”. Alphacon does just that by reducing the opacity of your icons (making them transparent) and/or hiding their labels completely.Read More

Use IconCommands To Get More Out Of Your iOS App Icons [Cydia Tweak]

After the release of a tweak to add lock screen gesture functionality to iPhone and iPad, there is now another one which uses gestures to add functionalities to icons in your device’s apps. Speed and efficiency is the name of the game here, as IconCommands succeeds in bringing you tasks related to any app, which previously required you to navigate all over your iOS device. The best thing about the tweak is its rather generic nature, as nothing available in IconCommands is too specific, and it is up to the users to configure the tweak and make things work just the way they want. If you have ever used Activator, you are sure to be reminded of it while enjoying IconCommands. Just like the older tweak, you can choose any app and define the gestures of your choice regarding its working. Some of the gestures available in IconCommands are customizable, while some are fixes. Similarly, you can target certain frequently used apps, or you can define gestures that will remain functional throughout the system. So if you are jailbroken user with access to the Cydia store, you are going to love IconCommands.Read More

Zlango Messaging – Texting Done Through Emoticons! [Android]

There are certain messages, feelings and gestures that cannot be described in words. Also, not all messages need to be sent in just plain text. If you are looking for an innovative way to convey your emotions and attitude to your friends then you should definitely try out Zlango Messaging for Android. With Zlango Messaging, you can free yourself from expressing your feelings through long text messages. No, we are not talking about sending multimedia messages nor are we discussing sending mails with attachments! Instead, you can send pictorial messages with visually exciting icons and smileys as a fun replacement for your text messages. Just type in a word and Zlango Messaging will convert it into a relevant icon. The app supports more than 800 different icons that can depict your exact mood while various icon themes and visually apt skins take your messaging experience to new heights.Read More

Simple Text For Android Lets You Make Icons Out Of Text

Simple Text For Android is a free (ad-supported), easy-to-use tool that allows you to create simple yet snazzy text-based icons with a few taps. Particularly useful for creating dock icons for home replacement apps the likes of ADW Launcher, LauncherPro and GO Launcher EX, the app lets you choose from two default styles (single and two-line text) and create your own templates. Icons created with Simple Text look surprisingly good as dock icon replacements, giving it a unique, elegant look.Read More

Application Folder Creates Customizable Folders On Android Homescreen

Although folders are nothing new to Android, their proper use has always been in question by hardcore users. Perhaps the rather bland and monotonous concept of folders in stock Android firmware has led many custom ROM developers to come up with goodies of their own. As a result, we are getting to see many uniquely designed and much purposeful folder apps arriving at a constant pace in the Android Market these days. Once such app that we recently came across is Application Folder -  a free (ad-supported) homescreen widget for Android that can be used to create highly customizable folders containing shortcuts to a user-defined group of apps, bookmarks and/or contacts. Now, you might be wondering how it is any better than the built-in folder creation feature seen in iOS-inspired Android launchers the likes of GO Launcher EX and MIUI’s native launcher. For starters, you can choose a separate icon for each folder that you create using Application Folder. Furthermore, folders can be set to display contained shortcuts (when tapped) in either a side-scrollable badge or the conventional window view. Application is all about hyper-customization; it packs quite a few interesting features that we shall explore past the break.Read More

10 Awesome MIUI Themes [Android]

The MIUI custom ROM for Android is rapidly growing in popularity owing, in part, to the flexibility and ease of customization that it offers. The ROM may not be the most stable one out there, but its slight instability is a small price to pay for the quality of its native applications and the degree of freedom it offers with UI customization. MIUI’s native Theme Manager allows users to apply skins to the lockscreen, native launcher, messaging and dialer applications, use custom icon packs, install custom boot animations and alter framework UI elements selectively or all at once with only a few taps – no flashing required.If you’re an MIUI user who doesn’t get the time to look for the best themes out there, are new to MIUI or use another ROM and are curious as to what all the fuss is about, join us after the jump for ten of the most popular and/or unique MIUI themes out there. Note that they are the top best themes out there.Read More

Make Your Android Device Icons Look More 3D [Tip]

One of the things that allow human beings to perceive things in three dimensions (3D) is the depth of field. When you focus on something that is close, the objects in the background become out of focus. This lets our mind know which object is close and which is farther away, and hence capture the right dimensions for the object. It is not possible that out mind focuses both near and far objects at the same time.With this tip, we will guide you how to make the icons on your Android phone appear more 3D by moving the background wallpaper to a more unfocused and blurred state, with the result that icons appear to float above the wallpaper.Read More

Hide Mac Desktop Shortcuts & Files With Camouflage

So your desktop is cluttered with files and shortcuts that you don’t know what to do about, and they’re ruining your beautiful desktop background? Camouflage is the tool you may want to check out. This application hides all your desktop icons and leaves nothing but the background wallpaper. Hidden icons can be easily toggled with hotkeys and right-click menu.Read More

Easy Way To Restore And Keep Desktop Icon Layout In Windows

The desktop is perhaps the most used and relied-upon location, we use it for temporarily storing documents, images, and so on, keeping track of things, fill it with soon-to-be-needed or frequently accessed data. Organization freaks like myself take advantage of the desktop by keeping icons in carefully mapped places. For example, I prefer to keep application shortcuts aligned with the left border of my desktop, while documents and images go alongside the right end. Most frequently accessed apps are hanging close to the top.Read More

How To Increase Icon Spacing In Windows 7

Are you looking for a way to adjust the spacing between the icons on your windows 7 desktop? In Windows 7 now it is possible to increase the space between the icons. Simply go through the following easy steps to increase or decrease the icon spacing.Read More

Take Full Control Over Your Windows Desktop Icons With Iconoid

Do you want to change background color of the desktop icons, change the text color of the these icons, save and restore the positions of your desktop icons, or simply want to reduce the clutter on your desktop?Iconoid is a free tool for Windows that gives a user complete control over all his/her desktop icons. You can customize the color of your icons, hide them, select a background, position them easily, or do whatever you want.Read More