How To Find The Dominant Colors In An Image [macOS]

Good design takes time and often years of experience and experimentation to get right.It is built on certain conventions and rules that serve as the basis of a good design. A common example of a design convention is the use of contrasting colors to make text look better on a colored background. Vaunt is a free macOS that lets you find the dominant colors in an image. It's a simple menu bar utility that you can drag & drop imaged on to. It will find the dominant colors in an image and display all shades of it that appear in the image. You can click a color and its HEX code will automatically be copied to your clipboard. Read More

How To Markup Images In The Messages App In iOS 10

Annotating documents and photos is one of the easiest ways to provide feedback. If you're on your phone or a tablet, it's all the easier if you can just write and/or draw directly on the photo or document without needing a special app to do it. In iOS 9, Apple saw how important image annotation was as a productivity tool and included some powerful image annotation features in the Mail app. With iOS 10, Apple has brought those same features to the Messages app. Any image that you want to share via iMessages or SMS/MMS, you can now annotate without leaving the app. Here's how. Read More

Voralent Antelope Optimize JPEGs & PNGs In Bulk, Delete EXIF Data

When you save an image file, it’s easy to just accept your default image settings, and click File > Save to get what’s been factory set. But that probably means you’ll always be using the same file compression, and unless you’ve tuned this to an optimum level, your final images could end up being ten times larger than they need to be. Fortunately, image optimization is not an unusual concept and  various apps let you compress the size of your images. But working with multiple images can be tedious too. If this is a problem you often face, Voralent Antelope is a beautiful Windows application that tries to simplify this process by allowing you to optimize JPEG and PNG files in batch. It sports simple drag and drop usage, allowing you to easily add images to the application and optimize them in no time. Read More

DocuFreezer Converts MS Doc, Excel, PPT Files To PDF & Images [Windows]

DOCX has become a worldwide document type standard and you no doubt deal with these files fairly regularly if you use Microsoft Office. But sometimes you want to prevent your documents from being altered by others. And it seems rather handy to have them converted into an image or PDF file to prevent any misuse. Previously we’ve covered a ton of applications that let you convert text documents to viewable-only PDF or image files or vice versa. DocuFreezer is a new tool from the folks at fCoder that easily and effectively batch converts Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents to PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG. Read More

View Size, Dimensions, URL & Other Details Of Web Images From Right-Click Context Menu [Chrome]

When Google revised its design for Google Images and rolled out the new results view, it also incorporated additional details about images such as the image size in the thumbnail and filters on the side for narrowing your search result. Google recognized that when looking for images, users might be looking for a particular size or type of image and that is true whether you’re browsing Flickr, Picasa or any other website. Image-Details is a Chrome extension that aims to make this task easier. The extension adds an Image-Details option to the right-click context menu, which when clicked, displays a window that lists the file name, type, MIME type, size, dimensions, source URL, and the option to download the image to local storage. Read More For Windows: Easily Transfer Images Between Multiple Social Networks & Web Services

Sharing is caring. As much as we love to view our favorite photos, we do the same when sharing them with our folks. There are hundreds (or maybe thousands?) of image sharing websites available out there now that allow you to easily upload your files and share them with your friends and family. For instance Instagram has become a limelight of many people's interest lately. If you use multiple photo sharing and social media websites, you may want a cloud data management tool instead that can help you with your online image galleries. Previously, we covered an application for Windows called Migratr that lets you move these pictures to popular photo sharing services including Flickr, Google Picasa, Photobucket and so on. Another one such service that i came across today is It is a web service that allows you to transfer hundreds of images and videos between multiple social media networks and image uploading websites including Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, MySpace, Picasa, Photobucket and more. Details to follow. Read More

Capture Timed Screenshots & Copy Them To The Clipboard

Screenshots are a great way to make boring and complicated tutorials easy. Moreover, there are times when you can't explain something only in words, and a screenshot does wonders for in getting the message across. Imagine how bland the articles here at AddictiveTips would look if we stop adding screenshots with the text. We have covered a lot of useful screenshot taking tools, such as GreenShot (reviewed here) and Shotty (reviewed here), which let you take screenshots of your complete desktop screen, a particular window or a specific region. Today, we have another screenshot application called Gadwin PrintScreen, to add to the list of good screenshots taking tools. The application allows you to take screenshots using a hotkey, has four capture modes, saves the captured image to a file as well as Windows Clipboard, and specify the file format and image size for saving the screenshot. Read More

Photo Filter Factory: Countless Image Effects, Batch-Resizing & Conversion

Nowadays, people upload hundreds of images on different image hosting websites, such as Flickr, Imgur, ImageShack etc. Apart from these public sharing websites, social media networks, such as Facebook and Google +, have also gained a lot of popularity in photo sharing circles. The Instragram app, available for both iPhone and Android, is famous for allowing users to apply beautiful filters to their images, making them look as if they were professionally shot and edited. A while back, we covered a Windows application called Perfect Effects 3 that allows you to apply multiple Instagram-like photo filters in layers, one over the other, or to specific parts of an image from its library of 30 professional effects. Today, we have another image editing application called Photo Filter Factory, which contains over 4000 different image filters and effects to choose from. Additionally, it allows you to apply frames to images, correct brightness and contrast, change image size, adjust image scale and batch convert images to different formats and sizes. Read More

GBResequence: Sort Images & Manage Their Sequence For Time-Lapse Videos

Creating a time-lapse video can become a tedious task, especially when you're dealing with hundreds of images that you want to add to an application that creates time-lapse video of specified images. If you're a photography enthusiast, then you may know that time-lapse video cannot be created unless you sort image files in a correct order. Since Windows doesn't natively offer an easy way to quickly sort images in a folder, you can use an application like GBResequence to manage image sequences used in time-lapse videos. In addition, it has the ability to copy and rename selected images in a folder without having to manually configure the file renaming settings. The application also provides a preview of  files including JPG, BMP, GIF, EXIF, PNG, TIFF and Canon Raw formats CR2 and CRW. Read More

Amoneon: Add Neon Brush Strokes, Shapes & Text To Images [Mac]

Slightly complicated but worth figuring out nonetheless, Amoneon is a free Mac app that lets you edit your pictures. The major feature that the apps boasts of, is its neon brush that you can use to paint over an image. It has a whole host of additional great features other than the neon brush; you can add shapes, solid color and gradient overlays, resize, crop, manage the hue, saturation, contrast and brightness of an image, and add text. The effects are brilliant, and in addition to the neon light brush, Amoneon also lets you add neon spirographs to an image. The dimensions of shapes that you add to an image can be customized, as well as the color and opacity. If used the right way, the app and it’s gradient overlay effects act as an excellent way of adding colorized effects to photos. The images bear no watermark; however, the app saves to its own format that you have to append an image format extension to. Read More

Perfect Effects 3: Apply Instagram-Like Photo Filters In Layers Or To Specific Parts Of Images

Most Android and iOS users prefer the acclaimed Instagram over other image editing & sharing apps. Although you can view Instagram images using numerous third-party web apps, you cannot change the effects within the app or create new ones. For PC, we have previously covered a number of photo styling applications such as Easy Photo Effects, and Pho.toPerfect Effects 3 is another awesome application that comes packed with an Instagram-like effects library. It includes a total of 30 professional effects that are divided into four categories namely Effects, Instant, Textures and Borders. In addition, it contains a number of masking controls that let you apply effects to selective parts of an image. The app allows applying effects in layers, which means you can combine multiple effects together with varying intensities, and apply the combined effect to the image. The application works both independently and as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom and Apple Aperture. Read More

Redimensionneur: Batch-Resize Images, Add Filename Suffix & Apply Image/Text Watermarks

In order to perform numerous image editing tasks, most users choose to install multiple applications, but having so many tools installed on your system not only creates unnecessary clutter, but also reduces efficiency. If you don't want the hassle of having to use multiple image editors to perform some basic tasks, you might want to try previously reviewed Converseen, an open-source image converter and resizer that supports more than 100 image formats and allows you to convert, resize and rename an unlimited number of images in one go. However, it lacks the option to save the settings to re-execute the batch image editing operation. Today we have a simple, yet a powerful image manipulation tool called Redimensionneur (Resize image in mass), which allows you to resize images, add a suffix to their names, create thumbnails, and add text and image watermarks. Read on for pertaining details and a few screenshots. Read More

PhotoGrok: EXIF-Based Image & File Viewer With Metadata Filters

EXIF, or Exchangeable Image File Format, is a standard that specifies the formats for images, sound and other important tags commonly used by digital cameras, scanners and other systems, which handle recorded image and sound files. You can view this metadata information in the default Windows properties of images and other files. The default Windows Explorer lists down all meta data of images in the Details view, but it is a bit limited in its EXIF data representation. Handling an image collection using just the default options can be a bit difficult for a professional photographer. PhotoGrok is a Java-based application that allows you to view images and other file types grouped together according to metadata. More on PhotoGrok after the break. Read More

Textaizer Pro: One Text Mosaic & ASCII Art Generator To Rule Them All

For those of you who aren't familiar with ASCII art, it's a form of graphic designing wherein a photo is made entirely out of the characters from the ASCII chart. Basically, it is text-based visual art that can be created with any text editor. However, manually creating ASCII art takes up a lot of time and requires a lot of concentration. If you want to convert an existing photo, for instance, a photo of yourself, into ASCII art, you can use a software to do the job for you. Previously, we reviewed ASCII Generator (an open source application that lets you convert images to text-based art, allows adjustment of density levels, brightness, contrast and dither of the converted images). Today, we have a similar application with a much more extensive set of options. Meet Textaizer Pro, a text mosaic and ASCII art creator for Windows; perhaps the best, most comprehensive one we've come across so far. Read More

Multiff: Extract, Combine, Delete & Reorder Pages In TIFF Images

TIFF or Tagged Image File Format is a file format which is used for storing image used by both amateur and professional photographers. The ability of TIFF (.tiff, .tif) format to save multiple images into one makes it different from other image formats. Although, the default Windows Image and fax viewer allows you to view multipage TIFF files, it does not allow you to manipulate the image in any way. Multiff is an application for Windows that allows you to perform multiple editing tasks on a TIFF file, including page split, image page extraction, deletion & insertion, image page replacement, combining multiple TIFF files into one and a lot more. Moreover, it lets you  convert images into different file formats, including PDF, JPG, DCX, AVI and ICO. Keep reading past the break to find out more about Multiff. Read More

OpenPhoto: Share & Manage Photos, Save To Dropbox, Amazon S3 & Box [Web, iOS]

Gone are the days when we would stuff up our hard drives with thousands of images and copy them to USB flash drive if we had to show them to our family and friends. Now, people just upload the images to an online image uploading/ sharing website and give the recipients a link to the album. There are certainly numerous online photo sharing services available out there, which allow users to upload pictures, such as Flickr, Minus, Instagram, Imgur, Photobucket etc., but OpenPhoto is a unique, open-source photo sharing service that lets you use your Dropbox storage for not only sharing photo, but also uploading and organizing photo albums in an efficient manner. The uploaded images can be saved to OpenPhoto servers or synced with your Dropbox, or Amazon S3 accounts. It lets you easily toggle the privacy settings between Public and Private, change the License type of uploaded images, and share images with a particular group. That's not all; the web service also has a simple-to-use iOS client for on-the-go gallery management, and an Android app in the pipeline. Read More

PictBear: Beginner-Friendly Image Editor With Layer Support & Downloadable Brushes

In the past few months, we have covered some very useful and comprehensive free image editing tools, such as Artweaver Free and PixBuilder. These tools were so good that we took the liberty of comparing them with Adobe Photoshop. Even though they are not as comprehensive as Adobe Photoshop, they have a handsome number of image editing options bundled within to become a contender to Adobe's image manipulation giant. Today, we have another free software, which, in our humble opinion, is worthy enough to join the ranks of Artweaver Free and PixBuilder. With full layer support, an easy to use interface and options allowing users to micro-edit their images down to a pixel, PictBear is definitely worth a try if you are looking for a free software that meets your casual, as well as professional, image editing requirements. The capability of the application does not end here; additional downloadable plugins further increase the usefulness of the application by allowing you to add more filters, brushes, etc. Keep reading to find out more about the features offered by PictBear. Read More

[Giveaway] CopyLess For Mac: Manage & View Clipboard Content By App

Clipboard managers aren’t hard to find, and they are extremely useful since they let you get a whole lot more out of your default clipboard. Most clipboard managers focus on text snippets and there are few that will allow you to copy images and more. CopyLess is a Mac app worth $4.99 in the Mac App Store that extends your clipboard up to 100 items, lets you copy items in just about every format supported by Mac OS X and filters your snippets by the app they were copied from. Additionally, the app lets you favorite snippets that can be pasted using a custom shortcut, paste the last ten snippets via keyboard shortcut and wipe any text clean of its formatting before pasting it. Read More

Bump: Now Transfer Photos To Your Computer By Bumping Your Phone With The Space Bar! [Android, iOS]

Getting photos off your iPhone (or into it, for that matter) has never been exceptionally easy (especially when compared with Android). Taking photos with the iPhone’s camera is no issue, granted, but when it comes to importing photos from your PC to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, iTunes is generally your only bet. When we connect these devices to a PC using the USB cable, the camera roll is accessible, but imagine being at a friend’s place and wanting to transfer your recent snaps to their PC, and finding yourself wanting a USB cable? Such situations are not uncommon, and they’re proportionately frustrating. The infamous iOS and Android app, Bump, brought with its rather-peculiarly-silent update an awesome transfer method for all your photos from your phone to any computer, particularly for iOS devices (doesn’t mean it isn’t supported on Android). Details past the break. Read More

Snapheal: Retouch & Remove Unwanted Objects From Images On Mac

Image editing apps aren’t rare for Mac, but the majority of them focus on adding color filters, image effects or cropping and rotating a picture. As far as real image editing goes where you can actually add or remove elements within the image, the apps that let you do that are rare. Snapheal is a Mac app worth $14.99 in the Mac app store that lets you erase objects in an image, retouch, rotate and crop images. It has a powerful retouch feature that allows you to adjust the contrast, saturation, sharpness, blur, and light intensity for any particular area on the image. You can compare your two images and save them to any format of your choice. Read More