Facebook Pages Manager For iPhone Lets You View Page Insights, Post & Moderate On The Go

If you own or manage multiple (or even one) Facebook pages, then you should know that the mobile version and the official iOS app for the social network simply aren’t enough to get everything done on the go. You can view notifications related to your Facebook pages and post content, but the procedure is not streamlined at all. Apparently, Facebook agrees with this too, and that is why Facebook Pages Manager has been released. The official Facebook app lets you manage all your Facebook pages in one place, from the convenience of your mobile device. Not only that, Facebook Pages Manager will show you the statistics for each page, and insights for individual posts on that page! So, if you own an iDevice and moderate a few Facebook pages, read on to know all about this super useful app.Read More

[Giveaway] Mailsum: Mac Email Client That Tells You How Well You Handle Your Mail

If you’re someone who operates more than one email ID, and most people usually juggle a work and personal ID, you know that it isn’t always easy to manage the two side by side. Additionally, email is one of those things that just eat away at your time; if you don’t read/answer email, your work gets hampered, but if you set to answering every single email, you might just end up neglecting other important tasks. It’s one of the double-edged swords of modern day. Mailsum is a Mac app worth $4.99 that might help you manage your email better; the app gives you insight into how you handle email on your Mac. It gives a detailed account of how often you send and reply to emails, how much time you take to respond to an email, how many go unanswered and much more.Read More

think with Google: Find Articles, Videos & Insights On Latest Trends & Technology [Web]

think with Google is a simple service that lets you look into industry trends and insights by letting you browse articles, interviews with leaders, case studies and other data. think with Google’s mission is to engage the industry in conversation about the digital world and its future, discover new ways to approach business and better ways to serve customers. Think with Google is comprised of three main categories, Think insights, Think Quarterly and Think Voices. think quarterly is a place for innovators who lend their insights on the digital future, whereas think voices lets you listen to industry leaders who share their ideas about the current global issues. The last category, think insights, is an online resource that covers topics from consumer behavior to digital media trends.Read More

Webmaster For WP7: Keep Track Of A Website’s Analytics On The Go

If you are a blogger, or are running a monetized web service, then you must know the importance of keeping an eye on your website’s page rank and other analytical statistics. However, it is not always possible to sit in front of a computer to view all such information. So, if you are on Windows Phone 7, now you can use the newly released free app, Webmaster, and see any site’s page rank and all other relevant stats. Not only that, the app also keeps the sites you visit saved in its homepage list, and you can keep track of their page rank at a single glance. Webmaster is the sort of app that can prove to be useful for both serious website admins and ordinary visitors.Read More