Use Your Favorite DirectShow Decoder In Windows Media Player & Media Center

You may know that Windows 7 uses its own set of media codecs to decode certain type of audio and video formats, when using the native utilities. This can be a major hindrance for folks who watch their videos using Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center, as the default Windows decoder is a little bland, when compared to third-party decoders such as the likes of ffdshow, CoreAVC, MPCVideoDec etc. Although, you can use a few registry tweaks to force Windows to use third-party filters, we understand that not everyone wants to take the risk of playing with Registry Editor anyway. Win7DSFilterTweaker provides a simple solution to this very problem. The software has been developed to force Windows Media Player or Media Center to use any of your favorite DirectShow video decoder. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of third-party DirectShow filters including LAV Video, ffdshow, MPCVideoDec, CoreAVC H.264, DivX MPEG-4, Gabest MPEG-2, Bitcontrol MPEG-2, MONOGRAM AAC and so on.Read More

Turn Off Display, Pause Media, Notify Contacts When Locking Windows Desktop

Locking down your machine when leaving your desk is a nice way to protect your privacy, but the display remaining on which means power is being wasted constantly while no productive work is happening. Also, if you were chatting with someone on any IM client, chances are that they’d be left wondering as to why you were not replying. Similar goes for any playing media that would continue to play in the background, despite the system being locked.Read More