Download & Install Android 4.4 KitKat Apps On Any Jelly Bean Device

So, you haven’t been able to sleep properly since yesterday after hearing about the launch of the Nexus 5, along with Android 4.4 KitKat, and can’t wait to get your hands on Google’s latest OS and device? Well, how about getting the goodies of KitKat and Nexus 5 on your existing device, while you wait for yours to get shipped (or spend your time envying those who have managed to order one)? Thanks to several community sources out there who managed to get their hands on the Nexus 5 system dump, we now have the APK files for all KitKat apps that shipped with the Neuxs 5, and what’s great is that many of them run just fine on any Android 4.1, 4.2 or 4.3 Jelly Bean device. In what follows, we’ll be taking a look at many of these apps, complete with the download links for their APK files, and installation instructions.Read More

CloudOn: Compose & Edit Office Word, Excel & PowerPoint Documents On iPad, Android Tablets

iPad might be the most popular tablet in the world, but there are certain things that just aren’t meant to be for iOS. One such thing is the Office suite by Microsoft, which, despite being the most popular documentation tool in use, does not have an iOS version. Nevertheless, the huge number of apps present in the App Store ensures that users have some good alternatives available for the original Office. CloudOn brings Microsoft Office to the iPad, allowing you to edit and compose Office documents, view PDF and image files & upload your work with Dropbox, Google Drive & Box. While using the app, you are likely to feel that you are using Word, Excel or PowerPoint on your PC rather than on a mobile device, thanks to the stark similarities in interface. Update: The app is now available for Android tablets as well.Read More

OfficeSuite Viewer 5: View Local & Cloud Documents On The Go [Android]

Although there are quite a few handy document viewing and editing solutions available across all major mobile/smartphone platforms, few surpass (or even match) the comprehensive list of features that Mobisystem’s OfficeSuite has to offer. New to the Android Market, OfficeSuite Viewer 5 allows you to access and view documents stored locally on your device or in the cloud, supports around a dozen widely used international languages, and almost all the popular document types known to date. As of this writing, the app supports file formats include DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, LOG, XLS, XLSX, CSV, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, EML, PDF and ZIP, and syncs documents from your Dropbox, Google Docs and Box accounts. The app even sports a dual-pane display mode for Honeycomb devices that makes excellent use of the larger screen real-estate that tablets provide.Read More

How To Recover Your Lost SkyDrive Files To The Office Hub In WP7

Being a product from Microsoft, Windows Phone 7 enjoys deep integration with SkyDrive and MS Office, and the two features are rather well-interconnected. The documents or notes you store in the Office hub of your WP7 device are synced directly with your SkyDrive account. However, as with any smartphone platform, stability issues might arise in any area of the OS. For the past few days, Mango users have panicked upon finding that their notes and docs stored in the Office Hub have suddenly vanished from their SkyDrive account. Any attempt to retrieve them, resulted in an error message, declaring that files can not be recovered and have been deleted from the servers. Fortunately, that is not the case, and these files can be recovered easily. Read on to find out how.Read More

Backup And Restore MS Office & Windows Activation Tokens

Microsoft imposes a limit on number of times Windows or other Microsoft paid applications license keys can be activated on different PCs. Take Windows 7 as an instance, you can use your license activation key for only 10 times and after that you will need to purchase a new license. If you’re already running short of Windows 7 license activation keys due to constant re-installation of Windows, you can use 7Token Manager, which attempts to save the tokens of activated Windows 7 in order to use it again later. However, if 7Token Manager fails to activate Windows back in offline mode, there is one tool which you can try before giving up all hope. Advance Tokens Manager is a powerful Windows 7/Vista and MS Office 2010/2007 activation token backup tool which lets you save and restore both Microsoft products’ activation keys with a single click.Read More

Leo Helps Beginners Learn Facebook, Firefox, iTunes and MS Office

Leo is an application that guides users who are new to MS Office, Firefox, Facebook and iTunes. It functions in two modes, the Guide Me and Do it mode. A task can selected to perform (e.g. importing bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox) by searching it out and selecting it in Leo and run it in either of the two mode. In the Do it mode the application/website automatically opens and areas are highlighted to perform the task. On the contrary, the Guide Me mode opens the app and shows a demo to perform the task.Read More

OOo4kids Is Office Suite Designed For Kids In 7-12 Age Bracket

These days kids mostly use computers for gaming, or in some instances, browsing. When it comes to kids’ usage of computers, special care and attention is needed, in that determining what they see, who they interact with, how they spend their time and quite a lot more. Various services and programs have been developed to help kids interact with computers more productively and learn while having fun. Amongst such programs and services comes a contribution from the open source community, in the form of OOo4kids. Derived from OpenOffice, this is a version of OpenOffice especially designed for 7 to 12 year olds. It comes with a word processor, a spreadsheet program and a graphics application. The interface is colorful and attractive, designed with young minds in view.Read More

Clean Office 2010 With CCleaner 2.32.1165

The latest version of CCleaner supports Office 2010 along with various enhancements and additions. Diving inside, we found that it mostly removes the .LNK files which are shortcuts. Removing them from the registry cleans the clutter but won’t make a huge impact on the system.Read More

Outlook’s PST File Format Is Finally Open To Developers

One of the major complains from developers regarding Microsoft's popular email client, Outlook, was that the Personal Folders (.PST) file being closed. Since every data is stored inside the PST file and it could only be accessed via Outlook or Windows-focused APIs, developers who wanted to read or write data to it were facing difficulty.Read More

TextMaker Viewer 2010: Open Docx Documents With Ease

MS Office has always been the office suite of choice for most users, and naturally MS Word became the word processor of choice for the majority of users. With MS Office 2007, Microsoft revamped a lot of features, bringing in more users, and now, if you have been following us regularly, the upcoming 2010 version of Office is even more promising. Hence Word remains a king in word processors. Next spot is taken by the rising open source alternative, the OpenOffice, with its OpenDocument format.Read More

Access 2010: Import Worksheet From Excel 2010

You can share data between Access 2010 and Excel 2010 in many ways. Excel worksheet consists of cells that are organized into columns and rows, Access  recognize them as fields and records. Access 2010 provides an easy way to import Excel worksheets, this post will explain in detail how to import worksheet in Access from Excel 2010.Read More

Access 2010: Import Contacts From Outlook Address Book

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is one of the best applications to manage and maintain multiple address books. With the ability to exchange data with Microsoft Access 2010, you can import contacts from Outlook Address Book for performing different operations over them. This guide may help you in situations where you need to quickly populate the contact table in Access with your Outlook contacts for creating different contact-related rules and tasks. As you may know Access offers a wide range of features to sort and organize data, you can use the address book and tweak different fields to create a compact contact list, which contains only the required contact information. The Access import feature enables you to select the fields' data that you wish to import and create table for. Therefore, you can easily select the fields from Outlook Address book and insert them into your Contacts table. This post covers how to import address book from Outlook to Access 2010.Read More

Migrate Excel Phone Lists To Outlook 2010 Address Book

You don’t need a 3rd party tool to migrate the phone list in excel spreadsheet and convert them into Outlook 2010 contacts. You can import the contacts from excel file to outlook using the build-in features, as detailed here. But most Excel spreadsheets do not have properly formatted phone list, this is where Excel 2 Outlook (e2o) comes useful.Read More