Use Recipes To Create Random Passwords That You Won’t Need To Remember [Paid]

I remember when I first signed up for Lastpass. It was at the end of the work day and I decided that I'd save my various login IDs and passwords to it later. The next day, Lastpass was hacked. Now, Lastpass is a very popular service that takes security very seriously but that hack scared me enough that I never wanted to rely on a password vault. I've had to rely on my memory to remember passwords and I've had to recover my password many times, many. PasswordChef is a $2.99 iOS app that is essentially a password vault but with a unique way of storing passwords; through recipes. The recipes are basically steps that, when performed as instructed, spell out your password for the service they were created for.Read More

Master Password: Off-Line Password Generator & Vault For Desktop & Mobile

In light of recent security leak scandals, people are beefing up security on their personal accounts to paranoid levels. Security is always at a premium and to serve that end there are numerous solutions available. Solutions that secure imagesindividual folders, apps (android and iOS) and even bookmarks. The irony of security is that security providers seem to want more of your personal information to improve security. In order to really secure certain online services, you can add anything from fingerprint verification to phone confirmation, implying that in case of a security breach, not only is your web service compromised, so is your fingerprint ID and your personal phone number. However, Master Password for Mac, Java desktop, iOS and Android (beta) makes it easy for you to remain secure without the hassle of memorizing any complicated strings. Here's how.Read More

F-Secure KEY Is A Secure Password Manager For Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

Password managers provide a secure solution for keeping your user account info accessible to you, yet out of plain sight and safe from unauthorized access by others. There are a ton of such applications out there that are capable of making password management a breeze, with LastPass, Dashlane, KeePass and 1Password being among the popular choices. Antivirus and online security software maker F-Secure has now also launched its own password manager dubbed F-Secure KEY for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Working in a similar fashion as the other aforementioned tools, KEY lets you generate secure passwords and secure your existing user accounts by keying them all to one master password. Passwords can also be synced between devices, and are automatically filled out in login fields to make logging into websites a breeze.Read More

Keeper Is A Cross-Platform Password Vault With WiFi Sync & Cloud Backup

Many of us use weak passwords and to make things worse, reuse the same ones on different websites. The reason behind this is the difficulty in remembering different passwords; the lengthier and more complex a password is, the more secure it is, but at the same time, the harder it becomes to remember. Password managers provide a handy solution to this problem by letting you store your login information for different websites in one secure vault, and reuse it whenever needed. There are the basic kinds of password managers that store information offline on your computer’s storage, and then there are more advanced ones that not only save login data online, but also have apps for smartphones like iPhone and Android. Keeper is one such application that is quite feature-rich. Sporting a really great design, it protects your login information in an encrypted database, and sync it across Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS and Android.

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What Is iCloud Keychain & How To Set It Up On iOS

Released after Apple's event came to an end yesterday, iOS 7's third incremental update, iOS 7.0.3, brought with it long-awaited fixes for iMessage and certain UI animations that seem to have been triggering nausea in users. The star of the update, however, was the inclusion of iCloud's 'Keychain' sub-feature that was announced for iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks earlier this year. In what follows, we explain what Keychain is and how you can set it up on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Read More

Safe In Cloud Is A PC & Android Password Manager That Uses Your Cloud Storage For Syncing

When it comes to password managers, LastPass pretty much seals the deal for most of us. That said, there are several other choices that keep popping up on the scene. One of them that I recently came across is Safe In Cloud for Windows and Android. The interesting bit about Safe In Cloud is that, unlike LastPass, it synchronizes your passwords to your own cloud storage and supports Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and The application has a really clean interface, and does a wonderful job of safely storing passwords, notes, credit card numbers, email accounts and more. It keeps your all passwords in an encrypted database shielded by 256-bit AES encryption, making it quite safe and secure. What’s more, it can also import and export data between other password managers, and sports full browser integration with Firefox and Chrome.Read More

Save & Share Login Info From Desktop & Mobile Web With Intuitive Password

The easiest way to remember passwords, especially if you have a lot of accounts with many different services, is to use the same set of passwords over and over again. That's also one of the most insecure, downright dangerous, and highly susceptible to getting hacked en masse ways. You should always follow the basic guidelines for settings a strong password: mix up upper and lower case alphabets, numbers, special characters and a voodoo chant. There's already a solution out there for remembering passwords: password managers. Some operating systems come with the feature built in, i.e. OS X and Ubuntu, along with browsers that have their own (albeit less secure) password manager, and then there are services and extensions like LastPass that make up for any gaps that might have been left. Intuitive Password is a service that allows you to store passwords, credit card information, and network & system login details online. Each entry you make has additional fields apart from the normal username and password fields that allow you to save your secret question/answer, and also the name and web address of the service it's for. It also helps in cases where you have multiple email accounts and aren't sure which one you used to sign up for a particular service.Read More

Dashlane Gets Improved Desktop App UI, Two-Step Authentication & Built-In Browser On Android

Dashlane is one of the most popular password managers and security vaults for sensitive information that you enter in your browser. The service and its apps work with your browsers to save and auto-fill important information, eliminating your dependence on your browser's own password manager and auto-fill feature, which isn't the most secure place for important data and doesn't work across different browsers. Dashlane updated both its Mac and PC apps a while back, as well as its Android app. Both Mac and PC apps have had a design overhaul as well as the addition of a 'Security dashboard' that finds security loopholes or possible flaws on your system and tells you how to fix them. It's also adds 2-factor authentication via Google Authenticator. The Android app has also received two-factor authentication and in addition, now offers an in-app browser that you can sign into easily with the account information you've saved in Dashlane, and supports both portrait and landscape orientation.Read More

PassBox Is A Windows Password Vault With A Metro-Inspired UI

After more than a year using LastPass, this nifty little password manager has become my first choice for many reasons. I use it in Firefox, Chrome and even my Android device. Thanks to its handy synchronization feature, I can easily access my login info associated with social networks, email providers and other online services no matter which platform I am using. It’s secure and robust, but there’s one thing that might not make it a good choice for everyone. Even though LastPass’s powerful cloud features are worth an applause, not everyone likes to keep their private information on the cloud. So if you’re looking for an offline password manager, try taking PassBox for a spin. This Metro UI-inspired app sits quite nicely with Windows 8 and lets you store your account login information without requiring to sign up for a service for this.Read More

Disable Firefox Remember Password Popup While Keeping Password Manager Enabled

Like other leading browsers, Firefox has a password manager that offers to remember your password every time you log into any website or web service. If you don’t want it to remember the password for a particular website ever, you can disable the feature for that website by using the dropdown arrow next to the 'Remember Password' button on the popup and asking it to never offer to remember passwords for the current website. This popup appears on every website and the only way to hide it is to disable the password manager altogether from Firefox’s options. The downside of doing this is that Firefox will no longer automatically fill the login and password info for websites that you've asked it to remember passwords for. If you still want to use the feature but are annoyed by the popup appearing on every page where you sign in, give Password Dialog Begone a try. It’s a Firefox add-on that blocks the popup without disabling the password manager entirely. Read More

PassLook Is A Light, Portable Password Vault For Windows & Mac OS X

Password managers first started to grab my attention when I began using LastPass – a staggeringly useful utility that keeps all my credentials securely in one place. I don’t have to remember my passwords anymore, as LastPass perfectly handles this job. However, LastPass isn’t the only app that offers this amazing service; you can find a plethora of other similar tools that provide a virtual vault for storing your login information pertaining to emails, applications and other confidential stuff. Meet PassLook – a very simple and minimalistic Windows and Mac OS X app that allows you to maintain a secure, encrypted database of all your passwords. While PassLook comes nowhere near LastPass in terms of design and features, it can prove useful for those looking for a lightweight and more importantly, portable password manager. Read More

Official Android App For Online Password Vault Dashlane Now Available

Dashlane has the distinction of being one of the most widely used and trusted cross-platform online password vaults for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS-powered devices. Once installed on your computer, the app has the capacity to fetch login information from your various web browsers, store them all under one roof using a fool-proof AES-256 bit encryption, and keep all the accounts in sync with your other (computer and mobile) devices, allowing you to auto-fill online forms and switch between multiple accounts without going through the tedious chores of hectic signups. While our detailed review of the official Windows and Mac variant of Dashlane should be enough to list out the desktop app’s salient offerings, we’ll keep our focus intact on the recently-released Android variant that aims to help you with carrying your personal security vault with you on-the-go. A feature-packed iOS variant of Dashlane has been around in the iTunes App Store for quite some time now, and going by the comprehensiveness of that particular app, the Android equivalent happens to be a far cry. Why? We shall explore past the break.Read More

Manage Your Passwords By Type & Generate Detailed Reports About Them

Protecting valuable data - both online and offline - requires multiple passwords of varied strengths in an attempt to prevent any hacking or eavesdropping. In this quest to ensure privacy and security, you may have found yourself perplexed by a long list of passwords, scattered in your mind. Many of us call to aid the ‘Forgot your password’ feature online, or the ‘Security Question’ to save us in such times, or utilities to auto-save the key strings for immediate access. Access Manager, on the other hand, lets you professionally handle this problem by organizing all passwords with embedded notes, document link and type for efficient management of credentials. Rest assured, the master password prevents anyone from accessing your passwords list, and automatic password generation ensures foolproof security. The data can be imported/exported in the from of CSV/XML documents.Read More

Free Password Manager: Store & Encrypt Valuable Data Or Credentials

Remembering each and every password for your credentials is not plausible unless you have a striking memory, or you use a single password combination where ever you need.  We have covered an umpteen number of password storage utilities and today we have a similar application for you, named as Free Password Manager. It is a utility that provides you with a database where you can encrypt and store valuable information, such as credit card numbers, email passwords, notes, access codes and other significant data. The application facilitates you to create as many databases you want, each with its own separate password, which provides an extra layer of protection. It uses AES algorithm to encrypt data with a 256-bit key, making it highly difficult to crack. The program can be installed on a USB flash drive for using it on-the-go. Some of the key features include built-in password generator, logging of data changes, customizable database and folder fields, backup and restore of of passwords databases, information sorting, exporting and importing data to/from CSV and TXT files etc.Read More

Dashlane Is Your Personal Internet Assistant, An Alternative To LastPass

When it comes to selecting a personal information and account password manager, there are numerous applications available at your disposal. For most users, who want a powerful, as well as simple, online password manager, LastPass is the obvious choice, while others keep their personal info and account credentials secured from external attacks using KeePass and 1Password. Today, we came across a personal internet assistant and online accounts manager called Dashlane, which allows users to securely manage personal information and online passwords. Packed with form filler and automatic login features, Dashlane provides one-stop solution for accessing and managing personal information and online accounts credentials. The application includes a comprehensive set of features and tools to help you easily organize online account user logins and passwords, enabling you to automatically fill the user login details, including username and password, and add new user logins without having to bring up the dashboard. Details to follow after the jump.Read More

Norton Identity Safe: Cross-Platform Alternative To LastPass

LastPass is a widely used password manager, which is available as a plugin for all famous browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. While LastPass works as a browser extension, there are also desktop applications that deliver similar functionality. Norton has recently created a comprehensive application, which brings the functionality of password management browser extensions like LastPass and desktop application like 1Password. Norton Identity Safe is a cross-platform password management application that integrates with your browser and allows you to you safeguard your login information. It quickly and securely logs users into online accounts from computers and mobile devices on the go, with a secure master password. Unlike most password managers, Norton Identity Safe also provides information regarding the safety of a website to protect you from phishing websites.Read More

Content Shield: Content Privacy And Password Management For WP7

Content Shield is a Windows Phone 7 app that allows users to save their tasks, reminders and even jokes, under password protection. That's not all; using this app, you can save all (and by that, we really mean, all) your passwords. The thing I desperately wanted on my WP7 is password locking of specific areas, for example, without locking the whole device, I wanted to protect my reminder list. Content Shield provides Mango users with just that.Read More

1Password – Desktop & Web Browser Based Password Manager With Dropbox Support

1Password is a brilliant Password and Identity manager which is built on a very intriguing yet simple idea of having only one password for all Applications, Website login information, Software, etc. Earlier, we have came across many password managers, including, Password Provider, Lock Crypt, and Secure Password Storage. Comparatively, 1Password provides more features with seamless web browser (Internet Explorer & Firefox) integration, so users can use it as easily as LastPass- an eminent password manager. Both the functionality and usage is utterly identical to LastPass, whether you save login information from main interface or from Firefox/IE9 extension, either way you will end up filling login information. Since security is essential and must be provided by password managers, it offers a staunch AES encryption with an ability to quickly lock down itself, and other applications to prevent any unauthorized usage.Read More