Gnome Photo Frame: Desktop Gadget For Rotating Images In Ubuntu

We have previously brought you some wallpaper rotating applications for Ubuntu, including Desktop Drapes and Desktop Nova. This time, we have an Ubuntu gadget that rotates images within a photo frame on your desktop and in full screen mode (like a screen saver). Gnome Photo Frame is a desktop picture frame that enables rotating images from sources, such as a local folder, F-Spot database, Shotwell database, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, Tumblr, Haikyo Clock and an RSS Feed. Read More

PuriClub For WP7: Add Colorful Text, Frames & Stamps To Your Photos

Windows Phone 7’s camera comes with quite a number of photo effects of its own, especially with Mango. We believe, however, there is more to photos than just changing colors or rendering them black and white. PuriClub is an app that brings a sense of completeness to the WP7 photo-editing arsenal, allowing you to add colored frames around your photos as well as custom text and picture stamps. All of this, and more, for free. At first glance, PuriClub might appear to be a bit childish, but believe us, the app can be used for a bit of serious photo editing as well. It offers photo filters, stickers and a bunch of other features that make the app a good photo editor without overly complicating controls. Read More

BorderMaker Adds Borders, Text, And Watermarks To Pictures, Can Also Resize Photos

BorderMaker is a cross platform picture editing application (also available as portable version) which provides a number of robust features to transform your pictures. It can process multiple images simultaneously to easily adding  borders, watermarks, and text, for refining its look. You can manage saturation, colorization, border size, type, transparency and date stamp of the selected images. Converted files can be saved to a destination folder or an FTP server. The batch processing of multiple images can be quite useful for small businesses and individuals who would like to add copyright stamps and company information to images. It can also be handy for individuals who might be willing to refine their images and add important information such as date stamps, which can allow them to remember the date and time of their memorable photos. It has many distribution versions for Windows, Mac and Linux based OS, as well as a Java setup which can run on all three platforms. Read More

Batch Resize & Export Photos To Digital Photo Frame [Live Photo Gallery]

Digital Photo Frames are getting very popular nowadays, they can also be frustrating sometimes due to lack of functionality. If your photo frame supports a SD card, USB stick, or any other type of memory card, and doesn’t have the ability to stream photos directly from your computer over WiFi, you must be frustrated loading new photos(resizing and copying them manually).

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