Create Cursors For Websites, Web Apps And Desktop Programs

Cursors may not be a huge deal when it comes to web design and development but they nevertheless have their purpose. Whether you want to create a set of fully customized cursors for your desktop app or maybe something for your own windows them a quick solution can never hurt and and RealWorld Cursor Editor is a desktop application that gives you just that. It lets you create a complete theme of either static or animated cursors; you can create cursors from scratch or by importing images. You can customize and test cursor hotspots, create multiple frames, add text, backgrounds and shadow effects.Read More

Run Program At A Specific Date With RunAsDate

I have reviewed two tools before that allow you to run an application at any date or time. Ka Firetask is a great tool but is too complicated for most users, while Rocket Launcher lets you launch an application at any day or time(date cannot be selected).

RunAsDate on the other hand is a free portable tool for Windows that can launch a program at both date and/or time without any fuss. It is a tool from Nirsoft, the guys behind many useful tools that we have covered before here, here, here, and here.

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How To Close A Stuck Program In Windows 7,Vista,XP

Do you have one or two unresponsive programs running but you don’t know how to close them? An unresponsive program can be any program on your computer that might get freeze up and does not respond to your actions, this unresponsiveness of a program can occur due to many reasons, but the main reasons include low virtual memory, low RAM or generic windows errors. Many steps could be taken to troubleshoot an unresponsive program but the easiest way is through Windows Task Manager.Read More

6 Small And Useful Portable Applications That You Should Always Carry Around

Are you always carrying a USB Flash Drive around? If yes then you can get a lot of useful applications on your USB drive instead of just carrying them around with backup files. We have gathered 6 applications that will transform your USB drive into a power device for doing tasks ultra quickly on the go.

Note: If you don’t like carrying software on your USB because they will mix with other files, just like I worry. Then make a folder named “Power Tools” in your USB and move all these software there. You can later hide this folder and work with your USB like you normally would.

….And if you are an uber geek like me and always carry your iPod around, then it is better to carry these software in your iPod.

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