My Computer Tweaker: Massive Collection Of Windows Registry Tweaks Under One Roof

There are several ways to change the look and feel of Windows, the easiest among them being applications that modify different aspects of the operating system. Windows Tweaker is one such application with 100+ tweaks for system utilities and UI related components. However, many power users go beyond just mere apps and manually tweak the group policy editor and Windows registry to achieve the level of customization that is not possible through regular means. A lot of times, soon after a registry hack becomes common, someone makes a one-click tool for it, allowing novice users to take advantage of the tweak. Though that requires you to install a different tool for each registry tweak. Today, we present you a portable application called My Computer Tweaker that allows you to choose from a large number of handy registry tweaks to apply on your Windows 7 computer without worrying about not having a fallback plan.The tweaks are divided into several categories, including Desktop and Taskbar, System, Security, Visual Effects, Media Center etc., making it easy for you to choose the ones that best suit your requirements.Read More

Add Or Remove Any Folder To PATH Variable Using Windows Context Menu

How many times have you needed to add the path of some folder to the PATH Windows environment variable? Ever wished you could just right-click a folder and have the option in the context menu to add it to the PATH variable? How about the added capability of removing PATH variable entries the exact same way? Today is your lucky day. Read on and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is.Read More

How To Speed Up Resuming Of Apps On Windows Phone 7 [Instant Resume]

Users of the Windows Phone 7 platform, regardless of the brand, be it HTC or Samsung, all have to make peace with the irritating Resume confirmation whenever they have to switch back to an app you had to leave. The most recurring scenario is when you, say for example, were playing a game, and get a text message where you send a reply and then move back to the app. You are asked if you want to resume the app, and then comes the nerve wrenching 10 to 15 seconds wait (lag). How WP7 users cope with that is beyond us. For advanced users, there is a fix for that available now thanks to XDA-Developers forum member Jaxbot and you can now have instant resume on your WP7 device. Did we say advanced users? Yes, because it’s not all that sweet. Read on for more on this hack and how to get it on your device.Read More