BOINC Lets Your Android Device Contribute To Research When It’s Idle

Participating in scientific research doesn’t necessarily require you to invest time or get an advanced degree. Many people can reach out to local research centers and find easy ways to help but if you’d like a much easier and even less taxing way to participate in the advancement of research and science, BOINC is an Android app that lets you put your idle Android device to work for it. You can choose one of the few available projects, and your device will automatically join the network of countless others to be used for research on it while its resources are idle. You can also restrict the app to run these tasks only when it’s charging, or only when it has a certain level of minimum battery charge. Read More

Utopia Documents: A Specialized PDF Reader For Research & Academic Papers

While writing research papers, we often need such an integrated interface that can bridge the gap between online and offline content. There are various tools available that allow you to manipulate PDFs, explore an article’s content, or relate it to dynamic content, online. With Utopia Documents, you can benefit from all these features using a single interface. Working with documents has been made effective by incorporating a pager, figure browser, sidebar and search facility. Similarly, multiple viewing styles (structure, sequence or plot view) has been made friendly for analysis. Dynamic content enhancement aims to give life to the static content by filling in useful online tools wherever needed. With support for multiple data sources (like Altmetric, Mendeley, CrossRef, Sherpa), scientific sources (like BJ, Dryad, SciBite, RSC, AQknowledge) and annotators (like GPCRDB, NuclearDB, Reflect), Utopia Documents promises a truly unique learning experience. Read More

Dunno Helps You Research Any Topic With Related Blogs, Images, Videos, Wikipedia Results & More

In many instances, a cursory Google search is enough to familiarize you with any topic, but there are cases when you want to know everything there is to know about your object of interest. For such thorough researches, you have to browse through Wikipedia, YouTube, images, and a lot of other sources related to the subject. Dunno is an app that saves you all this trouble by researching anything for you! All you have to do is define a keyword or phrase, and then leave Dunno to do its job. The app integrates information from all the most important resources around the web, and you can view all this accumulated data at your own leisure. Read on if you want to know more about this really helpful iOS and Mac app. Read More

Search For Research Papers On Selected Text From Right-Click Context Menu [Chrome]

Researching or writing papers can not only take a lot of time, but also requires you to browse multiple journals, databases and websites. RightClick reSearch is a handy Chrome extension that makes research easier and helps you write great papers, without having you to visit multiple websites. This nifty little tool adds a search for option to the right-click context menu, which lets you access the popular research databases of Google Scholar, IEEE Explore, Springer and PudMed databases. After installing the extension, whenever you come come across a term for which you would like to find papers, all you have to do is, highlight it and select one of the mentioned options from the right-click context menu. RightClick reSearch will then instantly display a list of related research publications in a new tab. In addition to that, you can also quickly search the same term on multiple websites, without having to manually type URLs and enter terms into search fields. Read More

Citelighter Helps You With Research & Automatically Creates A Citation Page For Your Report [Web]

Extensively researching a topic is not an easy job, as you have to go through many articles, journals and websites. As if that were not enough, you are also required to cite references at the end, which can be a real pain. This is where Citelighter comes in handy. This is a fully automated bibliography, citation, research, and text highlighting tool that organizes content quickly and intuitively. Not only does it automate the whole process of gathering information, but also automatically generates a citation page for you. All you have to do is highlight text on a web page and click the Capture button in the toolbar or on the page to save it to your project. When you’ve collected all your information for a particular project, you can then view all your highlights on your personal account (signup is via Facebook), reorder them and add comments to create an outline. Read More

Reference App: Generate References In Harvard Style From Any Webpage [Chrome]

Writing research papers requires a lot of effort and time, but once you're done with the paper, referencing all your sources can be a real pain. Reference App is a handy Chrome extension that lets you to generate references in the Harvard style without leaving your current webpage. This extension works on any website and makes it simple to develop references to include in your research papers or assignments. With it, you no longer have to manually type and format references from various sources. Just enter the details, such as Author, Book Title, Year of publication, Place of publication, Publisher, Edition and Pages. Reference App will instantly create references for you with the exact punctuation and formatting. However, users should note that a single reference can be created at a time. Read More

Academic Search For WP7: Find Scholarly Publications & Dissertations

At some point in our academic or professional career, there is bound to be a need to research a particular topic and find out every useful thing written about it. It might be for a thesis you are writing for your college course, or your boss might want a presentation on something related to your business. Google might be your best friend ordinarily, but for finding something academically credible, you need something more. Google Scholar provides one such platform, and now Windows Phone 7 users have a new option for carrying out their researches. Academic Search is an app developed by the Microsoft Research studio, and it will have you covered in every step of your research. Read More

Copy, Organize & Upload Research Content To The Cloud With Shelfster

Research is an integral part of writing. No matter what the topic is, a writer has to spend a lot of time doing research before they can actually start to pen down anything. These days, most of the research work is done on the internet, where writers browse through hundreds of web pages, reading and looking up new information from multiple sources at a time. Shelfster is an application that simplifies the process of researching and writing by allowing you to quickly capture text and image clippings from documents, as well as webpages. The content can be organized, viewed and edited using titles, tags, annotations and project categories, and is stored directly in an online account, enabling you to access your data wherever there is an internet connection and a capable device. Read More

ReadCube: Search Google Scholar For PDFs & Organize Local PDF Files

PDF is a format you can’t escape if you frequently download and read eBooks, journals, or even boring office reports in this format. While PDF readers are a dime a dozen, something with a little more kick can never hurt. ReadCube is a PDF reader and research tool for Windows and Mac. This Adobe Air-based application integrates Google Scholar and PubMed, allowing you to search them directly from within the app. The application is primarily geared towards students and researchers, allowing them to use their university accounts and access journals that the university provides. However, that isn't a requirement, and you can use just about any kind of email address to sign up and use it. ReadCube also lets you open and switch between different files that are open, import your PDF library from hard drive, create lists, add notes and search and download PDFs. Read More

Tron Legacy, Science Fiction Becoming Scientific Fact! [Discuss]

It has been nearly three decades since Jeff Bridges played the protagonist hacker Kevin Flynn who attempts to hack into the ENCOM mainframe only to end up being transported into the digital world itself. As the sequel to this cult classic hits the cinemas, we look into the possibility of the science involved behind the idea of Tron and Tron Legacy in the wake of modern technology. We shall discuss the efforts of  scientists who are working to explore the opportunity to export human consciousness and how this science fiction is fast becoming a scientific fact. Read More