How To Create A Domain In Windows Server 2008 And Things To Consider

Gone are the days when separate user names had to be configured and used for logging into numerous servers for working on a network. For example, back in the early days a user might have to login to a mail server with a separate user name and password as compared to a data a UNIX server for managing files. With the advent of solutions such as the Active Directory, user authentication and management is much simpler now. For example, Kerberos authentication allows a user to easily manage mails, database related activities and access across multiple places on a network with a single user profile via the Active Directory in a Domain environment. In this post we will tell you the steps to create a domain in Windows Server 2008 and the things that you need to consider during this process. Read More

How To Change Default IE Security Restrictions In Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 like any other Microsoft based operating system, comes with the Internet Explorer browser. The default IE security restrictions can be a headache to manage due to the paranoid restrictions. One can get awfully tired of allowing each website and sub domain(s) access to IE when working with these default policies. Moreover, it might appear impossible to download a file (even another browser), as downloading is disabled. In this post we will tell you how to change the IE security configuration to suite your needs. Read More