FixYa For iPhone: Get Video Tutorials To Fix Your Car, Gadgets & More

Whenever any of your electrical appliances break down completely, you are sure to take them out to a proper repair shop, but what about the relatively minor nuisances that aren’t worth a trip to the market, but still have to be fixed sooner or later? Maybe your MP3 player’s screws need some tightening or the blender’s blades have gone completely blunt. A lot of people like to fix these smaller problems with their gadgets on their own, and while some of you might be naturally gifted at repair work, there are people out there who can’t tell the difference between a car’s headlight and its carburetor (yours truly included). Thanks to the internet, fixing things without having a repairman’s hands is not too difficult these days, as you can find solutions to almost all repair problems online. Having said that, text instruction can be a bit tough to follow, specially if they are for a complicated task. That is why FixYa can be the perfect iOS app for people looking to become handy around the house (unless your iPhone itself needs to be fixed!). FixYa has been around for quite a long time on the web, and is popular for providing comprehensive user-generated video tutorials that can be used to fix everything from automobiles to gadgets, home appliances and even software.Read More