The Complete Guide To How Torrents Work

Torrent is a word fast becoming synonymous with piracy. Any time you read about music or TV show piracy being on the rise, you read about several sites that host torrents with the words 'illegal' and lawsuit often being mentioned. So what are torrent files? What is this evil that lurks in corners of the internet but promises free TV shows and music? We're taking a brief look at what a torrent file is, how torrents work, common terms used when talking about torrents, and whether or not they are legal.Read More

How To Choose Individual Files To Download From A Torrent

Torrents have a really bad name and they are usually referred to alongside piracy. There's no doubt that some torrent sites do facilitate movie, software, and game piracy but that doesn't automatically make torrents evil. That said, say no to piracy. As I said, torrents aren't all bad and if you're looking for a particular file to download, one that you can only find bundled with significantly larger files, you're likely going to be in for a long wait while they all download. If you use uTorrent to download torrents though, you can selectively pick out which file it is you want to download from a large torrent file. Here's how.Read More

Download Torrents On Android With The Official Vuze Torrent Downloader

Just yesterday, we reviewed Vuze Remote by Azereus that allows users of the popular Vuze BitTorrent client to remotely control the torrent downloads on their PC from their Android device. But what if you don’t want to use your Android phone or tablet to merely control the torrents that are actually being downloaded on your PC, but instead want to download them to your Android device itself? While there are already plenty of options available for the purpose, such as our previously reviewed aTorrent, as well as the official Android app of uTorrent. Though if you are a loyal Vuze user and want to use the same on your Android phone or tablet, you’ll be happy to know that the developers have recently released their full torrent client for the platform as well. Vuze Torrent Downloader might not be the most feature-rich Torrent client available on Google’s OS, but it gets the job done.Read More

Vuze Remote Lets You Control The Popular Torrent Client From Android

While uTorrent may be the most popular Torrent client out there, it’s not the only popular one; Vuze has gained quite a lot of fame over the years for being a more feature-rich client, thanks to its torrent library management and discovery options. If you are a Vuze user and want to be able to control it remotely with your Android phone or tablet, the developers behind it have released the official Vuze Remote app that lets you do just that. Packed with features that allow you to stop, resume and delete your downloads, find new ones and add them to your queue, manage their order in your queue, and control download speed for your sessions. You can even control multiple Vuze clients running on different devices with the app.Read More

Remotely Control Multiple Torrent Clients From Android With Transdrone

Controlling torrents on your computer or seedbox from your mobile device may have sounded a bit far-fetched a few years ago, but it can be done pretty easily now, thanks to quite a few mobile apps built for the purpose. These apps give you control of your torrent applications from your phone or tablet so that you can start and stop them remotely, as long as you have access to the internet. Transdroid is a popular open-source app in this genre that offers remote control functionality to manage torrents on a range of popular torrent clients. A new project called Transdrone has recently landed in Google Play Store that allows managing all your torrents from your Android device. The app is built with code from the Transdroid project and thus, it can be configured in a similar fashion. Keep reading for more details.Read More

Download & Manage Torrents On Your Windows RT Tablet With Torrex

Unless you’re living in a cave, the term BitTorrent shouldn't seem unfamiliar to you. It’s a P2P (short for Peer-to-Peer) file sharing protocol that lets multiple users distribute the same file over the internet in bits and pieces. On the basic level, a torrent file or a magnet link contains metadata about files and folders that need to be distributed, for instance music, photos, videos, documents etc. In order to download torrents, a torrent client must be installed on your device. Applications such as Utorrent, BitTorrent and tTorrent are quite popular on PC and mobile devices. However, these apps haven’t yet been offered in Modern UI flavor. Torrex is a new (and purportedly, the only) Windows 8 and RT based BitTorrent client that lets you download all kinds of torrent files from the internet.Read More

Download & Manage Torrents On Windows Phone 8 With wpTorrent

Torrents and smartphones aren’t always associated with each other, but there are some apps out there that can help you control desktop torrent clients via your phone. For Windows Phone, we have seen torrent controllers like Torrent Remote and uTorrent Remote, but all these apps require a desktop companion and don’t have the capability to do anything on their own. wpTorrent is the first WP8 app that can act independently for searching, downloading and managing torrents. Once downloaded, these torrent files can be used directly on your phone, or sent to your computer using the app’s HTTP file sharing feature. wpTorrent is a very comprehensive app, letting you choose download/upload speeds, view detailed torrent information, and configure search engines to find new torrents even without leaving the app. To top it all, the app integrates pretty well with Internet Explorer, and automatically grabs any torrent link you find there. Read More

Download Torrents On iOS 6 With BitTorrent Client iTransmission 3

Modern smartphones can handle a lot of file types and media formats. This is why a lot of files downloaded on a computer end up on your iPhone. While it isn’t too difficult transferring an eBook or video from your computer to an iDevice, a lot of people like doing stuff wirelessly. For a long time, iTransmission has been a popular Cydia app for downloading and managing torrents right on your iPhone. Merely a few days after the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak, iTransmission 3 has been released to provide you with a neat torrent manager for newly jailbroken iDevices. Apart from supporting iOS 6, the latest version of the app packs in some new goodies as well. Let's find out more.Read More

Search & Download Torrents Right Within Chrome With BitTorrent Surf

Torrents are one of the oldest ways of sharing files. They are somewhat controversial as they can (and do) open the way to piracy, but nevertheless, they are still one of the best ways to find and share files. Currently in alpha, Surf is a Chrome extension by BitTorrent that lets you search for and download torrents directly from within the browser. The files are saved to your Downloads folder by default, but you can change the location. You can also specify websites that you want searched for torrents. With Surf, you don’t need to have a desktop torrent client running as it can download from torrents on its own. It makes finding torrents extremely easy as well, allowing you to search for them across multiple websites of choice simultaneously.Read More

aTorrent Is One Of The Best, Free Torrent Downloaders For Android

The official uTorrent Android client, that was released in the Play Store a couple of months ago proved to be one of the most convenient means for managing your torrent downloads directly on your device. The app may be the preferred torrent downloader for most Android users, but that doesn’t imply that it’s the only feasible solution available. Fresh out of the oven, aTorrent (beta) is yet another remarkable torrent manager for Android 4.0 ICS and higher devices. The Holo-themed app supports all the rudimentary features synonymous with a torrent downloader, such as multiple simultaneous downloads, local & online torrent file fetching, built-in search engine, detailed information regarding download tasks, custom bandwidth allocation for uploading & downloading, auto start on boot, customizable notifications, enhanced content filtering, and last but not the least, setting the app to download only while the device is charging. Read More

Check For Updated TV Show Episodes From Torrent URL

Downloading episodes for webisodes, documentaries and TV series via Torrent is much more convenient than using direct links, as one can download heavy files without the risk of the download being cancelled out due to loss of internet connectivity. Unfortunately, it can be a bit difficult to keep track of episode updates, as one has to manually search the internet for finding new episodes which are uploaded. Universal Torrent Checker is a handy utility designed to to track updated Torrents and to verify if they have been updated. For example, you might have downloaded a couple of episodes of your favorite TV show and might wish to know when the next episode will be available, in such a case, just add the Torrent URL to Universal Torrent Checker and it will keep track of updates.Read More

Torrent Episode Downloader Can Search And Download TV Show Episodes In HD

It seems that internet is fast replacing the conventional way of watching TV shows. The recent Mortal Kombat web series is one such example. After merely a few hours of being released on the internet, it has now gone viral. This seems to be a good tactic to check market response for TV shows and potentially movies before producing high budget formats. For example, there was initially a small video released showing the trailer for a potential Mortal Kombat movie reboot and after an overwhelming response, Warner Brothers have now released this webs series. In fact many famous TV shows like "V" provide free podcasts via Hulu and YouTube after an episode is aired on a TV channel. This seems to be ironing out the copy rights issue of reproducing or watching TV shows for free. Read More

Find, Download And Manage Latest Episodes Of TV Shows With TVTrigger Torrent Client

TVTrigger is a one-stop solution for organizing and downloading TV serials with an option to keep you updated with upcoming featured TV serials and shows. It is a torrent client that can can search, filter, and manage the TV serials while updating you on widely celebrated serials with total number of downloadable episodes. Additionally, it categorizes TV serials and shows in different genres, so you can easily search through the listings. If you like to keep tab on latest  TV shows, it comes with video feeds subscription system to let you know when recently broadcasted episode(s) of TV shows will be available for download.Read More – Torrent Magnet Link Shortener

In near future, we are going to see less .torrent files and more magnet links across all torrent sites because it is beneficial to owners of these sites and as well to the users. Magnet link is an alternative to .torrent file, which first has to be downloaded on the local computer and then opened to start a torrent download. The magnet links identify a file by the content’s hash value and are usually long. An example of a magnet URL is, magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ZFDAPKCLULVRSUTTDU.Read More

FatRat Is An Advanced Download Manager For Linux, Supports HTTP(S), FTP, Torrent, And More

Recently we reviewed the GNOME based minimalist download manager Steadyflow, which supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and SMB. If you are looking for a more advanced download manager for Linux, then FatRat might just be what you are looking for. It is an open source download manager written in C++ and built on top of the Trolltech Qt 4 library. Some of the main features include Segmented HTTP(S) / FTP downloads, FTP uploads, support for SOCKS 5 and HTTP proxies, RSS feed support, BitTorrent support (including torrent creating, DHT, UPnP, encryption), uploads, ink verification and folder extraction, MD4/MD5/SHA1 hash computing, and much more.Read More

BitComet Now Less CPU Intensive With Latest Update

Many standalone download managers provide the utility to grab content from websites (HTTP based content downloaders), Torrent files ( Torrent Clients), FTP (FTP Clients), etc.  Many people who use BitComet benefit from its functionality of being a web and FTP download manager, that also supports BitTorrent and eMule  simultaneously. It combines the functionality of variable download clients, by providing all the general and advanced level tasks such as managing downloads, download queuing, fast resumption of downloads, disk cache, speed limit caps, port mapping, proxy, IP filter, etc. One of the criticisms of BitComet has been that it was more CPU intensive than other Torrent clients like uTorrent. Recently, BitComet has been updated with a number of  new features and enhancements that has made it less CPU and memory intensive. Version 2.6 includes an improved kernel to reduce CPU usage for UI refreshing when downloading BitTorrent tasks, improved transport interval of peer exchange, worker thread usage is now used to process socket message (which has reduced message handling in UI threads) and much more.Read More

KTorrent Is Lightweight Torrent Client With Nice Plugins For Ubuntu Linux

Many Windows and Linux users who download content via Torrents, use uTorrent or Azereus (now known as Vuze) Torrent clients. As we all know that the basic functionality of a Torrent Client includes using the downloading metadata file to initiate peer-to-peer exchange. When it comes to choosing between a Torrent client, users may opt for the lightweight uTorrent or go for the Vuze which has more dynamic options but is quite CPU intensive. KTorrent is a BitTorrent peer-to-peer network client for Linux users that is based on the KDE platform. It combines the qualities of Vuze and uTorrent in order to provide users with a lightweight and dynamic application to download torrents. Other than supporting the basic functions of downloading, uploading and seeding files on the BitTorrent network, it provides many more features such as plug-ins and scripts that add additional options for managing Torrents.Read More

Control PC Torrents from Android HomeScreen with Transdroid

Sitting at a coffee shop, you see a movie poster or a friend recommends a movie and you decide to torrent it. You go home and either forget about it or start the download and wait for it to finish. Why cant you just reach home and start watching it immediately? You can! Transdroid lets you search for the torrent from any of your favorite torrent sites, add it up on your PC’s Torrent Client and start the download, all from your Android phone while you are sitting at the coffee shop and enjoying your latte.

Read More

The Basic Guide For Optimizing Your Torrent Downloads

Many people find the concept of seeders, leechers and peers to be quite confusing. When using a torrent client such as uTorrent, Azureus, Bittorrent, etc, it can be quite difficult to estimate the specific bandwidth settings to speed up the download. In this post we will elaborate the concept of seeders, peers and lechers in reference to torrent downloads and provide details as to how you can optimize your torrent client for a better download speed.Read More

Tribler BitTorrent Client Brings Decentralized P2P Content Sharing

At times it happens that while downloading torrent using BitTorrent client, the main servers suddenly stop responding causing user to wait until the servers get back online. Since downloading of torrents are taking place through centralized servers, it is always on the cards that servers hiccups would move the torrent data you’re sharing with other. To address this, Tribler has been created, pledging that users will enjoy true P2P data sharing in its social community. Being a BitTorrent client, Tribler lets you share, search and download content including videos, images, audio, files, and so on from online peers without depending on any centralized system. It also comes with anti-spam channels along with native feature to overall protect users from spam content.Read More