How To Translate Web Pages From Inside Safari [iOS]

Many features available on popular desktop browsers are often not available on their mobile counterparts. Likewise, there are some features that seem so basic almost every browser in the world ought to have them but don't. Case in point; the ability to translate text on the go. Chrome for the desktop and for iOS can do this on the fly but the same can't be said for Safari on iOS. If you prefer using Safari on iOS and would like to translate text on a web page you need to rely on an app that takes advantage of iOS extensions and can translate text. The app you're looking for is the Microsoft Translator app.Read More

Switch To The Simplified Version Of Wikipedia If Your English Isn’t Strong

Wikipedia has versions for several different languages but there is no denying the fact that a majority of its content isn't available in all the languages it supports. The English version has the largest volume of content and often an article that is available in multiple languages will have a better version in English. You can use Google Translate to read an article if English isn't your first language  but the translation isn't always the best. If, however, you can read and understand simple English you might try switching to the simplified English version of an article to make it easier to under. Wikipedia, the English version has a simplified version that you can access with a simple change in the URL.Read More

Translate Quickly Upto 45 Languages With Inapp Translator [Android]

Translation apps are a dime a dozen, and prove useful when travelling and quite essential in certain situations when you need to quickly and accurately translate something, making them an indispensable accessory on smartphones and tablets. Fortunately, the Google Play Store has way too many translator apps for all and sundry, ranging from Google’s own Google Translator to the recently covered Floating Translator, and many others. For years, I’ve used Google Translate as my main app to get a grip on other languages I don’t natively speak. But Google Translator can be pretty taxing to access whenever you need to translate something fast. If you want your translation companion with you all the time, then Inapp Translator is a new kid on the block that aims to help. The app puts a floating button on the screen tapping on which lets you easily translate text.Read More

Translate Text And Find Word Definitions On The Fly With Floating Translator

In my teen years, I was so keen to study Japanese culture owning to my love with Manga and videogames, and often spent a lot of time looking for online resources like translators and dictionaries to even learn the language. Thankfully, I now have many mobile apps at my disposal to easily translate one language to the other. I’ve tried plenty of popular translation apps in the Google Play Store, and my favorite one so far is Google Translator, which carries a ton of features like support for a wide array of languages, and ability to translate text, speech, handwriting etc. Floating Translator is another one such tool that lets you convert text on the fly by being accessible over all other apps you might be using, including full screen apps. It also carries a built-in dictionary so you can easily search for meanings of words you not know of in and out without leaving your current activity.Read More

Instair Is An All-In-One On-Page Content Search Tool For Chrome

What do you usually do when you come across something online that you don’t know about? I always see this as a learning opportunity, which often ends up in a Google or Wikipedia search, which further leads to endless searches on related stuff, distracting me from what I was doing. Recently reviewed Dictionary Bubble and other similar on-page dictionary lookup extensions can go a long way towards helping you with that, but they are inefficient when it comes to terms and phrases that aren’t found in the dictionary. How about a similar way to quickly search for something on the web, Wikipedia, Amazon and YouTube, Translate it via Google Translate, or even share it over social media or via email, all by just highlighting that text on the page and selecting the desired option? If you are a Google Chrome user, Instair lets you do just that. Let’s learn more about this handy little extension after the jump.Read More

Learn Languages Via Subtitles While Watching Movies With LaMP

A really great way to get good at a foreign language is to watch films that have subtitles in the language you’re learning; this allows you to correlate what you hear with definite, discrete words, and thus enhance your pronunciation. LaMP or Lingual Media Player is a Windows program that can play any film you load into it while reading its SRT (subtitles) file that you have stored on your computer. You can, in fact, have LaMP read two subtitles files simultaneously; one of the language you’re learning, and the other of your native tongue, so you always know what’s going on. What’s more, if you’re suspicious of a potential translating mistake, you can confirm it instantly, using the onboard translation service that’s hooked up with Microsoft Bing and Google Translate. Fascinating! Or should I say 迷人 instead?Read More

Quickly Translate An Entire Webpage From Firefox Right Click Menu

Chrome users have it made; whenever you find yourself on a webpage in a language that isn’t your default, the browser automatically offers to translate. But Firefox users, while they don’t enjoy an inbuilt translate option, needn’t fret about copy-pasting entire paragraphs to a translation web service, either. Using the right-click context menu, you can translate either selected text via Translate Menu or, better yet, the whole page, via the TranslateWebpageAtGoogle add-on.Read More

Lingo Is A Foreign Language Translator For iPad That Remembers Your Queries

If you want to learn a new language using your iDevice, you can find several apps such as Duolingo and Babbel that serve the purpose. Though these apps take a rather traditional approach towards teaching you new languages. The freshly released Lingo, on the other hand, is much more practical. When using Duolingo, you might feel the need of having a dictionary of the language you are learning, but Lingo itself doubles as a language teacher and a dictionary. This iPad app supports Spanish, French and Italian, but won’t force you to go through endless lessons in order to get proficient at these languages. You just need to know enough English, and Lingo does the rest.The app works by offering word-by-word English translations of text snippets in the three supported languages. However, rather than showing you the translation and then forgetting all about it, Lingo remembers the words you have learned. This word list can then be viewed any time you want, or you can even email it to someone (or yourself). Read More

Search For Definitions & Translations Anywhere In Android With AntTek’s Floating Dictionary

Floating apps are a great way to take advantage of both the bigger screen space and the faster processor that you get these days with tablet devices and large-screen smartphones. After the first floating app came out around 6 months ago, we are seeing a lot of them appearing in the Play Store. The best thing is that they are not restricted to a specific function and can be used to do anything intended by the developer, such as Floating Browser Flux! that lets you browser the internet using a floating interface, and Floating YouTube Popup Video, a floating player for YouTube that can work over any other app window. Today, we present to you probably one of the most useful tools that can be used as a floating app: a dictionary. AntTek Dictionary allows you to search for words against multiple online dictionaries and related services including Google Dictionary, Wikipedia, Google Translate, Bing Translate and more. The app also sports a floating GUI that allows you to search for words while you are using other apps such as a browser, allowing you to multitask without having to change the focus from the primary app. More on AntTek Dictionary after the jump.Read More

Translate 25+ Languages In Text & Voice On iOS With Voice Translator

Anyone who has ever read Douglas Adams' ‘A Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’ is sure to have marvelled at the amazing ‘Babel Fish’. For those of you who don’t know, Babel was portrayed as an instrument that could translate any language to any other, merely by listening to it. While Voice Translator for iOS does not support languages of the entire galaxy, it comes pretty close. The app is capable of translating about 25 languages in voice input mode and if you are willing to enter text manually, it can translate between about 60 languages and dialects. To make the whole thing even more useful, Voice Translator speaks out the translated snippet to give you an accurate idea of each word’s pronunciation and usage. You can also share the translated text via email or SMS.Read More

Get Auto, Inline Translation Of Uncommon English Words To A Desired Language [Chrome]

If English is not your native language and you find some foreign language words as you browse the web, or if you’re in the process of learning a new language, then Auto Selective Translator could be a really handy tool for you. This Chrome extension switches uncommon words/phrases from English to a language of your choice, and automatically displays inline translations, letting you quickly learn and understand new words. Translated words appear in tiny boxes over the original ones, allowing you to read with consistency without having to navigate away from the page to look up a word. Moreover, you can choose how much of the page is translated, and the number of translated words can be customized from the extension's settings.Read More

Get A Slick New Tab Page With A News Feed & Built-In Translator [Chrome]

Chrome has a simple yet functional new tab page; you have speed dial, the bookmarks bar and a second page dedicated to Chrome apps. Despite the presence of this basic functionality, you will often come across extensions that allow you to change how the new tab page looks and works. Most extensions make use of the information that the browser already collects and display them in a more user friendly way while others add some extra features as well. New Tab Feeder is a Chrome extension that modifies the new tab page; in addition to sprucing up the appearance of speed dial and giving you better control over which sites are saved to it; it also lets you view news feed from select sites, translate text right from the new tab, take screenshots and upload them online, and customize the new tab page background.Read More

Liquid Words: Search, Reference & Translate Text Selected From Within Any App [Mac]

The right-click context menu in Mac is a fairly sophisticated one. It allows you to search the web for text selected from within any app. This simple little feature makes it easy for us to look up the background story of something, or just search for the meaning of a word. Worth $0.99 in the Mac App Store, Liquid Words is a handy Mac app that not only allows you to search text, selected from within any app, in Google, Google Images, Google Maps, YouTube, Flickr, Amazon and LinkedIn, but also lets you convert currency, temperature, area, speed, distance, volume, weight and data, reference items from Wikipedia, Wordnik, Wolfram Alpha, Google Definition, IMDB and Etymonline in the same manner. That's not all; it even allows you to translate selected text from any language to another.Read More

Speak To Hear A Sentence’s Translation With VoiceTranslator [WP7]

Most of us have used Google Translate at some point in time, or maybe you got the prompt pushed by the search giant automatically when you are on a webpage which is in any foreign language. Similar apps exist for Windows Phone 7 as well, like the recently covered Babylon Translator for Mango phones, but VoiceTranslator is so much more than a mere translation app. To get a word or phrase translated to any language, you just have to speak it to the app, and you will get the desired conversion. Not only that, VoiceTranslator will even speak the translated text out loud for you, so that your pronunciation of the foreign language is correct. To learn more about this awesome app, read on.Read More

QTranslate: Hot Key Supported Text Translator & Text-to-Speech Utility

When browsing through different websites, we often stumble upon text in a foreign language. Sometimes, the website is available in multiple languages and can be switched using a drop down menu or a button placed somewhere on the landing page, however, a lot of times, the website is only available in a single foreign language. What you can do is use a language translator for converting the complete website into a language you can understand. Almost everyone knows about Google Translator and its usefulness when viewing web pages in another language, but wouldn’t it be easier if you could translate selected text without visiting Google Translator in your browser? If you are looking for an application that allows you to translate text between different languages, check out QTranslate. It is a portable application for Windows that not only lets you translate text to and from different languages, but also servers as a text-to-speech tool that also reads supported languages once they are translated. It supports multiple translation services, including Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Promt, SDL, Yahoo! Babel Fish and Yandex Translate.Read More

Clownfish: Translate Text, Enable Text-To-Speech & Voice Changer In Skype

Technology has made it easier and cheaper for us to communicate with people from different countries. Now you have audio and video conversations with your friends and relatives without spending a lot of money. Participation in discussions on different forums allows us to meet with new people and make new friends. Doing business across continents also involves meeting with people from a different culture, who speak a different language than your own. Communicating with each other and getting the correct message across can be a major hurdle in such situations. Some days ago, we reviewed Skype Translate, a real-time chat translator for Skype that lets you translate text to and from different languages, enabling you to communicate with people from different parts of the world. Clownfish for Skype is another text translation service for Skype which, apart from text translation, hosts lots of other useful utilities. It lets you translate text, enable text-to-speech, change your voice with voice changer, record calls, send fun and art messages, enable spell checker and encrypt your messages, all done in real-time.Read More

Automatically Translate Messages In Skype With Skype Translate

Despite being one of the most widely used instant messaging clients, Skype does not provide a built-in translation facility, making it difficult to have multi-lingual conversations. This is where Skype Translate comes in handy. It is (as the name suggests) a translation utility for Skype that automatically translates your chat to a defined language. For example, if you are having a conversation with a Chinese client who has problem communicating in English, then you can use this application to send them messages in English, which will be automatically translated into Chinese.Read More

G Translator Lets You Translate Text Between More Than 50 Languages

While language barrier may have been a major hindrance a few decades ago, now its been reduced to certain extent. Various software have been developed that can easily translate text and web content among different languages. While browsing, we often come across web pages with text in foreign languages, and even though Chrome has a built-in Translator, some of us prefer other browsers. If you often visit foreign sites and find it difficult to navigate between pages, then what you probably need is G Translator. The application is a text translation tool that uses Google's Translation service, and translates the text from one language to the another. It also produces reverse translation to translate text back from the target language to source one. It has support for more than 50 languages, including Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French and various others. Keep reading for more on G Translator.Read More

Translate Notepad++ Plugin Translates Text Between Multiple Languages

Different text editors provide you with various options that allow you to makes changes to your documents, and other text related files. Some text editors are aimed at making basic editing functions easier, while others are created in order to make the complex functions, such as writing programming languages in their proper syntax, easier for the developers. Choosing a proper text editor before you start coding is a must in order for you to be productive. Notepad++ is a feature-rich alternative to the native Windows Notepad with a lot more flexibility and usability. While most good software are full of features, what makes it a better Notepad application is all the plugins that can be installed to increase its range of usability. Translate is a plugin for Notepad++, which lets you translate text from one language to another without leaving the application. You can set Translate to auto detect the source language, or define custom source and destination languages. It also lets you translate to and from the source language just with the click of a button. More on Translate after the break.Read More

Speak Up Lets You Read, Translate And Record Text With Ease

Why read the text on your computer when you can just listen to it? Text to speech applications come in handy in situations where you want to read large amounts of text. For instance, if you download an e-book, you might want to listen to text. Staring at the screen for long hours can also put stress on your eyes. However, you need a good text to speech tool to properly enjoy this feature. If you are in search of a text-to-speech application that can do more than just read text, give Speak Up a try. Speak Up is an open source, text-to-speech application that reads text, records speech, translates text using Google translator, allows you to toggle Windows Speech Recognition and record audio. Moreover, it lets you change the volume, rate of speech and add different male and female voices to listen to text. Speak Up can read a whole document, or you can paste some part of the text into the application. More on this after the break.Read More