How To Permanently Disable Search Indexing In Windows 8 [Tip]

Whenever you create, copy or move a file or folder, Windows Search Indexing feature scans the location in order to index all the contained items. The indexed items help speed up the search process. Once search index is built for all locations and saved items, Windows can provide you with search results instantaneously, as it no longer has to manually find the item from the specified location.  The Windows search is basically responsible for retrieving and displaying  the search results from the list of indexed items. The search index keeps running in the background as a Windows service named WSearch. Although it significantly speeds up the search process, it may consume significant system resources. While people who are using high-end PCs do not care about processes that consistently consume physical memory resources, users with slower computers can feel a difference in the response time while performing even routine tasks. Another reason for disabling the service is that if, for some reason, the indexed items are not being displayed correctly, turning it off and performing a cold reboot of your system can fix the issue. Read on to find out how to disable the search indexing service in Windows 8.Read More

How To Disable Error Reporting In Windows XP

Does your program keep crashing your computer every time and then ask you to report this error to Microsoft? Once my Opensource Photo Editing Tool crashed, I got a pop-up message from Windows asking me to report this error to Microsoft. Let me be straight here, I don’t understand how Microsoft will help improve this software which it has no idea about. I find such error reporting totally useless.

For the past 2 years I have been reporting such errors to Microsoft every time they popped up, and still they didn’t improve anything(I think error reporting feature has been made to make people believe that Microsoft is listening to everyone). If you are sick of such error reporting messages just like I am, it is time to turn it off.

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