BluePoison: Unlock Windows 8 Hidden Features And Change Default Theme

Back in May, we featured BluePoison to unlock some hidden features, utilities and UI related improvements of the leaked version of Windows 8. The application was primarily developed to replace Windows 7 like File Explorer with ribbon based Windows Explorer and to unlock PDF Reader, extended Windows Task Manager and Webcam in early builds of Windows 8. BluePosion now supports Windows 8 Developer Build Preview. The latest version of BluePoision (version 2.1) allows you to disable Windows 8 Immersive Start Menu, unlock the Applications folder, activate full-screen Snap feature on small screens and launch Moorea in MS Office 15 on Windows 8. Apart from these unlocks, it also brings the much needed Windows 8 Start Menu theme gallery to replace the Windows 8 default theme with color scheme of your choice.Read More

Unlocker Adds 64-bit Support, Unlocks Locked Files

We first reviewed Unlocker back in year 2008. Many users were disappointed when trying to make it work on Windows 7 64-bit OS because it did not support x64 systems. Recently this favorite application has been updated to support 64-bit OS, which means it can now work seamlessly on Windows 7 x64 systems. It is a small yet robust application developed to unlock files that are being used by other applications or users. We are reviewing it once again for users who haven’t heard about this useful program before.Read More

How To Fix ‘Cannot Delete Folder/File’, ‘Access Is Denied’ or ‘File In Use’ errors in Windows Using Unlocker

Have you ever tried to delete a file or a folder and gotten ‘Access Is Denied’ error? Or while copying a file it seen ‘The Source File May Be In Use’ error. These types of errors can occur due to many different reasons,  maybe the file is being used by the operating system or some other program, or maybe you do not have administrator privileges.

If you get an “Access is Denied” error while accessing a folder then it means the administrator has not allowed you permission to access it. If you are not an Administrator then you will probably never be able to fix this error. But if you are an Administrator and receiving this problem then there is a software called Unlocker that is going to come in handy.UPDATE: Lock Hunter seems to be working better in Windows 7(both 32-bit and 64-bit)Read More